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Since we’re in the 12 Days of Christmas for our wonderful followers, I promise, in the ‘spirit’ of giving, that I won’t go on one of my rants here.

Well, maybe a little one…..a sentence or two. 🙂

So this is the 10th day of giving to all our readers for spreading the word about the free networking skills we have at the site.

The insatiable appetite new and inexperienced folks have for leads is a chicken and egg thing…..only in this case we can identify which came first.

Did the new peeps create a need for the bottom feeders with their magic systems and leads?   We all know they don’t work, cost money and, worse yet, tarnish our industry. [The chicken]

Or did a few, which led to a tribe…..figure out they could exploit inexperienced people……getting them to focus on leads… if leads would make a difference. [The egg]

I’ve been doing this since 1983-84…..and I can tell you it is the bottom-feeders who seized the unregulated Internet to do on a bigger scale what people were doing back in the ’80s.

Leads & Systems Won't Build Any MLM - They Are Lying

Sell tools…….and that morphed into leads….and systems……they were a bunch of peeps who never made it in MLM ….and saw that by pretending to have been successful [how easy is that online?] they could sell ‘secrets’ and ‘systems’ and ‘leads’…….somehow, well done by the way, they’ve got people convinced they’ve got to sponsor 10-20 people a month…..or more.  And newbies and frustrated vets alike buy into that baloney.


Each deal we have built, we’ve sponsored less people and got to the top of the pay-plan faster.  Always built from scratch, not raiding previous organizations.   How?  We just got better at teaching network marketing skills as the years rolled on.

Biggest problem today?   Technology.  The bottom feeders – trying to profit on others hard work – now have the masses convinced technology plus social media will be the way to wealth.

It is not……talking to people is…..and while fashion comes and goes…..principles endure.

Being of authentic service to others…..will get it done.

I have been using a method for a couple years that will easily develop 100 leads a month….good ones…..that is free… programs to buy, no hoops to jump through……and founded on a very old, tried and true principle that makes you and others you interact with better.  Better at MLM, better business people and better at life.

Here you go.


Here are the three free network marketing skills I use to execute this plan.

First this free skill……then this one……then this one……

Helping others learn skills and get unlimited leads free ROCKS!

Within 2 months, for 20 minutes a day……you’ll meet some cool peeps, get all the leads you can handle and sponsor a few peeps a month by accident.

Best part?

They’ll never run out of people to talk or waste a dime on leads or systems because you can show them what you do.

Now that’s cool.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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