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To Get Local MLM Leads? It has gone from easy to easier and what are you waiting for?  Why are you waiting?  I’m not sure networkers realize what a perfect solution they have for the horrific challenges we all facing.

Local MLM Leads

Everybody knows that local lasts longer.  This is not news but rather common sense.  One of the core benefits that will play much bigger in the years to come is that people what to be a part of something bigger,

I think people who predict the future are dumb… so this idea that this key benefit will play bigger is not a prediction.  When major challenges sweep a family, area, state or country, it pulls people together.  Historical fact

The C-19 virus is resurrecting the tribal hardwiring we all have.  Especially with men.  Women seem to have an easier time being a BFF with their BFF… they are the “face to face” gender while guys seem to be more “shoulder to shoulder” … but, common suffering, a challenge that affects people and boom – gender differences vanish and engagement soars.

local MLM leads
I’ll give you the secret if you’ll give me your visa

What does this have to do with Local MLM Leads?

Let’s get down to business. To say that the internet has done more brain damage to people is a kind of fun hyperbole and semi-sarcastic to get people’s faces off their screens. In the case of networkers, it isn’t hyperbole.  It is true.

One of the massive core power pillars in an organization is the tribal nature within each of us.  We want to belong to something… be a part of something bigger, a part of the team, a contributor and all that wonderful stuff.  Any shrink or sociologist confirms this without hesitation.

The “inter-webbie” thing and the haven it has become for the con-artists peddling short-cuts, hot-prospects, and secrets … and getting rich with a few clicks has people forgetting what a vital part  “community” plays in growth and success.


That’s one… two?  Building locally is cheaper.  You build income locally to initiate and sustain expansion at a distance.  This is Business 101.

Let’s review

  1. Local lasts longer
  2. It’s way cheaper
  3. Duplication is faster [see and hear skills versus just hear]
  4. Fosters community and friendships
  5. Serves as the funding for stabilized expansion

What word in the 5 points is the Key to the Vault?

Key To The Vault❓

The key to the vault, really, is community.  And local MLM leads is your best shot and building community.  I know that might seem like a stretch is the C-19 world but it is not.  You see, being able to “identify” with others makes it real and people facing the same challenges in your city or town, accelerates the bonding.

So how do you generate local leads?  When you can’t go out?  When your respect for the safety of everyone is greater than your [selfish] personal needs?  When you are doing the right thing and keeping yourself isolated?

So to generate local MLM leads in this “adversity” … Every adversity has the seed for equal or greater benefit.  Truer than true.

Think people are out of work?

Have time on their hands?

Think people you talked to 12 months ago who said “no” might be feeling differently?

Do you know … the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago?  The next best time?  Now.

This video will help and once things “pass” … and they always do, you’ll have an incredible “community” of bound-together-in-a-solution that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

Here is the instant rapport skill along with “most people” skill… and no, it won’t lead you to an upsell.

And here’s a webbie that’s a tad over an hour… 5 ways to generate Local MLM leads


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local MLM leads
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