In the Zone in MLM

Is the “Zone” fact or fiction?

We hear it all the time about ballplayers…”He’s in the zone”…meaning just nailing everything right and effortlessly.

Is it fact or is it fiction?…just one of those times when things just break the players’ way?

Turns out being in the ‘zone’ is a fact.  And the travel industry figured it out and regularly runs their pilots through a fun game to help them get in the ‘Zone.’  NASA does the same thing.

I’m not kidding.  You can get in the ‘zone’ in MLM anytime you want, and get ‘yes-yes-yes’ to looking at your business all day long.

Z – Zero

O – Out

N – Negative

E – Effects

There are really just a couple of things you need to do to get yourself into the ‘zone’ and become successful in network marketing.

The pilots learn, through study and practice, just like ballplayers the skills…and they practice, practice and practice some more.

Then, they learn to relax and rely on the habits (some people call this muscle memory but it’s not, it’s mind memory, which controls the muscle) they established in practice.

In essence, they are prepared…and trust the skills they establish.

Network marketing is the exact same thing.  If you’re going to make some money, you need to learn the skills and this isn’t rocket science or like flying a plane.  Once you know ‘how’ all people make every decision they make, and learn the skill sets to leverage that simple truth, you’re in the ‘zone’ anytime you want to be.  Getting 100s of prospects monthly and getting 80%-90% to instantly say yes…is easy once get into the ‘zone’.

Go90Grow teaches networkers how to get into the zone because it shows you step-by-step  ‘how’ all decisions are made and we’ve put that, along with 3 skills, into a free video series that will roll out on Thursday.

If you’ve opted into our Go90Grow waiting list, you’ll get it on Wednesday, as promised and get into the ‘zone’ a day earlier.


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  • Getting in the Z-O-N-E is really the key, you hit the nail on the head.

    Funny thing is the harder you work the easier it gets to be on the ZONE !!

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