how to close 94% in network marketing


Once I learned how to close 94% in network marketing, the business became a lot of fun.   I’ve said it countless times but it’s worth repeating.   If you are having fun and making money, what you are doing has an irresistible appeal.


Today, for some inexplicable reason, fun seems to have vanished from the network marketing arena.  Think about it… which group would you rather enroll with

  1. People having fun and making money
  2. People that are tense and not making money

I decided, back in 1995, that I wanted to let people experience something they had never seen.

How to close 94% in Network marketing
Would you be curious?

Really, it was a conscious decision to become someone who was “laughing all the way to the bank.”   When I’d get my check and go to the bank I never went through the drive-thru, nope.  I’d park in the lot as far from the front door as I could, get out of my vehicle and laugh all the way inside.  True story.

Everyone was so damn serious.   Of course, the subtext of this story is most important… I was really having fun and it’s not because my checks weekly were between $2000-$3900 and growing.   Please follow me here.

The “laughing all the way to the bank” idea began when the checks were much, much smaller.  They grew and kept growing because I was having fun.

Why was I having fun?

I learned two things by distancing myself from the “pack” and what was being taught about “how to succeed”.   Common sense dictated this break from the overall mentality.   The results were not there and the attitudes of leaders and newbies were intensely negative.  Like my Uncle Dan always says, “if you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

Intensely negative?   Newbies follow leaders, and leaders have this nasty little habit of talking negatively about people who don’t join and labeling people who struggle and quit as “losers who don’t want it bad enough.”

Blaming both prospects and distributors conveniently absolves us from responsibility for the results and reduces us to chatting the moronic “you just have to find the right people.”   My question to myself was… “what if we are doing it wrong?  What if it is us and not them?”

Did I really want to spend “my life looking for a needle in a haystack?”

How to Close 94% In Network Marketing
Fun is more than a clue

Then – BAM! – it hit me.  What if I was having fun?   As an aside, mark these words carefully.  If you are NOT having fun and feeling positive now, the size of your check won’t make any difference.   You don’t get to 10K a month and become happy, free and have fun.

Money just makes people more of what they already are and you can bank that.

Would people really want to join a business, as a second job, when a typical day was looking for a needle in a haystack, rejection and talking negatively behind the backs of prospects, and labeling struggling reps as “quitters with no desire?”


So what were the two things I discovered to start making money and having fun?

One: How to close 94% in network marketing of those who came to look at the business.

Two: How to get prospects “ready to buy and ready to join” before they came to the meeting.

Oh, yeah… a third thing.  Making it light, breezy and fun.

As you check out this close, please remember, we close at the beginning, not at the end… this is “how to” get the prospect and yourself over that “awkward moment” and get the application filled out.



We close at the beginning, not at the end.

I said it so many times that it annoyed me for a while.  I got over it as I realized not only were there always new people joining but that people needed to hear things, myself included, several times and then several times again.  And again.

If we contact someone and they engage with us their joining the business is basically over, one way or another, in the first 7-10 minutes.  Are they ready to pull out their credit card and get started?   No.  But they are “in” or “out” based on that initial “engagement” conversation.

Most people, and I was one of them, think they are having a conversation or dialogue but it’s usually a monologue with a “witness”.

A very simple skill will actually get the prospect to present to you why they should look at your business.  Once executed, that close in the video works virtually every time.   Learning this skill is how to close 94% in network marketing.


Because they are coming to the meeting, (viewing a presentation), for their reasons, not for yours – hype or fear of loss.  Hard to believe people are still teaching that nonsense.   The 3-part video series coming in late Feb. will show you step-by-step how to close at the beginning… which is where it all happens anyway.   You can get it 3 days early by hopping on this early notification list.

Why an early notification list?   We want feedback from serious people.

What are serious people?

Those who understand, in their very core, that they’ve got a good company, are making an effort but somehow it’s not working AND they want to improve.

I’d love to hear about your closes and how many meetings your teams do close.

Are people still doing those emotional, demeaning closes about why people should want more out of life and how this “deal” changes people’s lives?

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

How to Close 94% In Network Marketing
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