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Thank you for all the personal emails and comments about the previous posts…..and 11 things we’ve shared in the hope you’d understand how much we appreciate you sharing the word about the free network marketing skills and your success story.

By the way, if you got one, give me a shout via the comments, we’d love to interview you and hear how things are changing……so many of the grads of Go90Grow© recently shared their stories of dramatic improvement and bigger checks.

So on the 12th day here I’m breaking protocol and giving a little longer video…..we try to keep them 2-3 minutes……..but I promise if you check it out you’ll learn why MLMers are the highest paid peeps in the world……and it’s not what we think.  Really.

Until We Know "Why" ...."how to" makes no sense; and we make no money

Until we understand why we can be so successful financially, how is it remotely possible to be successful.

This information, acted upon not only changed my life… was free and I already had the 4 things within me to leverage the information.

But that is not the best news……the best news is that you already have it within you.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas stuff…..let us know……and let us know what you need to make 2012 your best year…..we just came off our best year ever and the first quarter of this year looks like a record breaker…… I’m not bragging or trying to irritate you…..I promise you that all we have done is the 12 things we’ve shared with you.

Health and wealth in 2012 and thanks for all your support in 2011

So here it is……why we get paid what we do and how to leverage what’s within you to take advantage of this simple truth.

So, why are we the highest paid people?


Let me know how you feel about becoming a ‘master of the volt!’


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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