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Inventory your networking performance

Spoiler Alert

This post is for adults, big-boy & big-girl pants required.

If you’re looking for something motivational… this is.. and is NOT that.

No one can motivate anyone and it’s time to embrace that truth if you really want to win at MLM.   Motivation means “motive in action” and others cannot do it for you.

Listening to that stuff  (once you “get” and do what’s in the video) will feel the same for you, really.  A colossal waste of time.   You simply do not need it … and it doesn’t work anyway.   Never has, never will.  Except for people selling those “feel good, don’t quit” stories… nice stories… and they’ve made you how much?  Same as me? LOL

While you may not like what I have to say, you’ll love what happens to you and your business if you adhere to the directions.  What will happen if you do?  You, not me, will put your motive in action.

Take Inventory

It’s not complicated.

What an MLMer's inventory?
What an MLMer’s inventory?

It’s not difficult.

It is about personal responsibility.

Believing that because you have the “best plan and product” in your niche is incredibly irresponsible (remember the spoiler alert… the video is harsh to the irresponsible.)

Am I saying you should not be proud of what you represent?   Of course not.   But how has “believing” been working out so far?

To improve and grow, know this;  “Any business that does not take inventory is out of business quickly.”

When I had my seafood business it was more successful than my competition because I never varied from that principle.   I got paid for everything I ever delivered.   Others?  Competitors?   They did not get paid for everything so on about 15-20%  of what they delivered, they had to invest time chasing people while I was out selling new accounts.  BAM!

When sizing up a new account I was a hyper-keen observer of how the joint did with inventory.   How they handled their inventory, how they took it, how on top of it… all factored in.   It told me everything I needed to know.   And I prospered… while selling cheaper.   Why could I sell cheaper?   I did not have to factor in credit losses to the price.  The ones that were lousy at it?   Usually out of business within 3-9 months…and they were COD with me, baby.

So, again… any business that does not take inventory is out of business shortly.

What is the “application’ to your MLM success?

Better question…

What is the inventory of a network marketer?


Here’s that formula in writing.

Hours x 4.3 x 20 x .16 = main thing connections.

Where are you?   What is the discovery difference?

Closing the Gap

Last week’s post was about the 3 things and the ONLY 3 things we should be doing.

Clearly what we are doing here is breaking down “the main thing” into an easily measurable number.   Everybody knows we improve what we measure.

Let’s go a tad deeper so this becomes an undeniable truth you embrace.

If you don’t know exactly how many hours you worked, (FB, conference calls, back office… folks, that is not work)… on the main thing feel “mad” but good.   You’ve made a discovery.

It is remarkable how many people ask for help and cannot answer that simple question.

Some common responses

  • Well, usually about 10 or so but last week (blah, blah, blah)
  • About 10-15 (blah blah blah)…  When questioned they made 2-4 dials
  • That’s hard to say because I do this when I can, in my spare time

BOTTOM LINE:  They are not taking inventory… and setting up a crushing defeat.

Remember your first job as a kid?   You knew to the MINUTE how many hours you worked!

Why not now?   We can talk about that until the cows come home yet in the end… it’s about personal responsibility.

One last time.  A business that does not take inventory is out of business.

  1. Know what you did time wise
  2. Use the formula to improve focus on “the main thing”
  3. Improve your network marketing skills

Truth be told, this came to me through personal development.   I’m not talking about network marketing here, I’m talking about personal responsibility.

Effect Plan x Skills x Self Esteem = Earnings

Poor at any one of the 3 and your check is poor.  Remember our early math lessons from school?  Zero times anything is… zero.

People that take personal responsibility do take inventory of their networking performance.  They do practice and master skills needed… in other words, they “get it” that by improving themselves, everything improves.

By increasing your activity and measure, you can then begin to improve your network skills during the interactions.

So, what is your inventory and would you like us to break a few businesses down on a webcast?

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

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