Blog   How To Be Enthusiastic About Your MLM, Make BIG BUCKS and Not Sound Like a Gushing Wierdo


As Rocky said, “Absolutely!”

On this there is no authentic debate.

Oh, the snooty sales pros will differ with this and the hard core MLMers who’ve grown cynical will too.

They are really non-believers in what they do… sad.   Don’t doubt this for a second.  Companies, for the most part see distributors as a ‘necessary evil’.  As that piss-poor attitude infects many of their top earners who are competitive to a fault.  Really sad……and why most of them couldn’t carry W. Clement Stone’s jock strap.

W. Clement Stone built the largest, most successful sales force in history.

Stone trained me in 1971…..and, if you don’t know……he made Napoleon Hill rich.  Hill was gaining fame but wasn’t rich till he linked up with Stone.

Stone was enthusiastic, mega enthusiastic…….he understood what the word meant, how to get it going within himself and others and claimed, more than once, it was the #1 ingredient in his rise from a man of 33 years old with a hundred bucks in his pocket to a over a billion.

Smiling, grateful, high-pitched voice, bow-tie…..gushing about everything from how to close to a new rep who just sold his first policy to how amazing a tuna sandwich tasted.

And, he meant it.  It was contagious because it was genuine.

He understood something most people don’t.  He knew that authentic enthusiasm sold and how to get it.


What I learned from Stone, I am sorry to say….was tremendously undervalued at the time.

Stone's Zest Was Contagious

I was 22 years old, fresh out of college and full of myself.   I regret, to this day….not taking full advantage of a once in a lifetime blessing.

Stone also preached every adversity has the seed for equal or greater achievement, [yes, he was the one who first coined that phrase everyone re-works and claims for themselves].   Turns out the regret over that glittering chance has been of tremendous benefit, had the seed for greater achievement.  I pay attention, undivided attention to things.   No multitasking for me.    [The recent scientific evidence that multitasking diminishes our ability, dramatically, is overwhelming.]

Folks, enthusiasm sells.  Period.

Give me authentic enthusiasm over experience every time.

And that leads us to the 7th part of the GIRAFFE philosophy……something we’ve shared the last 3 weeks, one piece at a time.

It was formed to help myself  turn the letters in the word IMPOSSIBLE to I’M POSSIBLE mentally, emotionally and spiritually instinctively and effortlessly.

And it’s worked.

We took Hill [and Stone’s] Science of Achievement from Think and Grow Rich and formed a core philosophy to live our MLM lives with purpose and on purpose.

The GIRAFFE – chosen cause the neck is always out and the heart weighs 24 pounds – became an acronym for our philosophy, what we really stand for.

So here are the first 6 video/blogs that cover the first six simple parts of this GIRAFFE philosophy… case you missed them……


If We Don't Stand For Something, We'll Fall For Anything

G- Give 100% to the dreams of other

I- Imagination – live from your Imagination, not Circumstances

R- Release All Limiting Beliefs

A- Action Focused

F – First Things First

F- First Class; You Were Made First Class By First Class


The truth is that, as with all great things, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts….and……if you really get the first 6 parts, the 7th pulls it all together…….

See, what Stone and Hill discovered was this: Imagination is the ONLY bridge to enthusiasm.

Here is how it works, how you can have that enthusiasm that opens the mind of others……and I am talking about the kind of excitement within one that puts a smile in your voice and a twinkle in your eye…..UNCONSCIOUSLY.

Stone Made Hill Rich

And that is the key…..when it’s unconscious you never feel self conscious.

It’s 2 tiny steps once you’ve set a definiteness of purpose DMP].

And, it sort of wraps all this up….

Once you’ve set the DMP clearly in your mind, simply and constantly imagine it…..that’s the “I” in GIRAFFE……and live there off and on all day long.   Nothing is more important than the very last hour of the day….to focus and imagine your DMP and on the dreams of others before you sleep……but the real bridge to this being a constant state of mind is auto-suggestion… defined by Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

Now here is the interesting thing……..and a very cool decision for you.  Look, no one denies authentic enthusiasm attracts and sells……..Hill – and Stone insisted we do this at the 2 week training – instructs us to read this section OUT LOUD [yup, with enthusiasm] for 30 days.   So what will you do?   Most people won’t take the time……and really stay loyal to the biggest lie in network marketing ….”You just have to find the right people” ……never realizing the right person is themselves!    And all they have to do to find a top producer is read this simple few page passage for 30 days….out loud…..which inspires us effortlessly to live in our imagination…..which in-turn bridges us to that enthusiasm we need to sell ourselves, others and the dream……

Once we’ve got this nailed……and it’s so simple…….it’s simply a matter of teaching people 2 simple network marketing skills……how to get a ‘yes’ 80% of the time and the skill of duplication.

Hope this has been helpful …..

Dead body animal parts……like ‘eye of the tiger’ …..and ‘heart of a loin’……won’t build your business….

A Philosophy Is Not A Bunch Of Quotes - It's What You Are

Be a GIRAFFE ……and live form this spot for 90 days… will exceed your expectations business wise…..but some much more wonderful is in store for you.

Living and building with purpose and on purpose, standing for something and knowing all you have to do to keep it … just keep giving it away.

You can hear and see how …..AND…..why this works for others…… the Master Key Mastermind Alliance…..which we offer free to 150 people every 2 years or so.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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