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Same crap question…..same Kool-Aid answer…..

When leaders and bloggers bring up this old as dirt mantra, “It’s easier to give birth than raise the dead,” they always, and I mean always draw the same conclusion.

And how could they not?  No one can raise the dead…..but the truth is the analogy is a poor analogy, about as bad as it gets.

That’s not the bad news.

The bad news….and I mean really bad news……it that it leads us down the wrong road.   It’s hard to get where you are going if you are on the wrong road.

Why is the “easier to give birth” thing the wrong road?



If 97% fail who follow this path, how could sponsoring more people be the answer?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Einstein

You see, the analogy doesn’t hold water……the real question is NOT whether or not it’s easier to give birth or raise the dead ……the real question is “why are so many dying.”

Only a magic system tool peddler or idiot would not suggest you examine the basic assumption……the basic assumption in that old as dirt mantra is the real question.

Until we embrace our failings and learn from them then we cannot expect different results.

The real question is… you really believe failure was the fault of 9700 out of 10,000 ?

Were all 9700 right for the deal?

Probably not.

Were they all wrong for the deal?  No way.

The bigger lesson is looking at some of these dumb basic assumptions…..

It’s not about giving birth or raising the dead……it’s about responsibility.

Being in MLM is an honor, a privilege…..we need to honor it by learning why people fail, not blaming them and but rather learning what we could do differently.

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing


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