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It’s as old as dirt

Same crap question… same Kool-Aid answer.

When leaders and bloggers bring up this old as dirt mantra when talking about MLM results, “It’s easier to give birth than raise the dead,” they always, and I mean always, draw the same conclusion.

And how could they not?  No one can raise the dead.   But the truth is the analogy is a poor analogy, about as bad as it gets.

That’s not the bad news.

The bad news… and I mean really bad news… it that it leads us down the wrong road.   It’s hard to get where you are going if you are on the wrong road.

Why is the “easier to give birth” thing the wrong road?


Einstein knew better, so should we

If 97% fail who follow this path, how could sponsoring more people be the answer to getting MLM results?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Einstein

You see, the analogy doesn’t hold water.  The real question is NOT whether or not it’s easier to give birth or raise the dead.   The real question is, “why are so many dying?”

Only a magic system tool peddler or an idiot would not suggest you examine the basic assumption… the basic assumption in that old as dirt mantra is the real question.

Until we embrace our failings and learn from them then we cannot expect different results.

The real question is do you really believe the failure was the fault of 9700 out of 10,000?

Were all 9700 right for the deal?

Probably not.

Were they all wrong for the deal?  No way.

The bigger lesson is looking at some of these dumb basic assumptions.

It’s not about giving birth or raising the dead… it’s about responsibility.

Being in MLM is an honor, a privilege.   We need to honor it by learning why people fail, not blaming them and but rather learning what we could do differently.

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing


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  • Mark! This is so obvious that it stares us in the face yet we look right past it! Amazing epiphany! I can’t wait to teach this to the other leaders on my conference call and to take the info to my “dead- heads” , resurrect them and hold their hands to get them confident and competent and moving upward! Thank you so much!!

  • Excelent Mark,I always felt I am missing something, now I understand – Was running for a new person all the time. It is the same as giving a child a bicycle and not teaching him/her how to ride it. It is all about building confidence to get the new person abled in teaching another person. Blessings

  • Hi Mark, I have heard that saying quiet a bit in this industry. Now I know why it made me feel uncomfortable. I’m not new but in more ways than one I feel as though I am. I’m really hungry to learn and be around successful people.

    However not just any person will do. I don’t care how much money a person earns or claim to earn. I seek out Leaders that really care for the underdog. When I know that leader is documented, then I know he or she is doing something right. Maybe that was not the right word to use. Just came to my mind.

    After all these years I am now learning some skills that I wish I would have been taught early on in this industry. But none the less I’m learning them now. I find that leaders who give their time and resources back to those who really need and appreciate it. “valuaable” time are the ones who really care. Not only that they win big!

    Did not intend to write a book. Thank you for being one of those leaders Mark. Their are not to many in this industry like this.

    ~ Donna Allen

  • As usual, right on Mark. I’m sending this to my upline. I hope it make a difference for them.

  • Having done (and doing again) Go90Grow, I have become an anti hero myself. This is the only truth that you are sharing in again an excellent video!
    Keep spreading the word, spreading the love and keep growing! This industry needs more and better real teachers, that don’t think with their personal bank account but are aware that they are responsible for the dreams of all they recruit! X

  • yes, I agree , I will redoable ny efforts to help people that are already in my org.

    and pass on anuthing I learn faster

  • I believe you are right and see that we can change the numbers if we take responsibility for our own leadership and coaching skill improvement…

  • It all makes sense. When working for Combined, we use to have “Career Development Interviews” and it is spot on. Find out what they want , what they will do to succeed . What they will do and what you will do for them to make it happen. When you do that effectively,your person will have pride of accomplishment , will earn money and you will have much less turn over. More people will be promoted and have a chance to succeed.
    Thanks for all you do,

  • This was great. Totally changed my mindset on sponsoring. Made me realize I don’t need massive numbers to build a team and make good money.

  • I want to vomit when I hear these platitudes mindlessly repeated in our profession, as if principles that apply in all others do not apply in ours. Is it cheaper to retain or obtain an new customer? Is it easier to retain or hire a new employee? If magic systems and leads buying were a part of traditional business, I suspect we’d hear the same crap there, too..this is a refreshing perspective and the responsible one, too.

  • I agree with you. And I also “hunt” for my prospects. Its really interesting to compare my first consultant to my eighth consultant. The more I ununderstand and work on me the better suited my prospects are. Since I believe this business to be a gift a blessing and I love it so much I want my team to feel the same. Thats how I want their experience to be. Im not growing as fast as others but im nuturing a deeper team so when they leave the nest they are ready to fly!

  • Hello Mark, I’m an over 30 year networker and never heard what you explained better than that. Thats what I teach and you’re right. You have to show new people you got their front and back. Until they get it you have to be there for them until they get the confidence they need to make it happen.

  • Thanks Mark,
    I think networking is such a simple business, however, it’s been complicated by so many different trainer’s, opinion’s, hype etc. Thanks for always keeping it simple, as keeping it simple gets results.

  • Great presentation as usual. I’m on it. Making up my list to call end start training. Thanks for your leadership.

  • Hey Mark,

    Thanks so much for opening my eyes and looking at my business in a whole new light. I did nothing for 1 1/2 years because all I heard was the same thing over and over and over again. Obviously it didn’t work. I loved this video and can finally move forward. So much so that I had 3-10MC and 1 sign up so fast I couldn’t even finish my presentation.

    Thanks is not enough!

  • I love that you wrote MLM is an honor and a privilege. The top complaint in a survey of direct sellers that dropped out was the people were all over them to sign up, and then they never heard from them again. Conversely, we also need to know when to stop “helping” those who just will NOT be helped. thanks for bringing clarify to the balancing act.

  • I get it. I have heard you say this before, however for some reason, I feel as if today I now understand. I will go back to my team, schedule time to meet with each and every one of them and let them know that I have made this discovery. This business is about skills and I will help them learn those skills hands on. I will also find out what they originally wanted from this business.

    Mark thanks again for you and the fabulous Davene’s mentorship.

  • Awesome message MarkJ. I am so grateful to be receiving this information and excited to start applying it to my network marketing business.
    Thanks again!

  • Nobody is ‘dead’ until they stop breathing, their heart will not restart and they have flat lined beyond any legal requirement.

    There are two issues here. One is the gestation period each person requires to ‘get it’ and to operate on their own successfully. You won’t know their gestation period until AFTER you sponsor them. Second is the gestation period as defined by the company you are with. The vast majority of MLM programs are nothing but head hunting machines. Anyone who doesn’t ‘get the opportunity’ within a very short period of time is flushed, ‘killed’ by that system. They did not die, the MLM company defined them as gone. I have numerous people who have joined, participated at their best level and disappeared, only to reappear five, six, ten months later [or longer] and are ready to go back to work. In most programs the all too short a time you are allowed to be ‘inactive’ is followed by you lose and must start over. YUK. Most of the problems with MLM are actually at the level of agreement you signed with the company. AND most people never read it until after they are offered the door. BYE….When the programs are set up to allow anyone to succeed on THEIR terms, not the company’s this industry will make a huge leap forward.

    Perhaps if people actually understood the legal contract they signed to join they would be better able to sponsor someone with the truth instead of their hopes and opinions about it. The turnover rate at most companies is by THE COMPANIES design. A program designed for 100% retention looks much different that one designed for 5% retention. Almost all MLM companies barely have 5% retention long term. This industry has a design flaw and until enough people support changing it, failure will continue at the vast majority of so called legit MLM companies.

  • Thanks. Have been in a funk a year now. 17 months in mlm. Did not understand it. And cannot wait to see you may 5th. To awake from the dead. Bill

  • Mahalo for your very, very kind words Mariska……

    just keep first things first…..recruit first and THEN contact a few a day…..balance 🙂

    What we can learn about ourselves and others is priceless ….sometimes we uncover a real gem, something we could do different or better….

  • BAM!! You have nailed it Kellee

    just keep first things first…..recruit first and THEN contact a few a day…..balance 🙂

  • Nope, we don’t need massive numbers ….to create massive checks…’s not about sponsoring more it’s about getting more people sponsoring who learn and then teach others “how” to sponsor AND teach 🙂

  • Bravo Marlene…..make sure you teach your team to keep first things first………recruit first and THEN contact a few a day…..balance 🙂

  • AMAZING! So on point. I never felt comfortable trying to recruit. People would just say they wanted to join. I’ve become stagnant and this shows why. Thank you.

  • I had the honor [too bad I was to young and dumb to know ;-( ] of being trained in Chicago by Mr. Stone… cool you shared this great Stone truth…..right out of the Success System that NEVER Fails….

    So how’s your PMA Bob??

    I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel TERRIFIC!!

  • HI Mark. Thanks for you perspective. I see the same thing over and over again. I will not be one of those. Hands on Baby, it is all about Hands on. Help them become competent and know what to say and do. —————-RHINO

  • Mark this makes all of the sense in the world. I recently had a partner come to life after two years. This gives helps me understand why such a large percentage fall asleep and provides a solution Thanks!

  • Thank you so much! As always–well said and timing was perfect. I shared the video with our group this morning. You would have loved hearing their resounding “yes!” . Many of them can’t wait for your next go90grow session to open!!

  • So cool your group responded well…..and I’m not talking about the video or me….see, it is evidence that you are providing that exact type of leadership, BRAVO!

  • Mark,

    I’m glad I came across you. What you teach makes so much sense and is true! Though I’m with my third company and have not been successful in any, now I know why thanks to you! I’ve always believed in MLM but was taught all the wrong things. I plan to redo my company’s training and take your free training. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping it real.

    P.S. What can I do if I have no up-line or my up-line does not teach your principles? Thanks!

  • Mark, WOW This is great! Love the big ass whiteboard.This is very powerful and I am thrilled to be learning your mind altering truths.Thanks for your leadership..

  • That was fantastic Mark. I have 22 frustrated people on my team. Never return my calls. This will help tremendously. Thank you so much !!!!

  • Great content,

    I really enjoy how you take the industry mantras and break ’em up and present a better way.

    Thanks Mark

  • As always right on point Mark! This has been the biggest struggle in my MLM business. I am revisiting the skills you offer so that I can do this business the right way.

  • Awesome Training Mark J.! 🙂

    Phil West here of St.Louis,Mo. Yeah, that’s right the “Show me State”! I’m glad to say that your “Active Leaders” are reaching out to those that thought they were left behind. Kelly Williams of PaidToBuildYourList has demonstrated that he has the same

    “Belief” as do You. Kelly has literally taken upon himself the task of reaching “down line” in-active members and is offering them his personal support! Yes! He has again literally taken his time and resources to “Show me How” to be successful in online

    Marketing.I would not have crossed paths with “You” had it not been for Mr.Kelly Williams! So, that’s why I can relate to your story because you do have some “Leaders who care and are Doing Something to make Change”! With that I’ll pass! 🙂 pw

  • Thank you Mark, for confirming what I believe is essential in our business. If in an ordinary company people were not trained, they would not feel confident to do the job well. I keep hearing in my business, unless someone keeps contacting me, then don’t bother with them as they are not interested. If I bring someone into my team I want to support them to achieve what they came in for, so it is up to me to support their success, unless they say they don’t want it anymore. Thank you for your inspiration. With these values I want to do the business even more.

  • I love all your videos. This one makes so much sense. I will contact the ones who are sleeping and get them awake with your message. Thanks for all you do!

  • Wow, Mark, you’ve done it again. I started doing 10-Minute Coffees with a member of my team and we enrolled her first agent. The skills really work. I really didn’t know what to say to the ones that have quit on my team. Thanks to this new skill I’m now able to tell them that I’m there for them all the way until they are successful. Thanks so much.

  • GREAT job! My background is in adult ed and healthcare. I am TOTALLY onside with you! If people don’t know HOW do do something, they NEED our help. It is NOT “hand-holding” or dragging the horse across the finish line. It IS coaching and setting people up for success…. And you’re right…. Lots of us are doing it wrong… Probably because we are just duplicating what we we taught (or not taught). Good job…. I’m sending this out to my team… And beyond!

  • Good training Mark, its like to no principle because they don’t understand the skills to give them the success they want. Also people think of the worst that they have heard from people who think they know. Thanks.

  • Dear Mark,

    You are too cool – and totally right – People do not BELIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE – but hey, why not – I LOVE TO BE IN THE BUINESS OF RAISING THE DEAD.
    After all, it is Easter Weekend – and THAT IS WHAT WE ARE CELEBRATING!!!!
    Thanks and have a blessed Easter

  • As usual, Mark, you’re dead center on target. The goal of competence and the process of hands-on training is already making my life easier and my team more profitable.

  • Very good presentation Mark on the 80/20 rule. Working straight commission sales for most of my life and being in the 20% most of the time, I witnessed it firsthand. Poor training, unable to motivate, lack of support will hurt your MLM Business more than anything else just like it did in the brick and mortar operations. Your mention of finding out what your people want and working with them to succeed is the best and probably only to motivate most people.

  • I felt relief when I read your article.Its not about high numbers. Wow. I heard in the MLM I was working that if you are good you require less numbers and if you are not good you have to talk to 20 to 30 persons a day. Its great to read from you that the success is not in this huge numbers… …Are we having a part II of this mail for knowing what is the vital “thing” for success in MLM? Thanks Mark I always thought that there was a better way and I am open to learn!

  • Your lessons are such eyeopeners… I have gone through your posts over and over again in the last 2 years, until today it has become part of my thinking and vocabulary… I cannot thank you and Tom Schreiter enough in my endeavor to succeed in this amazing industry…I am in India…will be shortly promoting Cell Reset from Germany. Thank you so much Mark

  • Thank you Mark. You are always an inspiration. This came at a very important time in my business life. It has opened my eyes for a new direction in helping my team.

  • Thank you Mark; this really makes sense and I recognize that I have a lot of “dead” people to talk to. I want to participate in Go90Grow now that I’ve completed the Master Keys. I need to review the skills; there’s a lot of information there! I’ve just got to devote some time every day to the videos. I know I can do it; I learned a lot about myself in MMMKA.

  • Hi Mark, a couple of years ago I learned that coaching was everying .. but first you had to know what to coach them. I wasn’t competent in my recruiting skills therefore no confidence in coaching others how to become successful. Your Go90Grow skills PLUS the T&GR work has bridged my knowledge gap and I know I can coach others .. no problemo! Thanks so much for all you do to help us.


  • As always Mark, you’ve made a great Video. The point is very clear, honest and transparent.
    Thank you Mark.

  • Mark

    As always, your analysis is right, but it hurts some people, especially those that failed as leaders/coaches.

    As I tell my kids, the truth hurts sometimes, but that hurt can be a useful learning tool.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • Hi Mark,

    In Nora’s comment above on April 17th at 10:31am, she used a term that I’m not familiar with. “So much so that I had 3-10MC and 1 sign up so fast I couldn’t even finish my presentation.”

    What the heck is 3-10MC?



  • what do i think?
    that my upline is one who believes sometimes people are not fit for this business..sometimes yes its true..but..its all about skills…skills he isnt teaching even though he IS making some gangster money…
    anyways…idk if ill see you on the beaches of the world..we might like different beaches…..

  • Mark,

    Great stuff as always. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I agree that we have to get back to the basics in MLM. Being the responsible leader and teaching the skills hands on with our business partners. I’ll definitley be sure to share this with my team. I Look forward to your videos. Thank you for making them available for us.

  • Thank You Mark,

    For your kind remards and receiving my comment. Question may I use this video to share with others?

  • As always you make it simple to understand. We are in the people business and if we treat people right, then doors open. If we think only about ourselves then the door will close. People can feel whether you really car about them or not. As Zig says if you give enough people what they want, you will get what you want. This is why your training is so valuable. Thanks for what you do. It is helping me become a better network marketer.


  • Outstanding Mark! Thanks for providing this. I am going to continue to pass along to the team!

  • I am still amazed at all the various teachings and philosophies out there for MLM distributors. A couple of months ago, I got onto a webinar of “how to recruit 20 in 30 days” – basically a 90-minute commercial for that system. It might work for some people, but most people see that trying to recruit 20 in a month would be too much work – I’m one of those “most people”. It would be much easier to do what you teach, Mark, in Go90Grow: to use the skills to “build teams that can build teams without you”. Just keep in mind the parable of doubling a penny every day for 30 days – you’ll be a millionaire when that month ends, as opposed to adding a penny for 30 days, which will only yield you 30 cents. (And that wouldn’t make much sense, would it?)


  • Love these ideas.
    the old idea of through them against the wall and see if they stick is out dated. it’s no longer sponsor and run it’s build relationships then when we fail there is someone there to say what do you think happened and dhow can I help, or let’s try this instead.

    Keep up the great work and support of the industry Mark.

    Appreciating you,
    Billy Mitchell

  • Wow!!!! and double wow!

    I always felt that way but was afraid to buck the system. Our system brought many in but the hole in the bucket was too big.

    I cant make 20,000 a month until I “SHOW” you how.

    But I need to know first then I can have confidence that I “CAN” really help.

    That brings me great joy.

    You Rock Mark!


  • Mark, I heard you tell about having business cards printed up, but not using the usual format.
    Can you share the wording you used.



  • Thank you, for the boost! Yip i think i am in the dead group, with no confidence, through ignorance, and fear???

  • Spot on Arlette… pioneering an different reality of authentically helping others will “vitalize” both you and the group

  • Mark,

    You are awesome and once again deliver a “golden nugget” that those of us who have been around the block recognize as the truth. I look forward to continuing to learn so I can be coach who helps the 20% through the “hands on” skills training.

    I look forward to seeing you and Davene in Kauai in a week or so 🙂

    Thanks for ALL your do!


    Kelly Williams

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