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There really are only 2 ways to build successfully in network marketing.

One way is to compete and as “cute” you think your approach is, it’s not long before you find yourself “pitching” to people how your deal has, without a doubt the:

  1. Best plan
  2. Best product
  3. Best company
If you don't join you'll be broke at 65
If you don’t join you’ll be broke at 65

Have you ever wondered what this sounds like from the prospect’s point of view?   Our “conviction” deludes us into thinking our deal is different, better… the best.

Great.  Happy for you.

The results?   Probably like mine when I was failing in the ’80s.   Sucked.  Really sucked.

So, I did what everyone else did… tried to “scare” them into the business and, for good measure, told them they were idiots for having a job.

Yeah, I know… you don’t think you’re doing that.   Really?

Scaring is Scary

Look, if you’re doing it or your up-team is doing it in a sophisticated way… you’re still doing it.   You know, come on… telling people working for someone else and telling gloom and doom stories about retirement age is telling them they are idiots… trying to scare them into your biz.  Burn this one on your brain… you can’t build a business based on fear.

Sometimes competition brings the worst out in us… unintentional, yes… but the worst.

In the mid-90s I came across something special…  abandon competing and start creating.

The truth be told… it’s even easier today.   It started with, I confess, reading an essay I had to read in college but I was so lazy that I got the Cliff Notes for it…

Here’s how simple it is to separate yourself from the competition, create and manifest dreams for others and receive more than you could imagine… in less than 14 hours a week.



I know what you’re thinking…How can I present the business in one minute?

First of all, just do it so you can prove to yourself certain MLM skills will build your business… not motivational drivel.

Here’s how to get it done in about 54 seconds, very cool skill

Now here’s a challenge that few people take.   I challenge you to read (and look up the words you don’t know or sorta know) Emerson’s Law of Compensation daily for 2 weeks.  I don’t know many people who have done it but the ones who have, like ourselves, discovered the “Key to the Vault.”   Is there anything on TV, Facebook or other Social media that can make and deliver that promise?    If you think you’re going to do it later… think again.   Yeah, I’m being a bit of a wise-ass, but it’s that important.

It's an exercise, not a book
It’s an exercise, not a book

I mentioned in the vid about change… that it takes work so the changes we want to make actually stick.   Think and Grow Rich is not a book, it’s an exercise and we’ll be running a 14-week course, with a free copy of Think and Grow Rich plus a 30-something page workbook, taking you through the 13 steps to riches.

Works 100% of the time for people who give 100%.   Additionally, we’ll be sharing the 6 skills that make MLM easy.  Once you’ve got the mindset and the method to talk to people effectively, you’ve got something to “give” to people that join you and your team.

Everybody knows authentic, long term success is based on service.   Everybody says you can’t give away what you do not have.

Really, what would you rather have?

10,000 leads or real MLM skills?

A fancy website and cool video or a success formula that never fails?

THE BOTTOM LINE: If success is service and the more we give the more we receive… all we need are the correct things to “give” to succeed and separate ourselves from the pack.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for Sharing
Mahalo for Sharing
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