How to Sponsor More in MLM

I promised Success Coach Kathy Zimmer that I’d limit myself to 1 rant a quarter.

It’s July… YIPPEE!  A new quarter and I get to go on a rant.

It drives me nuts!

It just drives me nuts how far off base the collective consciousness is in network marketing today.

How to sponsor more people is the calling card of the ‘magic system’ peddlers, fleecing the new, inexperienced or improperly trained reps of millions and millions and millions of dollars.

It’s not all their fault.

It’s criminal but it really takes two for the crime.   I’m not mad at them, they’re not worth the price of my time.  It’s really the companies, the MLM companies, who have led the flocks down the wrong path.

They don’t seem to know the business they are in.

If we just take a step back, pause and THINK about the objective of the business model, we can make a quick and simple adjustment than takes a minimal amount of common sense.

So what is the real promise of the business model?

This is a time leverage business

There is just a constant flow of wonderful people at our site, calling us and emailing us with ‘the question’ that proves, over and over, that no one is teaching them that this is a time leverage business.

The question?  “How do I sponsor more people into my MLM?”

Wrong Way to Get Time Leverage – You Sponsoring More

That is the wrong question because all businesses have an objective.

Ford assembly lines are designed to roll new cars off the line.

Apple production lines are designed to roll new Macs off the line.

MLM businesses are designed to grow the group by having more people sponsoring, not have you sponsor more people.

This simple skill, teaching the people you enrolled, hands-on, how to sponsor and how to teach others to sponsor is a lost art.

Without it, you will never, ever create time leverage and realize the promise of the industry.

You simply cannot keep sponsoring more people and do a good job of helping others learn how to sponsor effectively.

The ‘lost art’ is easy, fast, fun and it hits the objective.

Lots doing a little

Growth by having lots of people do a little bit.  Including you.

The payoff is bigger than you can think.  Not only is working 3-deep or more far more profitable, but it is also the ethical thing to do.

Today’s MLM has bought the line of bullshit from the lead hustlers and companies who offer incentives for the person or people who ‘sponsor more.’

They are short-sighted.  Think about it.   It’s not about how many people you sponsor that will determine the growth of your group, it’s the number of people you have sponsoring people.

While most business mistakes come from working on efficiency, winning businesses work first on EFFECTIVENESS.

Effective or efficient?

What difference does it make if you’re efficient but what you are doing is not effective?

And trying to sponsor more and setting that in motion within your group is neither effective nor efficient.

When we enroll someone we are promising to help them have a better life on some level.  If we don’t invest in them, teach them the skills to effectively recruit and sponsor, but instead try and sponsor more, we abandon them.  They burn through a short list and quit.

Result?  You’ve got to go sponsor more.

Compare that to sponsoring Harry, helping him learn the networking skills to sponsor people via the 3-Deep Pattern, and then repeating that with the folks you help him sponsor.  Treat Harry’s personals as if you were their sponsor… then repeat again with their personals.

Right – Teaching Others to Sponsor and Helping Them Teach Others

Harry learns the skill because he has seen it dozens of times and so do a few others.

The 3-Deep Pattern is the lost art, and once you get it, it’s on our site and it’s free by the way, you’ll have a network marketing skill that hits the objective, time leverage.

You’ll have some really cool things going on

  1. Your group will be sponsoring more in less time
  2. You’ll hit the objective of the model, time leverage.  Growth in volume and sponsoring without growth in time expended
  3. Your newer members will pick it up faster because a ‘group’ all doing the same thing gets copied faster than an individual
  4. You and your team will know the ‘right people’ were there all along
  5. You’ll know, in your heart, you and your team have ethics – you’ll all be following through on the promise to help people
  6. Your team will master the skills because people are helping them hands on.
  7. You’ll know what I know – that less than 1% of people making gangster money is not because people can’t find the right people.  It’s because they were never taught the right skills.

We don’t sponsor more by trying to sponsoring more… we get more people sponsored by teaching more people the skill of how to sponsor, getting a yes from a prospect rejection free.

Best part?  2 tiny steps.

  1. Learn the skill to get a yes from 80% or more of prospects you talk to
  2. Learn the 3-Deep Pattern and teach Step 1 – 3 or more levels deep personally

This is all based on the truth that all networkers, who have both time and money, know duplication cannot be taught, it’s caught by people helping people.

The catch?  We simply cannot teach what we do not know.

The solution?  Pay the price and learn the network marketing skills that will help others.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Thank you very much Mark !!
    Unfortunately so true. And not just in MLM.
    I had an up line that was not “effective”. 3-Deep was a theory told to us but was not used and therefore was not taught nor caught. There has very recently been some changes in “command”.
    I do not want to go back to working 40-50 hours a week myself. But if each member of a group works 10-15 hours individually… together they can surpass anything ‘one person’ could possibly do.
    I decided to stay with my MLM and learn the right skills because I believe in Myself, the company and the products.

  • My sponsor, a multi-million dollar earner in a previous program, has called me TWICE in 20 months…when HE needed something!

    I’m doing quite well, but it is no thinks to him. I’ve learned everything I know by watching videos from you, Tom Schreiter, and Eric Worre.

    PS. I rather dislike company promotions that reward people for sponsoring people because I think it gives rise to the exact problem you’re talking about, i.e. “sponsor lots and see who sticks”.

  • My upline is not working the 3 deep pattern with my team. I can see by working the 3 deep pattern how it is beneficial in building solid trust relationships also. This would help to keep your team engaged and with the trust factor have less of a retention problem.

  • Heck no my upline is NOT going three deep…they’re not even through the epidermis! I haven’t talked to anyone about joining my business since the end of May…paralyzed by inactivity…I will survive!

  • forget my upline. It’s time to get back on that horse and ride.What you and Big Al share is monumental…

  • Upline? What’s an upline? It could be my Lone Ranger attitude didn’t make it easy for them either. In looking at all the companies I have joined over the years… I never received the training you provide nor have I ever given it until now. It is one thing to receive great, well intentioned material and training, sort of like watching the movie on how to ride a bicycle in three easy steps. It is something entirely different to have someone run alongside you, holding the seat so you don’t crash, until you ‘catch’ your balance. Once the subconscious mind ‘gets’ it, the conscious mind goes looking for more adventures. Putting the conscious mind into the ‘practice’ of helping others is the virus we all need to catch and promote.

    Thank you Mark for being the way.

  • There’s an idea that you can just pour people in, and hope that some of them learn stuff without you- it’s easy to get caught up in this, but it sucks.

    I have started using this philosophy in my business, and it is better in EVERY WAY. It is MUCH easier to talk to prospects that are someone else’s, and they respect you more anyway!

    This is the REAL true way to have freedom, thanks!

  • I get riled up with those who hold to the philosophy of “recruit non-stop and work with those who stick”. That’s a bunch of hooey and a great diservice to our fellow man.

  • Mark,
    I truely enjoy everything you have to say and have been trying to work with your lessons, but I’m still stick in the same position and have no one signed up yet.
    I have to admit tho my upline sent me your link originally and I talk to him regularly..he is # 3 in the MLM company…he wants me to succeed.
    Thanks for all you do. LK

  • Thanks Mark…right on as always. I am currently working 3 deep as it was taught by my upline who also understands this is the correct way. Awesome.

  • The bottom line is to develop relationships with others. They will join you based on know, like and trust. If any of these three ingredients are missing then he will join someone else in business instead of you.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  • Thanks Mark! I’m a student of Go90Grow and I use 3-deep with my downline. The secret to maintaining monthly orders and keeping GP high, is to build a downline that is getting paid! Stacking is no longer a legitimate business model. Get new people qualified for paychecks ASAP!

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about! This IS truly what NWM is all about. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Time leverage and helping others – I’ve known it in my heart all along and it’s what attracted me to this business in the first place. Thank you for spelling it out and simplifying what I knew but didn’t really know how to explain or put into words. You are the best. Now all I have to do is get 3 deep group started!
    Take care, Colleen

  • It’s so much more fun to be more effective at what we do in networking. Effective skills make all the difference in biz. Thanks Mark. It’s a business of duplication. Yes we are working the 3 deep pattern, that’s the name of the game.

  • I learned the 3-deep pattern when I first started with MLM back in 1990 – somehow lost focus on it over the years, but never forgot it. It’s something I will certainly be implementing with mt new team in the very near future. Thanks for the timely reminder Mark!

  • “Putting the conscious mind into the ‘practice’ of helping others is the virus we all need to catch and promote.”
    Well said!!! Michael

    Big Mike in Minnesota

  • Aloha Big Mike

    Mahalo for the kind words Mike….interesting you picked the key to success – helping others – and, if done without expectation of resiprosity from others – BAM!! We are going to be successful beyond our imagination….as this aligns us with Natural Law.

    Really appreicate you taking the time to drop by and share

    keep giving to keep growing

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