#3 FAQ By Networker Prospects

How does one ‘market’ themselves in network marketing?

It’s easy.

Love this question?

People looking for network marketing help asked this question, ‘How do I market myself?”

Good question, normal for folks looking at our industry, and at the same time, really sad to hear.

While everyone wants to know ‘how to’ get started fast this phrase, “how do I market myself” has replaced ‘what is the next step?‘ or simply, ‘how do I get started?

This is not a good thing and it’s really no one’s fault, but it should be a wake-up call to people who have groups and are growing.

Good News and Bad News

The Bad News: The idea behind network marketing word of mouth advertising…and this ‘sophisticated’ question really means they’ve been looking around online and have begun to believe the crap about cheap marketing systems that will ‘find more qualified prospects’ than you can handle.

MLM Marketing Gurus?

The influence from the plethora of con artists and hustlers is not going away.  The millions made on inexperienced people being told and sold millions can be made…without much but a few “points and clicks of a mouse” are making millions, NOT in network marketing but ON inexperienced networkers.  They are experts alright…but at what?

The Good News: It is estimated that 65% of the average person’s purchases were a result of free, friendly word of mouth advertising.

The Apple I am banging out this post on replaced a PC…and I love it.  My son told me to go back to Apple.  Bingo- word of mouth.

Word of Mouth Located 2 Treasures

My English Setter’s came from a breeder, recommended by a friend…and the list goes on and on.  So does yours.

Same with where we live, Kauai.  We came here for 3 days instead of Maui, based on a recommendation.

It works perfectly, word of mouth advertising,  in real life.  It’s far and away the most powerful form of ‘advertising…and you can learn to make a lot of money just by learning a few network marketing skills and talking to people.

And the answer to the question, ‘How do I market myself?’ is…

That is the wrong question.

Stop Marketing and Start Engaging

Networking is not rocket science or numbers games or spending money on advertising to ‘find the right people.’

It’s about talking to people…engaging.

The idea of setting up a site, driving traffic, social media with dozens of networks like FB, Twitter, etc., is not engaging.

Yet people pour hours and hours and dollars and more dollars into ‘marketing themselves’, somehow believing they can ‘create’ an image that will market them ‘worldwide, 24-7.  For some businesses…yes…but the ones who are successful spend $1000s a week…and how ethical is it to ‘project’ an image of success with this stuff when we’ve had none?

Not very.

Engage like million-dollar earner John Cini.  Like myself, John’s got a blog, twitter, and FB and a couple of other things that he spends 10 minutes on daily AFTER he has ‘engaged‘ several prospects daily.

Passionate but Irrational

We are a passionate but irrational crowd, almost rabid to succeed.

We lose our common sense once in a while.

We are not in the public relations business, building images in the hope people will be attracted to us.

We are in the talking to people, building a relationship and meeting who they know.  That is networking…and at the core of network marketing success.

Blogging, FB’ing, etc., is a nice arrow in your business, but keep it under 10-20 minutes daily AFTER engaging people about your business.

If you learn and teach the skills and get good at teaching them to others…you’ll succeed.

And when you do, guess what?

Your team will market you!

You’ll have raving fans, a real set of credentials, and word will spread…word of mouth.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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  • Cuts right to the heart of it Mark,

    I do understand and agree. Thing is I would rather leverage technology a little bit to screen out the time wasters so that I am talking to truly interested prospects instead of suspects.

    There is a happy middle ground.

    Bruce Nelkin LMT

  • Wow Mark !
    You Did It Again My Friend,
    This is some really Great Advice,
    I am looking forward to Mastering Your Technique Someday.

    Never Give Up On Your Dreams,

    Your Friend For Life,

    Steven Squillace

  • It really does come down to simply talking to people! I don’t know why we always want to complicate the business…..thanks for the reminder Mark!

  • Mark,

    Loved this post. It’s not always easy to ‘tell it like it is’ because people like to follow the herd and the stuff you say goes against the grain. It’s the truth, though, and if people will be a bit open-minded and implement a few of the simple things you teach, it will make a world of difference in their businesses.

    A difference where it counts, i.e. results and in their paycheck!


  • If I had a nickle for everytime I recommended something to someone….. oh yeah I do I’m in network marketing… hahahah… thank for the reminder that I get paid for doing something that I have been doing all my life and that I’m really, really good at.

  • Hello Mark,

    Love your messages, but do not reply to often to say ‘thank you’

    Invaluable common sense, which ain’t so common theses days, keep them coming.


  • No worries Mike…..

    We appreciate you stopping by and checking it out.

    If you like it and it makes sense…..consider facebooking it 🙂

    mark j

  • Thanks Mark, I love how you keep it simple. People don’t think themselves out of sharing a movie, but will labor about sharing their products or business with another. We definitely have a habit of making things more difficult than they are. When you really think of it, we really have done networking most of our lives.

  • Where have you been all of my life. I know now after listening to you for about a week, that Big Al is your mentor and friend, and I have actually been following him for a few years now. I love his trainings but have often been to retarded I guess, not to implement what he teaches because I thought I had to be funny. I am re-learning alot of his training through you and a lot of new info and I am using it now and I feel very comfortable. I have signed up 4 people in 20 years! It’s my time and I am glad you are the teacher that has finally showed up now that this student is ready. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mark.

  • Big Al rocks and some of his material is actually in go90grow ….a CD series…

    He’s helped a lot of people and we love to argue about who stole what from who – 🙂

    Most of the time our success – rather the blockade to our success – is between our ears…..BUT …..until we admit that we can never make real progress….

    I hear that personal responsibility loud and clear from you FeFe, you are on your way to great things

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