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#2 faq by Networking Prospects

How do I make money is a huge question prospects ask.

Do we know what it means?

Do we know how to answer it?

Our success depends on us knowing what it means, how to answer it and, most of all, helping a prospect understand it.

Threefold Problem, Paydirt

The 3 problems have a compounding effect in preventing success.  Understanding the truth about what’s really going through a prospect’s head is a treasure map; knowing what to do with that truth is pay-dirt.  And not just for you, for the most important people in network marketing…new people.

  1. Most networkers don’t know how to explain it because we really don’t understand what their question really means and how powerful it is in the mind of a prospect – as it should be.  Most network marketers don’t know it means they are READY TO JOIN.  It’s an “I’m sold, don’t talk me out of it.
  2. Most networkers believe when a prospect asks this question they want to know about the pay plan.  They launch right into it…so proud of the plan and how they explain it.  And, we proceed to confuse and raise questions, doing exactly what they prospect asked us not to do, “I’m sold, don’t talk me out of it.
  3. The more we add to explaining ‘how to make money’ the less success and more failure we have.  And we compound this error with jargon!  Ya know?  Downline, crossline, upline, bonus qualifications…good grief!

No one makes money in network marketing.


Starting with the truth is always a good thing…the more truth a prospect senses, the more willing they are to believe things they don’t completely understand.

The only people who ‘make’ money work at the Mint.  The rest of us earn it.

Yeah, I know, sounds like I am playing with syntax, but I am not.

Failing Rep and Prospect:

“How do you make money?” Prospect asks.

Failing Rep launches into the marketing plan, the big picture, huge paychecks.  Prospect now not only confused (don’t kid yourself, all plans are confusing) and not willing to enroll.

Why?  Rep did not know what prospect was actually asking.

Succeeding Rep and Prospect:

“How do you make money?” Prospect asks.

Succeeding rep knows s/he has just hit pay-dirt…knows the prospect wants to make money (prospects asking how we make money are declaring they are ready to join) and what the prospect really means is “what would I have to do to make money?”

There are only 3 things in a self-declared prospect’s head, (asking ‘how do you make money?’ is that declaration), and speaks to those 3 things in a language people understand by telling stories that are familiar.

The 3 things in a prospects head?

    1. Can I make money?
    2. What do I have to do?
    3. Can I do it?

The Best Storytellers Win

The successful rep answers that question by starting with the truth…and a dash of humor, just a tiny dash…

The successful rep knows people, who’ve declared they are a prospect, (How do I make money? is about as strong a declaration you’ll ever get), are more likely to move forward if they are ‘familiar’ with what needs to be done…the more familiar we make it.  The more, yes, more unfamiliar, the more times we get the ‘stall.’

Here’s how I start –  works 100% of the time…

Telling simple 2 stories in a language they understand that makes it familiar to them is the passport to growth.  Here’s that skill, a free training, share it with your team so you and your team are great storytellers.

Kind of ironic, eh?  The way we make money in network marketing is telling stories so prospects understand how we make money…and the best storytellers win.  Go figure.



mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Hi Mark,

    Yes, it works!
    Stick to the basics.
    Those of us who have been around for a while forget what it was like being green…

    Go back to basics, K.I.S.S.= Keep It Simple Seller (or sucker or stupid if you don’t).

    Be consistent, persevere, the more people you ask, “Who do you know that __X__” The more you enroll and the more you make. Fill in the “X” with // wants more income / is good with people / is in need of a few extra bucks / is a stay at home Mom with extra time / is burnt out at work / needs some supplemental income / is a great sales person / is looking for work / etc., etc., etc..

    Bruce Nelkin LMT
    Time to brand me; it begins…

  • Bruce….

    You are spot on…..I love these 2 words of yours…

    Be consistent

    Golly…..what a concept 🙂

    mark j

  • This post was a good read so I posted it on my Facebook to hopefully give you more readers.

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