A Pet Peeve of Mine

I can always tell when a rep has been listening to angry uplines or gurus when it comes to posture, yet it was no surprise to see this question in the 15 most commonly asked questions.

And it really drives me nuts…for a lot of reasons, it’s a pet peeve of mine.


I know I’ve got a lot of work to do with the person, and changing people’s minds is hard work once they’ve been hurt and feel they’ve found a solution.

How Do I Get Posture?

We got the cookie!

What the hell does that mean anyway?

Cookies Are For Sharing, Not Punishing

All these ‘expert opinions’ always have this nonsense phrase in their speech, you know?

The teachers, (ahem) of posture always want to come from this militant attitude that we’ve got what they need.  They are doomed to a terrible life working for someone else: we can help them get ‘free’ of the 9-5 bondage…get tough…realize what you have…grrrrrrrrrrr!

Wait, there is more nonsense.  More get tough with prospects, how good we have it, how bad their life is and how they need us more than we need them.

It is so off base on so many levels that it’s hard to know where to start.

People always know 2 things.

  1. They know if you are having a bad day
  2. They know if you are lying

Pretending that we have posture is a lie.

The ‘us’ against ‘them’ mentality is just a miserable way to build this business, so is thinking we are or what we have is superior.

And, it’s a huge turn-off.

Once we’ve got that attitude, we’re screwed.

Our success, ultimately is based on service to others and people respond to authentic service and not, “I got the cookie, your life working for others sucks, you need me.”

It is contrary to the greatest thing we offer everyone: a chance to do better by being in humble service.

Posture is Important


How can I say that after that rant?

You’ve got to get authentic posture.

Fake or puffed up posture not only gets you nowhere.  If actually prevents you from getting an authentic posture.

By learning what to do and what to say you can get 80% + to look at your business.  It’s easy once you have the skill.

Now instead of having a hair-trigger and taking it away from people, which only leads to fewer prospects, you have a ‘pipeline’ that is bursting.

Authentic Posture

Show me someone with 500 names and numbers AND 40 people this week reviewing information who they’ve booked a follow-up with and I will show you someone who has posture.

Do you think some of the 40 would come in? (No, I’m not being a wise-ass or asking a trick question 🙂 )

Would you care who came in or didn’t?  Of course not.

That is posture, authentic posture.

You really don’t care because you’ve learned how to get a yes.  It’s a simple networking marketing skill, and you know next week you can get 40 more to happily look.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • Thanks, Mark!
    Again and again I salute your WISDOM!
    Humbly I interview to find the “need”.
    Authentic Posture….says it all!

  • Thanks Jackie…….

    The truth is you taught this concept to me……by setting the example…..always keeping you’re pipeline full…..the only way we honestly can…..with consistent effort.

    Congrats on your continued success, it’s impressive but dwarfted by your kindness and humility

    mark j

  • Hi Mark,
    Always so much to learn from you. I totally agree that changing people’s minds is hard work, extremely hard work, it’s like forcing the cow to drink.
    I particularly like you view about authentic posture and the trick is in the skills.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Kim San

  • Hey Mark,

    The trick Kim is there is no trick!
    Once you learn what is necessary to know to do well in the industry your posture then comes from sitting up straight and smiling when you talk to people.

    Once you learn to brand yourself, set up your automatic funnels and advertise to people who are looking for what you have then “Posture” becomes simple.

    Thanks again Mark,
    Bruce Nelkin LMT

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