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The #5 Question – How to Start Fast

I was really happy to see this pop-up in the top 15, at 700+/- asking “how to fast start” a day.  That’s over 20,000 people a month who want to know.

This used to be a good question, now it’s a great one.

How do I get off to a fast start?

If you have a group…big or small…this is a great question because it should give you insight into what is going through the minds of your people…and that makes us better coaches.  If you know what to coach, you’ve got a huge advantage, huge.

Why is it a great question?

3 Reasons.

  1. The inter-webbie thing- distraction
  2. Impatience to get into profit, attrition is faster
  3. How cheap it is to join more companies

In the 80s and 90s, you could count on 6 months out of someone who made an effort.  Today?  Think 30, maybe 60 days.

If we don’t help them get checks quickly and they ‘experience’ growth…they start looking on that inter-webbie thing.  And when you couple the impatience (mostly because they waited till things got critical) to do something to bring in extra money + the general microwave mentality today folks have and the low cost of other deals, 100, 200 bucks, the grass starts looking pretty green someplace else.

The Mentality Today

Fast Starts

Fast starts and growing commission checks neutralize the 3 reasons people lose focus.

The fast start becomes a great recruiting tool for your new rep.  When they can tell their friend, Sally, they made 400 bucks clear profit their first month or first 2 weeks, they have a massive arrow in their recruiting quiver.

Fast start stories are the best…not even close…the very best thing at a biz op, (webcast, living room, hotel room, conference call).  Nothing will do more for your growth than guests hearing about people who just joined making  $300, $400, $500 or more in their first month.

While the $10,000 and $20,000 earners and rags to riches stories are great and serve a great value in ‘getting people to look’…what we are all after at a biz op is the belief of the prospect, and no one believes they can make $15,000 a month when they are ‘just looking.’

how to start fast
Best Recruiting Tool Ever

The big checks are the ‘attractions’ but new people, making some money right away is the ‘convincer’ and a priceless asset.

How to Start Fast

1. Abandon all traditional ‘to-do’ stuff

Writing goal statements, you know ‘why’ you want to do this and how many hours you will commit, learning all about the product, plan, company and ‘novels’ well-intentioned people write on web pages to teach you everything about networking are all fine…

But abandon them for the first 30 days.

Goals add pressure and stress – wait a month until you/your new distributor gets a ‘feel’ for fitting this into their life.  Sometimes less is more and this is one of those situations.  Checks build confidence like nothing else.  Once people know they can make money, goal statements and planning long term is no a stressful, time-consuming distraction and it is kicked up a notch or two because they now have evidence.

Work first for 30 days like your hair is on fire.

2. Make a list

The plan, product, and company are the vehicle but the vehicle needs fuel to run on.  Names and numbers are the fuel.  If you’re helping someone you sponsored, NEVER tell them to make a list, do it with them.  List building is a free skill, a lost art that will make you a fortune.

3 Ways = Fast Start


Massive mistake to call the list alone.  Calling with your sponsor or upline who is getting checks is one of the 3 primary network marketing skills that will determine success or failure.  It is NOT the best way, it is the only way to get off to a fast start.

Learn what to say and what to do from people who are succeeding.  Already a rep?  Letting people make calls on their own is like throwing a baby, dipped in blood,  into a shark tank.

4. Do what successful people do

Every business on the planet, networking included, has a ‘traction point.’  The ‘traction point is where transactions that generate income live.  Spend 100% of your time for the first 30 days at that traction point.

We don’t need information, conference calls, educational websites or product knowledge.  Your upline will provide that during the 3 ways so you can be earning while you are learning.  The easiest way to make money is to do the 1 thing that will make money.

Talk to people with your upline.

5. BONUS – Leadership Tip

If you are shopping for an MLM or being courted, confirm support about 3 ways.  You need a commitment that you will get 30+ hours of 3 way calling the first month so you can get off to a fast start.  If you are already building, get this post to people or copy the 5 tips and let them know you will make the calls with them.

No one wants to be criticized or embarrassed, so let people know you want to get them off to a fast start, why, and what you will do WITH them.  This will give them confidence, replacing the fear all new people have about failing.

6. Go the extra mile.

There is never a traffic jam on the extra mile.  Learn the skills that make you a pro by studying network marketing skills.  Once you get off to a fast start and have a group of your own you’ll be able to give them network marketing help that helps them learn the skills and get off to a fast start too.

This means your study time comes AFTER you’ve put the time into the traction point.  It’s studying and practicing after it’s too late to call others.  It does not mean you ‘replace’ calling time with study.  Do the study in addition to your daily calling commitment.


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  • Fantastic post Mark. You answered the key question that all networkers have. “How do I really

    make money and how do I get my new people to make money.”

    Love the way you cut through the hype and give people the answers they need to truly succeed in

    their networking businesses.

  • I really appreciate your blog series on the most frequently asked questions in NWM. I agree we need to get people making money ASAP and these are great tips. I recommend your skills to anyone wanting to see positive growth in their business.

  • The prolific amount of wisdom, experience, shear genius that is being shared is even blowing me away.

    Just amazing content. Mahalo Brudda

  • Yeah, ditto to all that above! ;))

    BTW, I love your “Working Smarter NOT HARDER” CDs…

    Bruce Nelkin LMT

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  • Excellent post Mark. Great question and and I love your answer. Right to the point.

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