#4 FAQ re: Looking For MLM Help

Let’s back up…

I discovered, with the help of cool software, how to find out what 15 questions people asked most on google when looking for network marketing help.

Personally, I was a little surprised at most of the questions…but only for a few minutes.  I quickly realized that like most people I had forgotten what was going through my head way back in 1993.  Pretty much the same stuff.  Knowledge and commitment are very cool things but sometimes that combination can block our capacity to ‘understand’ and we blow people out of the water.

The best way to get more value out of this 15 part series is to back up…to the time when you knew nothing about networking and had the same questions.

Especially when it comes to this question.

“How do I get a downline?”

Painting a picture in the prospect’s mind of how great it would be ‘if you had all the time and money you wanted‘ is good but not if we don’t realize people cannot imagine building an organization, downline, (Gawd, I hate that word),  of 200, let alone 10,000.

In the End, Trust is Your Biggest Asset

Edison’s Right

Most people miss opportunity because it shows up in overalls and looks like work.Thomas Edison.

While selling the dream, it’s really important to let them know the truth about what it takes to build the dream.

You lose their trust and they won’t take your coaching.  People tend to do what coaches or teachers ask if they are trusted.

It takes work, consistent work.

Let them know and you’ll sponsor more people…which is good; but more importantly, the trust level will rise as they discover you’ve told them the truth about what to expect.

How to Get a Downline in MLM

It takes work on 3 levels.

1. Learn the skills required.

Like any business – cutting hair, computer programming or cooking – there are always ‘traction points’  meaning the money-making areas.  Cooks that become skilled become top paid chefs.  Hairdressers become top paid stylists that learn the key skills.

Network marketing skills center around communication.  If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.

This needs to be made clear before enrolling people.   You simply link the task of talking to people to their dream.

No one really believes they can make a huge residual income without doing anything.

2. Practice and example

Learning the skills is great but if they don’t practice and if you don’t role play with them they are going to get killed.  You might as well feed them to the sharks.



Practice Makes Perfect

Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance

After 18 years of success and blessing, I practice, without fail daily, just like anyone who wants to be on top of their game.

A prospect we talk to could enroll, build a decent organization and generate $2000 or more a month of income, for a decade or more.  That is a $250,000 …each (you, them and their person) or $750,000.

Are you and your peeps properly prepared to make $750,000 pitches?  Practice will ensure the glittering opportunities don’t be missed.

Network marketing leadership tip #1 is and always will be lead by example.  Let them listen to you make calls, demonstrating the skills.  It’s a classic win-win.  You are training and reinforcing while building your business.

3. Put the skills in play every day.

You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar.

To build an organization (I still hate the word downline), you have to take the skills and put them into action every day.

As your group grows, keep linking the 3 actions above, learn, practice & put the skills to work…toward the dreams of people who join your team.

BONUS: How to not get a downline?

Keep away from ‘automated systems’ and ‘lead generating’ crap.  If you invest in generic sites that promise techno-systems to do the work…and hundreds of prospects daily…kiss your money and dreams good-bye.

2 Shortcuts When You Start Growing

1. Use your upline teammates that are earning over $1000 a month.  They stand to profit from your growth.

2. Run with runners, walk with walkers and quit on quitters.



mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Hi Mark,
    Great post , What do you do when your upline is into the techno crap you mentioned?

  • Hi Mark,
    Great post , What do you do when your upline is into the techno crap you mentioned?

  • Hey Mark,

    I only partly agree with this post.
    Yes, people need the skills to talk to others and solve problems.

    No, automated systems are not the bogie-(Robot)-man. As I see it there can be a happy medium between the 2 where you are leveraging the techno stuff to help in gathering leads, explaining basic concepts and weeding out the tire kickers and time wasters so that the techie “System” funnels only truly interested and targeted prospects to you that are worthy of a human to human conversation.

    Once you hone your communication skills to create a killer presentation of your problem solving opportunity; mainly money for the new prospect presented in a way they can see themselves achieving said money; then you are well on your way to leveraging the technology of automation to do your grunt work and even close a sale and enroll a new prospect into your opportunity to then be funneled to the training portion of your opportunity plus other useful training sites; like https://worldslaziestnetworker.com where they can be trained and sent on their way to duplicating all the above so that you can live wealthy ever after.

    Bruce Nelkin LMT

  • There are only 2 types of uplines with tech-no focus….

    The type that is into everything under the sun and trying to make as much money on their downline as they can in as many ways as they can……


    The type that is trying to authentically use technology to help their teams do better……

    Magic systems and secrets for sale [both bull#%$@] are just a way of life in the industry today and, quite candidly a problem that will not go away soon. If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people…..and so many people don’t know what to say to get a yes [see http://freenetworkskills.com] that they are easy prey for the vultures peddling tools that promise to solve the problem. This is your problem….but that is what business is….solving problems.

    This is what I’ve found to be a solution…..and, honestly, you’ve got to stay on top of it….2 parts…

    1. I’ve always told my uplines that fall in love with techno stuff to ‘test before testimony’…..meaning….before they start promoting some new whiz-bang they need to have sponsored people with it…..not just got names…..if we promote things that don’t convert, we rupture the trust we need in the line….the ones that authetically care will see the value of this….

    2. Educate your team on what to say and do so they get a yes when they talk to people, build confindence in skills….skills build confindence in people. See, once people know they are going to get a yes 80-100% of the time …..then they talk to more people…..they aren’t afraid to pick up the phone…..they are afraid of the outcome….

    Our success is based on the success of the people in our group and when we teach skills [plenty free at our site]…..and they get postive results they are no where near as vulnerable to ‘magic’ …’secrets’….’automated systems’….

    BOTTOM LINE: Deal with it head on by challenging your upline to demonstrate results themselves before promoting stuff and work with your people on skills…..once people get real results via skills, their activity goes up and their poking around solutions wanes….

    mark j

  • As always Mark you are spot on! I like what you said at the end-“run with runners, walk with walkers, and quit on quitters”. Excellent!

  • great to hear from you Tony!

    Thanks for stopping by, hearing great things about Lifevantage…..and with your great leadership I know you’ll be setting records

    mark j

  • Great point Bruce…..appreciated as always…..

    Karate Kid, eh? Balance…..

    My personal experience is things seem to work out better if we get them going first …..and keep them away from systems/social media etc……because they quickly migrate to that stuff as their primary focus…..and it’s easier to add it in than undo it 🙂

    In the end they need balance and learn how to leverage the best of both worlds……in real life I’ve found less is more with the interwebbie thing in their first 60+/- days but your point about balance is dead on center for a long term objective…

    So, I think, we do agree……just not 100% about the ‘timing’ and method of balance…..:-)

    I appreciate you stopping by and commenting…..and maybe a little more ‘balance’ in these posts would help everyone…..thanks for the great feedback

    mark j

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