Blog   How Do I Create Leads for Network Marketing? 7th Most FAQ; Here’s How


Over 600 people a day want to know how to create leads.

That’s 18,000 a month.

I was not stunned by the question showing up in the top 15, I was stunned by the number of people who asked.

Actually, I was saddened and stunned.

The top earners I know, like the great Pam & Tony Bowling [63,000 a month], and the very top earner at 4 different companies, like Sherman Unkefer [over $200,000 a month don’t create leads on line.

They, like myself, are saddened by this ‘misdirection’ the lead peddlers and peddlers of systems that ‘allededly‘ generate leads perpetuate and the massive number of people who are buying into the more leads is better.  Even good friend and multi-million dollar earner/internet wizard…..Scott Reese…..does not use internet lead generators to build his MLM deals….and he’s a guy who has made over 100,000 a month

Heard about people making tons of dough with a lead generating system in an MLM?


Not people who say they do…..but actual ‘see the check’ from a primary company one of these people is actually earning?

The truth is I got nothing against the folks pitching leads/lead generation systems…..that is not the sad part for me.

The sad part is so any people are buying …..something that will never, ever get them close to success.

337 TO 9800

In April or May of 2004 I sat down with my wife, The Fabulous Davene, her 2 teenage daughters, a friend of mine and 2 couples.

We did a little name-game for about and hour or so, ate some pizza I ordered in and some salad.

It netted me 337 names.  I was still cashing checks from another company [never believed in ‘herding’ folks from deal to deal] so I started from scratch.

I paid my dues in learning and mastering a couple network marketing skills and in 9 months became a Top 50 earner with a company of over 1,000,000 reps, building a group to over 9800 active people.

It was built just like all my top earner friends from warm market-to-warm market.

How?  How do you go from warm-to-warm so easily?

Lost Art?

List building is a lost art….my biggest leadership tip is to learn ‘how to’ get at the warm list.   It’s a skill.

And no, I’m not an old school guy ….or new school……I’m a common sense/results guy.

It’s fast, fun and cheap……..and, it works.

All we did was teach people what to do and what to say so they heard the word ‘yes’ constantly, rejection free, of course.  Another easy network marketing skill.

Skill is the handmaiden to network marketing success.

So why do 18,000 people need leads with others build huge businesses without them?


They just don’t know what to do or say so they burn through a short list and starting looking for magic.

We simply knew how to build a list with people that enrolled of several hundred as soon as they enrolled.

Then, we taught others how to do it…..and when you never run out of names and know the skills that get ‘yes-yes-yes’ all day long, money and time for leads and systems is not an issue.


Common sense isn’t so common, at least that is Mark Twain wrote.

It’s true.

Why would someone who knows how to get great leads and knows about network marketing put themselves and their organization in competition with EVERYONE who wants to buy from them?

Common Sense Stops This

Gee, that’s a tough one.  I’ll guess money.

Networkers, like you and I are passionate but also irrational at times…..we want it so bad…..we want it for our peeps so bad.

The ‘you won’t have to bother your friends and realitive’ line leverages people’s inexperience and fear…….let’s regain our common sense.

If your cousin knew about something that would make $10,000…$20,000 a month or more and he went out and did it….wouldn’t you be pissed that s/he DIDN’T bother you?

Of course.



We’ll be rolling out a skill on July 14th to show you how to get on the first page of google in a matter of a couple days, free…..we do it all the time.

Takes about 10 minutes a day.

Make sure you are on our list if you aren’t so you can get notified first.

14 of the 15 in the test group hit top spot[s] on google in less than a week.

It's Easy to Rank and Free

That, along with a content rich blog will help, but leads and lead generators, in my 18+ years have never produced a single person who produced a paycheck in their ‘primary company’…..I’ve emailed back over 400 people and told them if they would tell me their company and pin level, in other words prove they were making money, big money with their leads or system, I’d put 1000 people on a conference call and they could pitch them with me on the call endorsing them.

How many called me or emailed me back?

If you guessed zero you’re correct.

If you had something that good, don’t you think you’d ‘kill’ to pitch 1000 people with a Top Earners endorsement?



This is a game changer ……

If friends and relatives didn’t like what we had to say…..why in the world would we think strangers will like it?

No, it’s not a trick question…..just one that forces us to reclaim our common sense so we don’t throw away 1000s of dollars.

Now don’t get the idea that I’m an old school guy….opposed to new school….. I’m niether.

Leveraging both just makes sense and a lot more money…..but before investing in talking to strangers, we need to make sure we have the ‘art of conversation’ mastered.

Getting rejected by people, that we paid to talk to ……is just as painful as Uncle Harry telling us we are nuts when we pitched him.  🙂

What good are leads if you can’t convert them?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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