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Not at all.

It’s not that winners do certain things, it’s that they do things in a certain way.

W. Clement Stone transformed the great Napoleon Hill’s [Think and Grow Rich – grab a free copy] career to Warp Factor 5…..was my original trainer when I graduated college.Man… I wish, often, that I knew what a massive break that was…..hey, I was 22 and happy to have a job……and I missed tons of brilliance……for sure.   But …….I  did pick up a few things.

It’s hard to say that ‘this’ or ‘that’ was the KEY thing……but this was KEY for sure.

“R2A2,” Mr. Stone would say……over and over and over.

It means ‘Recognized, Relate, Assimilate, Apply” …..which he taught to Hill.   Stone and Hill were adamant that the real GOLD was in OPMs, [other people minds].

“There are more golden riches in the minds a few men than on the entire planet,” Stone would repeat.   Urging us to pay attention.

Stone taught R2A2 - It's the key to success
Stone taught R2A2 – It’s the key to success

He said if we would pay attention that we’d see winning patterns everywhere and all we would have to do was

  1. Recognize them
  2. Relate the principle to our challenges
  3. Assimilate the wisdom of other
  4. Apply it to our business

And as I struggled in 1994, I found the skills…..and did better……but…..I knew it could be better……that I was missing something huge……..

For a while I tried hard to figure it out, listened to other – ahem – leaders – who were making great money but working 50,60 and 70 hours a week [don’t kind yourself, most of them do]……and I knew but struggled to find the solution.

Suddenly, I started thinking about Mr. Stone saying “R2A2” over and over.

Now as someone who lettered in 5 different sports and was, well, a jock…….you wouldn’t think that Vogue Magazine held the answer……I mean, a fashion magazine?

Stone was right…….

Diana Vreeland changed the world, really, via fashion…………and 2 simple statements she made…..once I R2A2 them, changed our business 180 degrees…….

So what did she say?  And what’s this big R2A2?


Simply put you’ve got to not only see it….you’ve got to be it…..right now.

And no, like I said, this isn’t some motivational nonsense……it’s the derivative of an No Fail Formula.

You simply must live there in your mind now…..

Think and Grow Rich is not a book……and anyone who tells you it is simply does not know it’s an exercise.

Some can work through it on their own…..most cannot……if you want to grab early notification so you can go through it with other experienced folks, here you go….starts in June sometime.

Do you not only see it in your minds eye now……is it real?


mark j

World’s Laziest Networker

Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing

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