women in MLM

It’s a problem

For some reason, guys and MLM companies just don’t get it.

83% of the checks in MLM are cashed by women in MLM, according to the DSA.


Do guys feel intimidated?   Threatened?

You see it with companies all the time… the “Founders” are introduced and with rare exceptions, four or five guys roll out on stage.

The audience goes nuts. I remember sitting there thinking, really, how stupid can we be as a group?


The world is the same way… since men “took over” in the dark ages… which I could argue we are still in.

Women in MLM

Prior to that women were revered above men and any networker who thinks instead of copies figures this out quickly.

See, for 1000s of years, it was “mother earth”, the giver of life when men were the protectors and women were the foundation of life.

And isn’t that what you’re trying to do with your business?

Who is better at growing things than the primary caretaker?

Inexperienced Kimmy jumped in and fired her boss in 90 days
Inexperienced Kimmy jumped in and fired her boss in 90 days

Until some do-gooder group with nothing better to do got laws passed, (don’t ask me why), MLM apps had ‘Occupation” on the application.

# 1 success group? Teachers

# 2 success group? Moms

Let’s face it, between teachers and Moms… that’s a lot of women.

MLM is a teaching business and Moms are in the business of teaching their kids life skills on a daily basis.   And they are better at it than men.  Period.  (don’t sweat this; if I learned how, so can you.  HINT: watch the women teach).

How can your new teammates successfully do what needs to be done if they don’t know how?

GUYS:  This is going to be huge!  Go talk to people so you don’t miss out!

GALS:  Here’s what we need to do to get you started.  (notice the inclusionary word, “we”)

GUYS: Motivational speeches – do all guys think they are Napoleon Hill or Tony Robbins?  LMAO

GALS: Hands-on support, simple “show and tell”… just like they do with their kids. I’ll stop here, it’s an endless list.   Let’s get to the meat.

Depth builds depth

Women have intuitively deeper feelings, more depth… while guys deny their feelings and everybody knows it’s a burning desire that forges authentic commitment, not predictions about the future.

So I always, given the choice, recruited and promoted women into key roles… women crushed the role, guys did not.

Single Mom Cracks 6 Figures

And then just when I thought I had done enough to carry this so simple truth to the MLM community, I was taught yet another priceless lesson… by a woman, of course.

Kimmy Brooke is even more remarkable than her reputation… her authentic reputation, I might add.

No experience to earning over $500,000 a year.   Too busy helping other’s to waste time in self-promotion. It wouldn’t surprise me if you don’t know her.

Kimmy Merril Brooke placed desire over excuses
Kimmy Merril Brooke placed desire over excuses

You should… for throughout this gift of an interview from our lanai… the attentive will discover the “secret to success” Napoleon Hill promises the reader is not only in every chapter of Think and Grow Rich but virtually on every page.

MLMer’s who are frustrated rarely will invest in the correct things… I’m giving you 25 years of seeing the same thing, over and over… fuggetatbout the pied-pipers out there telling you they’ve got “magic”.   They are just leveraging your fear and inexperience.

I rarely make promises… and when I do, I keep them.

I promise the “secret” Hill writes about… the key that has opened a life second to none and is stated over and over and over, many ways in this dynamic woman.

Here’s a second promise: until you get that key, no tools, speeches, efforts or seminars will make a difference.

So… yeah, I’m challenging you to view this as many times as it takes… it’s right there, what you are seeking.

25 minutes will change the lives of the open-minded…   Surfing the web for the magic solution to your business will keep your life the same.

She’s got too much humility

Kimmy built an organization of 20,000 ACTIVE reps.

What she did not tell you was she built it on her lunch hour.  (Whoops, there goes another excuse, mahalo Kimmy)  She showed her biz to 1 person a day, no matter what. One a day!   (Another riddle answered and excuse is gone.)

Biggest monthly check?   $100,000.

No experience.   (bye-bye to another favorite excuse… see, she had no one to “herd” into her deal…started with a group of zero).

Was able to leave her “job” in a little over 90 days.  (There goes that excuse…” if I could just put in more time”)

Was a single Mom with a job and parenting responsibilities (man, she’s just knocking everything out of the excuse pile, eh?)


The real treasure that guys must develop and women must let loose, of course, is “feelings”

Watch it again.

And again.

Watch Kimmy’s body language when she talks about Haley.

Haley's a comet and core of Kimmy's desire
Haley’s a comet and core of Kimmy’s desire

Listen for the conviction in her voice.

Really…  Think and Grow Rich!

It all begins with a burning desire.  Feelings are what add the “burn” and without the burn fighting discouragement and small minds becomes the job.

With the burn?   Game over.  Burn baby, burn.

You can tell me or yourself whatever you want. But would you really want to tell this woman how much you care about your family **BUT** the circumstances in your life are holding you back?

I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t dare. Not because she’s tough… we had a ball while she was here.   Lot’s of laughter and compassion but she’s firm in the truth.  As a bigger benefit, she met “the love of her life” in MLM… so excuses would be a really tough sell to make.

She hurts for people who have blocks like that.

I just wouldn’t dare because when you are in the presence of the truth, our excuses just sound so damn hollow.

Do me a favor, if you would please… let us know how you feel about Kimmy Brooke’s truth.

Did you find the key?

We’d both like to know.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
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