Blog   How A Self Confessed Phone Chicken Discovered Wealth in MLM


Yeah, I know, with all the videos hard to believe but it’s true.

I was a phone chicken.

Truth be told, my pattern for the 5 failures I had in the ’80’s was that of a phone chicken.

I was not only embarrassed, I usually quit when I ran out of excuses to tell my upline.

Then, one day, in the early ’90’s when I took another shot and was failing again….and seeing the Phone Chicken in me taking shape…..I made a massive discovery.

A word about the word ‘massive’ if you please…..

MLMers tend to, shall we say, exaggerate?



You name it….most people in MLM exaggerate, a lot.

The word ‘massive’ here is not one of those exaggerations.  It was HUGE because it slayed the Phone Chicken within.

And no, it wasn’t about goals…..desire……wanting it…..pressure…..inspiration …….a CD or tape I heard…..or some motivational speaker, [good grief]……we all none of those things work….if anything they make us feel even worse…..

So massive was this discovery that it instantly altered ‘how’ I felt about myself and that changed the game…..moved us from debt and desperation to peace and prosperity.   Effortlessly.  [No exaggeration there either.  Really].

Here you go……


SKILLS & INTEGRITY?  fuggetaboughtit

People stop talking to people like me….maybe like you…because our hearts know it is wrong to enroll someone, for them to drop their hard earned money, when we know we do not know how to succeed.   This is a good thing.  It means your not prone to those absurd exaggerations, have a nice soul, integrity……and would make a hell of a partner……if you had just one more thing going for you.


Really, we only need a couple of skills so we can approach our friends with confidence…..and I’m not talking about the confidence to talk to them….hell, you’ve been talking to people your whole life……

I mean the kind of confidence whereby you know …..that you know …..that you know……. that if your friend or sister or cousin joins, you can teach them what to say so people will look with an open mind.

If we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills……here is a rejection free way to get a yes 90% of the time…..that is just 3 simple sentences.

It has made us a fortune…..and others too…….IF…..big word…..IF … will take the time to learn it.   Here you go……Instant Rapport

Most people [those 2 words are worth 6 figures a year BTW] won’t spend the 40 minutes to learn the skills……but some of them will……and for those that do, that instant rapport skill coupled with this Duplication Skill helps average people crush in …..and they talk to more people, killing their own personal phone chicken….and that’s nice…..but they crush it because they not only know how to help their teammates get a ‘yes’ constantly, rejection free…..the know ‘how’ to get duplication….


mark j

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing

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