Self-confessed phone chicken?

Yeah, I know, with all the videos, it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

I was a phone chicken.

Truth be told, my pattern for the 5 failures I had in the ’80’s was that of a phone chicken.

I was not only embarrassed, I usually quit when I ran out of excuses to tell my upline.

Then, one day, in the early ’90’s when I took another shot and was failing again… and seeing the Phone Chicken in me taking shape, I made a massive discovery.

A word about the word ‘massive’ if you please…

MLMers tend to, shall we say, exaggerate?



You name it.  Most people in MLM exaggerate, a lot.

The word ‘massive’ here is not one of those exaggerations.  It was HUGE because it slayed the Phone Chicken within.

And no, it wasn’t about goals… desire… wanting it… pressure… inspiration…a CD or tape I heard, or some motivational speaker, (good grief).  We all know none of those things work.  If anything they make us feel even worse…

So massive was this discovery that it instantly altered ‘how’ I felt about myself and that changed the game, moved us from debt and desperation to peace and prosperity.   Effortlessly.  (No exaggeration there either.  Really).

Here you go…

Skills and Integrity


People stop talking to people like me… maybe like you… because our hearts know it is wrong to enroll someone, for them to drop their hard earned money, when we know we do not know how to succeed.   This is a good thing.  It means you’re not prone to those absurd exaggerations, have a nice soul, integrity, and would make a hell of a partner… if you had just one more thing going for you.


Really, we only need a couple of skills so we can approach our friends with confidence, and I’m not talking about the confidence to talk to them.  Hell, you’ve been talking to people your whole life.

I mean the kind of confidence whereby you know …that you know …that you know that if your friend or sister or cousin joins, you can teach them what to say so people will look with an open mind.

If we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills.  Here is a rejection-free way to get a yes 90% of the time. That is just 3 simple sentences.

It has made us a fortune, and others too… IF (big word…IF) you will take the time to learn it.   Here you go …Instant Rapport.

Most people (those 2 words are worth 6 figures a year BTW) won’t spend the 40 minutes to learn the skills, but some of them will.  And for those that do, that instant rapport skill coupled with this Duplication Skill helps average people crush it …and they talk to more people, killing their own personal phone chicken… and that’s nice.  But they crush it because they not only know how to help their teammates get a ‘yes’ constantly, rejection free, they know ‘how’ to get duplication


mark j

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
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  • Phone chicken. Face to face chicken. Picking the right company chicken. Not being to tell a friend no to their opportunities chicken. I think I got you beat Mark. Thank goodness for Go90Grow and my newfound skills.

  • Integrity, How true, when we do not have the skills to do it our selves, it is a bit difficult to feel it is the right thing for others. Well said. Makes the phone light as a feather when you have the skills and know you can show others the road to success.

  • I believe this to be true. Building that instant rapport is crucial to any business when building it from home. The know,like,trust you have to have all 3.

  • Are you kidding me mark. I KNOW, for a fact, that I can help people that I recruit, get into profit. Before I discovered Go90Grow, and then I discovered you and what you taught us, I would not have known what to do with new recruits to make them successful. Thanks for everything you do Mark!

  • I LOVE three way calls where I get to do all the talking… or at least ask all the questions…. letting them build a dream, describe their hidden secrets… Someone told me today she felt she was being ‘greedy’ for wanting to earn…. $5,000 a month!??!?! I recently had an epiphany about who my new people should have me talk with first. I have always had a sixth sense but now am teaching it. Hint… it is usually the people they are most afraid to call on. Combined with your skill sets and training giving people what they want is always a yes…

    Sorry I was never a phone chicken.

  • Mark, I really appreciate your video’s!
    Having been with my company for an embarassingly long time (about 15 years), and not made the grade, I am at the stage of working on myself, and trying to learn the skills to make it work. I am pretty much starting my mlm business back at ground level, for the goodness knows upteenth time.
    Everything I have watched in your video’s resonates true, including having chicken phone phobia.
    I would personally rather be a leader that helps my people to succeed, than set them up to fail, which is what I would be doing by not having the necessary skills to help them. This not only affects our own integrity, but is probably the number 1 reason why mlm has taken such bad rap, and had such a high attrition rate.
    Thank you so much, and I hope to see you on the beaches of the world!

  • Most people, once they hear about learning these new skills, get excited or curious and want more information…but, honestly Mark…some of them don’t. The ones that don’t, well, you know the type. They’d rather remain phone chickens, be unsuccessful, instead of doing something that could catapult them to huge success.

  • It’s funny how many people are in networking, but how many people have actually called you to introduce you to their business? Back to the phone. How did you know we were starting a new 30 day challenge on Monday, more fuel for the fire. Thanks Mark

  • At first I was a “hoper”. I hope this prospect will join. I hope I can help them. I hope they make a lot of money.
    The funny thing is, our company has a Proven Plan that outlines exactly what needs to be done to move from newbie to top of the company in two to three years. Many have done this. I have been in long enough to watch them do it. I had no immediate local upline who could help me, so I started looking for things to help me figure it out. Somehow I stumbled onto your site and began to learn simple skills that I could teach. Then life happened and almost derailed me and I found go90Grow. I am taking the lessons over again, but I am also moving forward with learning to listen to people and connect them to their higher purpose. I actually feel like I can help someone make money now.

  • Hi Mark,

    I really appreciate what you are sharing here! The integrity part is really thought provoking. In my case, I thought that others can also learn what I have learned. Hence, the conclusion that my team members can duplicate what I have achieved. Wrong!

  • Oops, sorry I have not finished and touched the submit button by mistake!

    What I didn’t realize was that I had picked up skills but failed to enrol new members who have the inner drive for success. I later even fell into the management mode. I went on trying to re-create an integrated approach in order to train my team.Another mistake!

    At last, I dropped the ego and was willing to follow a successful mentor who has the success blueprint there for me and my team. That was when I was led to your incredible training Go90Grow. The most important lesson that I have learned is that new team members need to be closely coached and mentored the right way!

    Thanks Millions, Mark.

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  • Ok. You’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s integrity that stopped me from picking up the phone. It wasn’t enough to sell the dream. Every human being has that feeling that they want to be successful. But unless you know how to get your team ” over” being scarred you know they r going to fail. They need skills and yes your Master Key Master Mind Alliance training was the best wake up call I have ever taken because it woke up that monster inside me that made me focus on my life. For anyone who needs to find their true self I highly recommend the MKMMA class. It’s hard. But it’s worth it. Because society today doesn’t teach MOST people that they can have anything they want in life. It’s kind of like the trainings of Buddha and meditation. You learn to dig deep and learn to serve human kind to help them make this journey in life a dream come true. When it comes to integrity, well that’s a different subject it’s kinda like the dirty little secrets of network marketing that Mark has explained so well. No matter how often you can pick up the phone you have to have self respect and respect for what your asking your contacts to invest in. Mark and Davene know what your heart feels. They’ve been there, done that. For self enlightenments s to wake the GIANT within. Take the MKMMA class You started me on the journey of finding myself

  • You actually just put into words the way I was feeling but didn’t know how to put it into words. I’m so thankful that skills can be learned by anyone and everyone. Thank you, Mark!

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