Everyone once in a while we all need some tough love.

I’ve never, even when struggling early in MLM, seen any value in motivational speeches or the touchy-feely don’t quit slop.   I do understand that we all need our batteries recharged from time to time until we find the key to the vault and become the recharging agent instead of the drain on leaders, relatives and friends.

And, I’ve got a simple challenge for you.

So my struggles ended within 30 days just by using a pair of scissors.

Here’s exactly what happened.



Keep them main thing the main thing for 30 days.

Truth be told, here comes the tough love… ANYTHING, (yes, I’m yelling) that is not income producing or goal advancing is out during prime time.

Prime time: Between 9:ooAM and 9:ooPM are times when we can contact people for ourselves and teammates.

The Main Thing:  Talking to people about looking at your business or showing them your business who are NOT IN THE BUSINESS.  (reps DO NOT COUNT)

Focus in the key to the vault
Focus in the key to the vault

The challenge I have for you is this simple; keep the main thing the main thing for 30 days.

Screw the guru this month during prime time and screw all other distractions.

And yes, that includes me and all my great stuff too.   Hey, fair is fair.

Between 9 and 9, no webbies unless it is a biz op you are showing or bringing a prospect to see your biz.

Unplug the TV, cut the cord and do the same mentally with EVERYTHING else, between 9-9 for 30 days.

Twitter.   WasteBook (a.k.a. Facebook), Instagram… all of it goes.

Trust me, the world of social media will go on without you for 12 a day for 30 days.

Inventory your Time

Any business that does not take inventory is out of business shortly.   The inventory of an MLM is what did they do with their time.

It’s shocking when I speak with wonderful people and they cannot tell me, exactly, how much time they put into the business.

We improve what we measure.

Spend no less than 80% of your time contacting “suspects” for yourself and/or your teammates about the business.  If you do, you’ll be keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing and making, sooner or later, once you master this simple, highly profitable habit the kind of money the Tony & Pam Bowling’s earn.

(Earn, not make folks… they earned it.)   The Bowling’s have been cranking out in excess of 40K a month for over 2 decades, like clockwork.

I had no idea the bigger lesson Tony was teaching me.   He was teaching me NOT to multi-task.   To this day there is not a week that goes by that I do not think of that man, he altered my life with one idea that, get this, he had done himself.  Tony kept the TV cords cut until he and Pam got to 25,000 a month.

Focus makes MLMers Wealthy

Pam & Tony Bowling Take Care of First Things First
Pam & Tony Bowling Take Care of First Things First

It did not take long.  Focus.

Multitasking is the biggest lie MLMers believe about themselves.  Study after study after study shows multitasking to be the least effective way to work.   Period.

Stop thinking you are an exception.   Become an exception by learning how to laser focus.

Those scissors changed the economic destiny of more than one family… not just mine.   Nothing in the world comes close to focus.

And while I’m tough loving thing let me knock any nonsense out regarding “old school” and it’s a “different world” and social media being so important.   The more you are on it daily, and I’ll back this up with a bet of any size if you’re honest, the less clear you are about how many hours you put into your business last week and last month.

When you were a kid and worked at the local pizza shop or car wash, you knew, PRECISELY how many hours you worked and were going to be paid for.   Right?

We improve what we measure.   And, conversely, we cannot improve what we do not measure.   So start measuring and building laser focus.

Want to listen to gurus or me or your company leaders?   Great, before 9 am or after 9 pm.

Anyone, even brand new, can average 15 dials per hour, a very moderate pace.

It is a simple challenge… are you in or are you out?

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
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