Blog   How a Giraffe, Death & 1 Simple Principle Built an MLM Success


Everybody knows that if we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.

For the past couple weeks we’ve been sharing a philosophy to live your business on purpose and with purpose… essence, what we stand for.  All our decisions come from a core value system and once we created and stood on this concept, our business exploded…..but it was bigger than we originally thought.  Much bigger.

In essence, we combined the tried and true Think and Grow Rich Science of Achievement with good old fashion common sense and created an acronym – GIRAFFE – to easily express who we were and what we stood for.

The GIRAFFE was chosen for 3 basic reasons.

  1. The neck is always out, symbolizing risk willingness.  Let’s face it, we’ve got to stick our neck out.  With a GIRAFFE, there is no option.  The next is out.
  2. Heart.   You’ve got to put your heart, all of it.  The average weight of a GIRAFFE heart is 24 pounds.
  3. I love the way they look, got about 20 cravings, photos around the house.  This created both an emotional positive link and constant intellectual reminder.

No, I am not suggesting you fill you home with giraffes but you really need to fill your mind and soul with what it is you stand for.


The death is a big deal.

We all have baggage and it holds us back; fear, doubt, insecurity ……really…..are just handmaidens to excuses,  yes?

The sublime rationalizations about not having enough time, resources, support to mask our fears and doubts needs to be put to death.

Sounds a little violent but it is not and it is necessary.

How do we kill that part of us without killing the entire being?

Ying and Yag.

Within each of us lives both greatness and failure……the one that steps to the front and dominates our performance is the one we feed constantly.

See, through research of the subconscious mind…..and this is no great discovery……but it has a great effect……it turns out we can’t stop doing something by focusing on trying to stop doing it – making excuses……that are elegantly

If we accept we cretaed the circumstances we can terminate excuses

rationalized so we feel justified, sort of like victims.   Oh sure, I can feel you disagreeing right now…..but believe me I knew in my heart that I was the creator of my circumstances and to blame/make excuses based on those circumstances [lousy upline, no names, no time, no money etc.] I was really saying it I was a victim of my circumstances while denying I had created them.  Every single one.

So the decision was made NOT to do that anymore.

Nothing changed.


We can’t stop doing something…..because the thing we place our attention on will dominate our thoughts…..and let’s face it…..we become what we think about.

Death was the only option.

How do we kill off that part of us?

By understanding how spectacular, wonderful and perfect we really are…..


Everybody says….”Nobody’s perfect.”



There exists a place within you that is perfect…..within all of us.

When we hit that spot……and focus on that……fear, doubt and insecurity die because we stop feeding them.

Not sure?

Here is the passport to that perfect spot…..and what is really cool is you can get into that spot effortlessly.


Take this step and everything changes.

Master the skills.

Everybody knows we simply cannot teach what we do not know.

This network marking skill will get you a ‘yes’ 80+% of the time.

Duplication is a by product of education…’s really a skill and most people do it backwards.

Why am I giving away these 4 networking skills?   I’m getting myself into that spot.

Copy it!

And copy it 3 levels deep.

And if you’ll copy this go-giver service idea in a 3-Deep Pattern,  2 great things will happen.

3 Go-givers of the skills? Fuhgettaboutit! Newbies Win!

You’ll develop a team of go-givers and you’ll witness moments of perfection within yourself and others.

You can meet some folks who are experiencing this right now, Go90Grow members….and get on the waiting list for next years session

And do me a favor, don’t buy into the crap “Nobody’s Perfect” OK?

Within each of us lives this astonishing creation, this elegant, spectacular spirit that is perfect when doing a first class job of serving others.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Miss the first few installments about this GIRAFFE concept?


G- Give 100% to the dreams of other

I- Imagination – live from your Imagination, not Circumstances

R- Release All Limiting Beliefs

A- Action Focused

F – First Things First

As they say in Kauai, Mahalo for stopping by

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