Blog   How A “D” Student Sponsored More and Got The Dream

4 D’s A Good Thing?

Is it really possible for someone getting 4 D’s to sponsor more and succeed?

The really odd part is that I was never a great student.  Oh, it wasn’t about ability.  It was about sports and girls.  Then girls and sports.

In college I had a scholarship, [actually a few that covered costs], but was never informed that ‘getting a scholarship’ and ‘keeping a scholarship’ were 2 entirely different things.

Turns out, lucky of me, that my school, A.I.C. [American International College, a.k.a. Almost In College], had a very sympathetic position during the Viet Nam War….I ended up on academic probation by the end of my sophomore year and, under normal circumstances, the scholarships would have been pulled and given to more earnest students.   But they gave me a semester to turn it around because pulling it and labeling me ‘not in good standing’ would make me 1A for the draft.

So I did the work and maintained the scholarship the rest of the way……

Network marketing…..well…..turns out getting 4 D’s was a really great thing to do.   Led us to living the dream here in Kauai.

So, how do 4 D’s make dreams come true?



Lombardi made it clear when he said, “Winning is a habit, unfortunately, so is losing.”

The 4 D’s will make you successful beyond your imagination……

Here’s how to develop a Definiteness of Purpose and the ensuing chapters will help anyone, step-by-step, develop that burning desire that separates the victors from the victims.

Everybody knows the successful rep simply does the things the unsuccessful rep makes a conscious decision NOT TO DO.

Grab Think and Grow Rich free [great site, no upsells] …BUT….don’t do it if you think it’s a book.  It is not, its an exercise.

If you get the 4 D’s and learn the networking skills to sponsor more by using the right words….combined with a burning desire, your dreams will get bigger and happen faster.

If you want to go even faster……grab this set of network marketing skills so you can create duplication on demand and increase the volume of your group 9X.

Look, I’m just like most people…..I’d like to know how you feel about this so leave a comment and, if you would, let me know what you think would help you and your team.   We’ll post up the things people seem to need the most help with…..



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World’s Laziest Networker

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