4 D’s A Good Thing?

Is it really possible for someone getting 4 D’s to sponsor more and succeed?

The really odd part is that I was never a great student.  Oh, it wasn’t about ability.  It was about sports and girls.  Then girls and sports.

In college, I had a scholarship, (actually a few that covered costs) but was never informed that ‘getting a scholarship’ and ‘keeping a scholarship’ were 2 entirely different things.

Turns out, lucky for me, that my school, A.I.C. (American International College, a.k.a. Almost In College), had a very sympathetic position during the Viet Nam War   I ended up on academic probation by the end of my sophomore year and, under normal circumstances, the scholarships would have been pulled and given to more earnest students.   But they gave me a semester to turn it around because pulling it and labeling me ‘not in good standing’ would make me 1A for the draft.

So I did the work and maintained the scholarship for the rest of the way.

Network marketing- well – turns out getting 4 D’s was a really great thing to do.   Led us to living the dream here in Kauai.

A Winning Habit

Lombardi made it clear when he said, “Winning is a habit; unfortunately, so is losing.”

The 4 D’s will make you successful beyond your imagination…

Here’s how to develop a Definiteness of Purpose and the ensuing chapters will help anyone, step-by-step, develop that burning desire that separates the victors from the victims.

Everybody knows the successful rep simply does the things the unsuccessful rep makes a conscious decision NOT TO DO.

Grab Think and Grow Rich free [great site, no upsells] …BUT don’t do it if you think it’s a book.  It is not.   Its an exercise.

If you get the 4 D’s and learn the networking skills to sponsor more by using the right words combined with a burning desire, your dreams will get bigger and happen faster.

If you want to go even faster… grab this set of network marketing skills so you can create duplication on demand and increase the volume of your group 9X.

Look, I’m just like most people.  I’d like to know how you feel about this so leave a comment and, if you would, let me know what you think would help you and your team.   We’ll post up the things people seem to need the most help with.



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World’s Laziest Networker

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  • Mr. Mark, everytime I am down and frustrated. Here you come with a message that lift me up and put my hope and faith into gear. God bless you for your big heart.

  • Hey Mark,

    The 4 D’s are decent.
    The thing I think most people need after they have those 4 D’s are targeted people to talk to.

    After the 4 D’s, you also need a brief but effective squeeze page and a traffic generation method that works for everybody including the non-techie people who are challenged simply by turning on a computer in the first place.

    Once you have those two things in place you then have the people to talk to who have an interest in what you are doing! Dialing friends and family gets old fast. Dialing out of a phone book doesn’t work either. What you (I) need are people who are interested in what we have to offer to talk to.

    Once a company figures out how to deliver interested leads, if you have the 4 D’s you can talk to people all day long and succeed. Until then you can have the 4 D’s and still end up burnt out from years of the 3 foot rule that doesn’t really work any more.

    Bruce Nelkin LMT ;))

  • I just LOVE your PASSION Mark!!!
    The 4 D’s are great reminders why I chose NWMktg!
    I continue to learn from you and I apply what you give. I did it in the beginning to see if they really work, and they do!!!
    I look forward to meeting you in person, have coffee(tea for me)
    and tattoo Kauai Hawaii on my heart in April/May 2013!


  • Mahalo Margie….

    The old saying, “it’s lonely at the top” is total balderdash! The truth is, no one makes it to the top alone and people connecting and encouraging each other, like you’ve just encouraged us by leaving a comment….it just as priceless….

    blessings back at you

    mark j

  • Aloha Bruce….

    Couldn’t disagree with you more…..and that’s what great here…..we can share our points of view.

    With the proper skills and a burning desire…..I do not believe we need ‘leads’

    Build a group of over 10,000 ACTICE reps with a list of 337 people.

    How’d we get the list?

    Got our 3 teenage daughters, 2 couples and a woman to come over for salad and pizza…..played a little game of list building…..who’s your dentist, who sold you your house…who’s your gym teacher ….Tom Smith…anyone else know someone named Tom? Simple, yet sadly lost art of word and name association….built the 337 in less than 40 minutes…pizza, salad, fun….

    Never got through 2/3rds of the list.

    The internet is a seducer and while I love it…..it’s led people away form looking at the word…”network” marketing….

    People are allowing their sloth and inexperience take over……there’s 7 billion people on the planet….and we’ve got to find 2 or 3 of them….I love my odds because I know 2 things….

    1. Everybody says they want more money and time…..golly, that’s just what I have to offer…
    2. The subconscious makes all the decisions…..so if I use the correct words….most will agree to look in less than 30 seconds, rejection free.

    The truth is you can get burned out if you don’t have the skills, deal with constant rejection and don’t know you close at the beginning, not the end. Thinking the plan, product or company is so great that it will build it for you and our belief in what we are doing is so strong that it should just happen …..end up being the handmaidens to sloth and wanting someone else to do the networking for us…

    The art of conversation, mostly listening …..I submit….are 2 of the Ds…..not lead…..the Dedication to learn and master some skills, just like any other occupation….and….the Disipline to learn and execute network…..

    In a town of 13,ooo with a very small list….which I went through quickly……I had an ‘aha’ moment….Networking…..golly, that means I’ve got to meet people through other people….

    Simple math….average person knows, on some level, appx. 14oo people [fact]……so if I meet 6 and network through them….1400….that 8400 names…..wow…..it blew me away and while others look for short cuts, squeeze pages, tricks, traps and dependency….I simple built a group of 14,000…..joined the Chamber, rotary club and walked down the main streets and met other business owners…..that’s the Discipline….and since we were Dedicated to the skills….it was like shooting fish in a barrel.


    Simple. I knew every single person we met would like more money……the right words got lots of people to look. Within a year we were selling out Saturday Seminars 4 weeks in advance, 750 people……

    Guess what we taught?


    OK…..your turn ….let’s keep it going

  • Great post Mark!!

    Your response to Bruce helped me as well…

    I am getting a little lost on trying to find people thru the internet and that post hit Home!…

    I’m off to the phone!

    I’m So Appreciative of All You Give!

  • Mark,

    Great lesson. I am going to share the 4 D’s with my team. Since I started Think and Grow Rich, I am more aware of my actions. Still a work in progress.

    I had friend of a friend, who was smaller in stature but huge in heart that used to say, I can’t wait until tomorrow, because I get bigger and better every day. Funny, but I always remembered that guy.

  • Aloha Chris….

    I love the friend of your friend…..and it ‘stuck’ for a reason…..

    Try this….

    I’ll never rest…until my good is better and my better is best

    We’ve clearly seen the champion within you emerging….go for it Chris

    mark j

  • Mahalo Howard….

    We all get into times where the tail is wagging the dog…..the effort you are making with Think and Grow Rich is spectacular.

    Clearly, with 7 follow-ups in a day…..you’re making TREMENDOUS progress

    After all it’s not the size of the dog in the fight…it’s the size of the fight in the dog and man, you are raising the bar for all of us with your open-mindedness, willingness and consistency with T&GR & the Skills.

    mark j

  • Always go to the top dog first…..sell down…..not up…..

    Just begin again like nothing happened and get to the person in charge….

    I’d go through the ‘funnel filler’ in the resource area….start there then, let’s talk

    mark j

  • Mark J!!
    I’m so glad to know that our college education and GPA don’t really define us!!
    It took me a long time after graduation to figure that out!! Thank you for always

  • Mark, TV what’s that?
    Always love your presentation. I’ve been practicing, and am in it to win it. Networking is such a wonderful industry. Glad to have crossed paths with you. The 4D’s when we have those qualities, people come from every direction to join us. This is the greatest season of all to join & go to the top in networking. Happy Thanksgiving. God bless

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