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4 D’s That Make or Break You

I am so over, for today the “headlines” that promise you “rich” in MLM… ya know?

The  “x” ‘secrets’ of MLM  (fill in the blank, 4 secrets, 7 secrets)

The “7” ‘things’ your upline doesn’t want you to know.

The “discovery” that companies and leaders don’t want you to know.

The “5” truths uplines and leaders will never tell you.

All You Need to Know

I’ll rant about these bottom feeding bullshitters another day…

Here is all you really need to know …you, me, Mary Jones, Moe, Larry, and Curly have all been doing network marketing since we were 5 or 6 years old.  And we’ve been doing it or having it done to us every day since we went to school.

There are no ‘secrets’.  There is NOTHING your upline doesn’t want you to know that will help you, (good grief, they get paid on you & your group).  There are no “things” …or “truths” that are hidden, concealed or cloaked, and none of these secrets, truths, discoveries or things will suddenly turn you and your hopes into a reality.  These are simply “hooks” aimed at the fearful, inexperienced or abandoned networker.

Here is the deal… again.  You’ve been doing networking since you were 6 years old (see Be A Great Story Teller Skill) and now you want to turn it into a business.

It’s a business… No, Wait

The oddest thing I noticed right away about networkers who are making checks is that they tell us ‘it’s a business, and if you treat it like a business it will pay you like a business.’  Then 60 seconds later they are telling us it doesn’t work like other businesses. RED FLAG.

That’s like saying… it’s a business… but it’s not… but it is… but it’s not.

The simple facts are for you, your upline, your downline and the company – it is a business and the simplest of business principles do, in fact, apply.  All of them.  Precisely.  Perfectly.

Got them reduced to 4 simple D’s… old as dirt.  As soon as I stopped listening to well-intentioned leaders and companies that wanted me to believe it was a business but one that was so different, the blessings began.

This is as old as dirt… and there is a reason it is as old as dirt and survives and thrives.


It works, 100% of the time.

The 4 D’s Defined Daily

A simple “blueprint” to success…

Follow these firmly, taking your inventory daily on the 4 D’s and the objectives move closer every day.

Delay Gratification

Yeah, I know.  You don’t watch much TV or surf the web.  All that (wink-wink) research you do on the web is to grow your business.  Like hell!  The average person is invested in ‘electronic’ distractions 4-7 hours a day.   It takes 12 hours week for 9-24 months to double your income (from your job) without giving up your job or life or family time.  The bloodsuckers out there pitching instant riches are getting rich simply because people, especially Americans (yeah, I’m challenging you here) …have a ‘gotta have it now’.  Have we actually ‘lost’ the great work ethic of the Last Great Generation?

The 4 "D's" are the blueprint
The 4 “D’s” are the blueprint

And if you think I’m wrong, do what I did in late 1994.  I cut all the cords on every TV in the house.

Don’t think you spend time, ‘that much’, on those things?   Great!  Then it should be NO PROBLEM to give them up, 100% for 9 months, yes?

And, yeah,  I’m also including those pointless texts… about what is on your pizza?


When you enroll someone you are promising to help them.

Everybody knows if we are going to make some money, we need to learn the skills in the money making areas.

There are 8 kick-ass skills here, all free, no upsells.  Yet less than 5% reading this post will put in the time, practice, application and the dedication to improve their skills.

What will you do is all that matters.


Really simple.

This has NOTHING to do with not quitting, motivational bullshit and stories about people who ‘hung in there’.

It’s one simple thing.

Everybody, including a person who enrolled today, knows if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.

MDC does not stand for 'Minimum Daily Clicks" on the remote
MDC does not stand for ‘Minimum Daily Clicks” on the remote

Establish an MDC




Move hell and high water until you hit and occasionally surpass that MDC… since you ‘dedicated’ yourself to the skill of talking to people (previous D) …you’ll get a ‘yes’ better than 80% of the time.  Here’s another free network marketing skill to make that happen.  Works better than 90% of the time to educe a ‘yes’.

There is only one way to measure yourself here.

Do you have an MDC?

If not, get one right now.

If you do have an MDC, then you can take your inventory, like any great business person does, daily.


The big one…

Do you have the discipline to

  1. Get honest and Delay gratification
  2. Dedicate yourself to learn the skills and improve
  3. Hit your MDC no matter what

Leads don’t build a big business.

There are no magic systems.

There are no ‘secrets’.

There are you and your inventory…

Walk away from the ‘search for the holy grail of MLM’ because, in the end, you already have it and always have had it.  It is within you and waiting for you to act on it. How do you draw out the greatness and manifest the dreams you want so bad?

Become a “D” student.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing






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  • Mark, I agree too !I like your video on the three D’s right on the mark. I think the most important part of your three D’s is a DMC your minimum daily contacts. If you’re not making least 10 contacts a day you’re not going to make it and the follow up to this 10.

  • Hi Mark,

    WOW! Absolutely loving your passion in helping others to be responsible and professionals!

    The inventory strategy is awesome! The DMC strategy is easy to do but also easy not to do! Discipline is one of the hardest to stick to even that there are so much distractions in our lives. I am getting better and better, Mark! Thanks for your inspiration!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  • I agree too ! I see this a lot in my multi therapist massage business. Most people don’t do what needs to be done which is why my primary profession has an 80% fail rate within the first 5 years.

    I got into an MLM because I wanted a retail option for my business. And there a lot of similarities between the 2.

    I still am having challenges with my uplines because I am building my MLM just like my massage business, so our team calls don’t go very far, because I am pretty stubborn….lol

    But I know how I market my massage business works well because I am living proof of that and for some reason that is hard for my uplines to understand because they haven’t built a service based business before.

  • awesome info. I am passing this along to my team! It is easy to shuffle papers, get organized, etc. 10 people a day about the products and the opportunity and it will happen. Yea!!!

  • I say if someone is not doing all four something is missing for him or her. I also watch zero television, l listen to zero radio and zero music. They all have a different goal for me than I do. My time online produces a certain result or I end it. I am not here for entertainment. 90%+ of people in a recent survey I read do not want to have a business but everyone wants extra income. Blame the education system, but if only 10% are good for this, we are in big trouble! Attempting to motivate people with business skills has not worked for me. Everyone has gifts she or he enjoys. Finding what they could do to move their/my business forward is my job. The gestation period is different for everyone. The habits that keep people playing small at a JOB are the same habits they will use everywhere else. I am good at many things and over the day find people in many different ways. Either they join immediately or they go review my information.

    I suggest minimum daily actions. Using the product or service is a minimum. If you think the price is too high, the quality is not up to your standards, the compensation plan has a flaw… every single objection relates to your lack of conviction. Conviction, a firm belief… no a fanatical belief is mandatory or you won’t do the 4 D’s. An MDC of less than a 100 contacts a day will not generate the velocity required to put the enterprise into momentum. An MDC less than 100 a day will not allow anyone the repetitions to cement the conviction to the future. Less than a 100 a day will not give you the data to surmise who to talk with and who not to. As long as everyone you ‘share’ your opportunity is a no, you will only get no. Until you have the skills and the sense to talk with ‘yeses’, this profession is very very hard.

  • Mark…you’re tremendous!!
    Very much appreciate you sharing…as you help keep me going, you give me more hope and more belief

  • Most people can become a D student if they know what to say that is effective. In other words get results. That lights a fire under the “doer”.Doing creates results if what they have effective skills. So simple. Appreciate your words of wisdom.

  • Concise and poignant! I love that you don’t beat around the bush and always tell us the truth. You instill confidence in your ability to teach us and that in turn creates… wait for it… BELIEF!

    Thank you, Mark and Davene.

    El Jimmo… in the wilds of New Mexico

  • Hi Mark,

    You are right on target once again! I don’t believe you are being to harsh at all. What you are describing is what it takes to become successful in this business. But, I will have to say I believe part of the reason people shuffle papers and do other nonproductive activities is perhaps fear. Feat of what to say, how to say it, and rejection. Like you so you have to get over it! Just do it!

  • Great job Mark J!. Thanks for reminding me to just keep it simple. This business is simple and great if you want it to be. Thanks again for your mentoring. Stay blessed

  • Mark,
    thank you!
    It is the best and the most simple recipe for staying in progress that I’ve ever heard. I love your videos.
    Keep going,
    Greetings from Poland!

  • Your continued encouragement gives me that extra burst of energy to keep going. Networking is new to me but I am willing to step out and be a “D” Student because the end results would be FANTASTIC

  • Thanks for this “simple” clarification. I have been bombarded by this “schtuff” and it only creates confusion. I will focus more on the plain and simple teachings you have brought to the world. They Make sense. Thanks Mark – and Davene!

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