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It means ‘thank you’ and a tiny bit more….OK, maybe it doesn’t really mean a little bit more but it feels like it does when I hear it here in Kauai, HI or I say it….

It feels like it’s coming from the heart.

I can assure you, in this case it really is.

We simply would not have the lifestyle, [daughter Jackie calls it a ‘fairly tale’ 🙂 ] if it was not for you…..helping us spread the word about our blog, the skills and the courses we offer once or twice a year.

Mahalo…..and, a little bit more.   We wanted to do something special to thank you for all the support, Facebook posts, Tweets and, most importantly…..the kind words, comments, emails and calls we receive.

For the past few weeks we have been sharing a different slant on how to get more sponsoring going in your group……and clearly established that ‘sponsoring’ more it not the way to go.   It’s a vicious cycle, the ‘sponsor more’ thinking, that leaves less and less time to develop the people you’ve sponsored.  A few times I’ve asked you to share the post, your thoughts and feelings…….and you have…..

So thank you…..and here’s what I’d like to do for you, your teams and anyone else you’d like to help…..



Simple math

What would be easier for you…….if you want 10 new people on your team this month?

Sponsor 10 yourself or have 10 people sponsor 1 each?


It means ‘exaggerate’ to create an effect, often used in literature…..but it works pretty good in business too.

What would be easier for you if you wanted a 5000 new people on your team……..sponsor 400 or so people a month yourself ……or have 200 people sponsor 1-3 people each a month?

Gets real clear……about how to sponsor more people, eh?  It’s not about sponsoring more, it’s about having more people sponsoring and teach others to DTST – do the same thing… other words, ‘copy’.   We covered that in the post on the 7 Levels of Thinking


I always knew the right people were everywhere…….I mean, let’s face it…..everyone wants

  1. More money
  2. More time with loved ones
  3. Lower taxes

What are we offering folks if they do some consistent work?

  1. More money
  2. More time with loved ones
  3. Lower taxes

So it was NEVER about finding the right people or finding people to talk to…… was about listening so we could choose the right words……..words that would either reach their head, touch their heart or both.

The Key To the Vault Was Getting Them To Listen for Color and Choosing The Right Words

So I ran program after program……lesson after lesson……to try and get my teammates to ‘listen’…….and it DROVE ME NUTS that they simply would not listen for the clues so they could choose the correct words…….

Then, one day, by accident……I shared this message with a few people……and they became so fascinated…about trying to figure out the ‘color’ of the person they were talking to….they were ‘listening’ !

That was around 1998……and I haven’t run a class or session…..or even talked to people about listening again……and this is the way I really want to thank you…..

If you learn this simple fun method…..and use the cheat sheet at first…….you’ll find your listening improves dramatically……but more importantly… will your team’s listening……and with more people listening and choosing the right words… and your group will be sponsoring more people.

One important side-bar……on the recording I mention some workbooks…….those are the cheat sheets…..and don’t bother going there……we’ve put everything you need right here…..

Click here and learn how to get more sponsoring going in your group

The audio will take a few minutes to load…..but it’s a game changer

So, Mahalo for following the post, spreading the word……

Keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker





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