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Yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking… “gimme a break” … or … “OK, what’s the gimmick” … or something like, “what a crock.”

Look, I get it.   I get skepticism about any post that promises instant or simple success.

At this point you’ve probably kissed a lot of frogs hoping to find the prince.  The “guru’s” you’ve plugged into hoping to find the “secret” are really good at what they do.   Sounds so great but it never shows up in the print out. Whoops.  Actually, it does show up in the print out. As a loss. It cost you money and it cost you time.  But, they really are good at it.

So now, with good reason, you are skeptical.

How do they do it?  It’s called “hook-path-persuasion.” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not posting to beat up on these “secrets peddlers” … but while we’re on the subject, here’s how their technique works.

Again, not to beat up on them.  If we use any common sense, [not so common BTW, as Mark Twain said], we’d see this nonsense right away… but we’re anxious, maybe even worried … and this makes it easy for people selling secrets to set the “hook”

Really?  Secrets?  Magic Systems?  "Step right up folks, for a few bucks I'll flood you with prospects!"
Really? Secrets? Magic Systems? “Step right up folks, for a few bucks I’ll flood you with prospects!”

The Hook – Identify a problem new, inexperienced and/or people struggling have.   Go right after their fears.

The Path – Give them a tidbit or two … a couple of common sense, old as dirt crumbs to bring them to the sales page, promising lots of bucks

The Persuasion – Tell them a couple of rags to riches [anyone can make lots of money], story in a certain way.   Here is the ‘certain way,’ the cardinal rules for “persuasion” peddlers of secrets use.

  1. NEVER tell them it takes effort
  2. NEVER tell them it will challenge them
  3. NEVER tell them it will take time
  4. ALWAYS tell them it is easy

What’s the point of sharing this with you when all you want are those 3 words? To beat up on gurus?   No.


I want you to quickly understand what took me 2 years to figure out … no one told me.

This might sound trite, but really give it some thought.

We don’t make money in MLM. The only place they “make” money is at the mint.   The rest of us earn it.

I want to encourage you to take that to heart… I’m not “playing” with words or trying to be clever.

Gardner’s don’t make money….they earn it by learning the skills they need and executing them.

Same is true about masons, hairdressers and dental hygienists.

The simple truth is that you have selected an extremely high paying occupation that also requires skill and consistent application.

It takes effort, it will challenge you and it will take some time…..and while it’s not easy to put these 3 words in play, it will create ongoing income.

You see, the promise of “ongoing income” is rarely, if ever, linked to work; doing the right things right and then, via repetition, doing them better….and, with more repetitions, doing them faster.

Now the great news.  Once you set this in motion, it will carry in motion… and you will have earned it.  And cashing checks you earned by doing the right things right is easy.

So while these 3 words CAN make you rich, it’s the application of them that turns hope into reality.

As you check this out, I’d be remiss if I did not share with you that my at-the-time 7-year old daughter taught me these 3 words…..BAM!


Duplication is a 4 syllable word for “copy”  and it is caught, not taught.

You saw the social proof in the video and I’m sure you’ve experienced it over and over, observed shrinking conference calls … it would be kinda funny if it wasn’t so painful, eh?   Conference calls all geared towards duplication that get smaller… which, of course, leads to even MORE of them.  Good grief.

"Show and Tell" 3 l3vels deep and  sponsoring soars
“Show and Tell” 3 l3vels deep and sponsoring soars

Here’s how to put those 3 words in play, Three-Deep-Pattern Skill.

And if this is your first time running into our stuff, let me assure you that you WILL NOT be led to a sales page 🙂

I’d like to know how you feel about this post… would you want someone who sponsors you to show you, hands on, what to do… over and over again and stayed with you until you were earning over 4 figures, month after month?   So would the people you sponsored 🙂

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing

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