How to Get MLM Prospects to Ask You For a Presentation

Asking people to view a presentation sucks.

Look, I can’t speak for you but most people I’ve talked with over the years admit that asking prospects to view a presentation really bites.

So on what I consider the 5th day of Christmas and keeping with my promise to deliver 12 awesome gifts to help you have a kick-ass year in 2012, I’ve got 2 astonishing skills for you today.

Better than Gold

And, yes…it counts as one, and believe me, this is more valuable than 5 Golden Rings in the long run.


You can learn the first skill in about 2-3 minutes.  Really.

Would it be OK if I showed you how to get prospects to ask you for a presentation?

Would that be a different experience?

How ’bout I show you how to get them to ask you AND demand to see it right now?


Why would I say it’s more valuable than 5 Golden Rings?


You can teach it to people on your team 2 minutes after reading and viewing this post.

If it’s a business where the objective is ‘duplication, doesn’t it make sense that being able to teach your team stuff is important?

Big networking leadership tip? If it is easy to learn and teach, it gets ‘duplicated.’

And, before I get off the point, remember this free network marketing skill will end, forever, asking people to listen to your presentation.   They’ll ask you, 100% of the time.

Here is the second network marketing skill to present in under a minute. believe

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  • I’ve seen a couple of “One-Minute Presentations”, and I really like them. The one you reference here is different than the Big Al one, and you also have one for the two-on-one invitation. That’s my favorite. I plan on only teaching ONE of these. Great stuff Mark- thanks again!

  • “How to Get MLM Prospects to Ask You For a Presentation” – So simple when you know it 🙂
    The presentation in slide-form is great as it gives the possibility to read and listen!!

    As it is still in time: Have and enjoy a great 2012!

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