Harmony is a Must in MLM


Harmony in the home is a must in MLM if you are going to succeed.

And I’m not talking exclusively about your home; harmony is critical factor to win in MLM throughout your entire team.

A Must In MLM

Yeah, repeating it.  It really is bigger than you think.  Look, when people join your business it is usually because they are short… short on time or short on money or both.   In most cases, it’s both.

The first two things you ask them for?

Time and money.

Let’s be candid here – people fight about things when money is tight and MLM can quickly throw the delicate balance of a struggling time or money challenged home out of whack.   So let me repeat, (sorry but it is vital), that harmony is a must in MLM if you are going to succeed… for you… for your teammates.

Here is what happens once we start recruiting.  We are going for it and become “forgetful” that the person we just brought in came in to SOLVE problems, time and money wise.   We’re so excited we become blinded and they are so full of hope that they put in more time than they promised their spouse.  Ut-oh.

a must in MLM
Harmony is the target

The really BIG trap?

The guy or gal who tells you, “my wife/husband isn’t going to work this with me but they are supporting me, rooting for me.”  And it is right here that you will make, over and over, if you don’t heed this advice, a BIG mistake.  Costing you and costing them.

This a must in MLM… a must rule.

RULE:  There is no such thing as a neutral spouse. (repeat 3x a day)

A neutral spouse?  Really?  Evidently, you don’t know about the two meters…



We’d set up schedules for the week on Fridays.  Really true that we would not schedule work with people on our team until they had actually booked time with the bride… with hubby… whatever the case may be.

“I’ll do it as soon as she gets home,” we’d hear.

What did they hear?

“Nope.  Soon as she’s home, book the date then call me back.

This was bigger than I could ever have imagined for both myself and wifey, The Fabulous Davene.  Why?   Well, we always worked at least 3-deep, treating others like our own personals.  Once a team really understands that you care more about everyone’s family than your check – TRUST! – BAM!

a must in MLM
Set the example, insist on it from others

Once they trust you, if (HUGE IF) you have the skills, they will embrace your coaching and it is game over.  In Stephen Covey’s masterpiece, “The Speed of Trust,” he points out that while trust must be earned, we can accelerate the process.   Insisting on this date thing neutralizes the “neutral spouse” and, slowing, brings the non-supportive spouse around.

Do it.

Every week.

Whatever you set in motion will carry on in motion.  Once this simple and right behavior is set in motion, trust soars and so does the performance.

KEY:  This is a must in MLM to win.  Once they take your coaching and start earning decent checks, NEVER back off this requirement.  Even if, a year from now, that negative spouse is wearing your company colors at a convention!

  1. Creator
  2. Family
  3. Work

Keep this in line and watch the respect, trust and production soar.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

a must in MLM
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