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Been Criticized Recently

Pretty funny, really.  A great couple called to let me know that some folks who just hit a decent pin level were warning their team about ‘the laziest networker’.   They just don’t like the name.

They think it sends the wrong message to their team.

This hubby and wife team is working around the clock.

Good for them!   Nice to see people working hard and making progress.

Oh, my great couple… yeah, calmed them down.   I really do get a big kick out of that stuff, and the stupidity that always follows.

Imagine telling your team ‘you can’t make big money if you don’t work full time’ …that’s the funny part.

Evidently, no one has explained to these kids that close to 90% or more of their group is working ‘part-time’ …at least according to the DSA (Direct Selling Association).  It’s how I started, you too, most likely, eh?

Here are the facts (DSA, Not me) – showing the % of people in our great industry that work part-time.

2008        2010    2011

91.1           92.5     91.1

Personally, I really did get a big kick out of the couple that called me, worried my feelings may be hurt.  It was nice.  But at the same time, I did feel really sad of folks in the groups of the folks who were tossing me under the bus… at least the part-timers.

Do you get how dumb and harmful that is?  (Not slamming me, that’s cool, but slamming the idea you can make great bucks working very part-time).

In essence, they are telling ALL people working part-time that you simply cannot make it working part-time.  Good grief.

As a single dad, raising 2 kids on my own and working 60-70 hours a week on my job to keep the lights on and food on the table, I’m sure glad I did not have an upline telling me that ‘you can’t make big money part-time.’

Isn’t making more money in far less hours the point?
I could be wrong but I thought the target, the objective was and still is… time leverage.

Here’s a lazy fella’s point of view… and a 3 for 1 kill shot at leveraging your time.

Hands-on, Baby, for MLM Leverage

Big leaders and blowhards who believe they are big leaders don’t seem to want to make calls with new peeps… it’s 3 for 1 leverage.  OMGoodness…

1. They learn what to say and do

2. You can teach several at the same time… heck, we’ve had 20 to 200 listening to us make calls.

Promise to work with people as a team and sponsoring soars
Promise to work with people as a team and sponsoring soars

3. Your leaders, (who you trained by BUILDING HANDS ON) will copy and you’ll be on the beaches of the world, or playing golf, or spending time with your daughter, son …”what-evs” as the kids like to say.

Look for and love leverage.

Here is a cool networking skill that will get a yes 90% of the time, rejection-free…

Hands-on baby, hands-on… good old fashion ‘show and tell’.

Would you like someone to ‘tell’ you what to do or would you prefer someone who will ‘show you’?

Which do you think works better?


Hell of a lot easier to hit bulls-eye if we know the target.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
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  • Great information work smarter not harder got to love the concept thank you love the videos

  • Mark,

    Really no point working the business full time anyways. May as well get a job, it’s a lot less stress. Time leverage totally is the key to a residual lifestyle. Thanks for your brilliance and honesty as always 🙂

    Peter G

  • Part time it’s a great way of doing the business, but I’m just curious… would it be ok if you wanna take off faster and work full time for 1 or 2 months and build some momentum first? can this be duplicated and explained to the new people and how?

    thanks Mark

  • Hey Mark,

    The less you work the more you make.
    It is always refreshing to hear your words.

    Correct like usual, leverage whatever tools you have, Meeting rooms where good back in the day, then fax machines for a few years, email, conference calls, now webinars and soon to take over will be recorded video pitch and training.

  • We have been trained, brainwashed really, to do the “Lone Ranger” or be a “Superman” and so when someone ‘tells’ us what to do we don’t even question it! Failing is built into the design of most programs. You teach the method that defeats failure!! The rub is getting people to admit they would prefer help… NO? Don’t want mine? see ya!

  • Mahalo Peter for your very kind words…..

    Clearly, you are a guy who has paid the price and is teaching your people the right things…..so they can NOT just make bucks but have the time to enjoy it…..

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Florian….

    For sure extra hours is great…….but we always like to share this……you have to PROVE you can build part time BEFORE you up the ante for a bigger commitment…..it must be clear that you can help the part timers….

    Additionally……the Art Williams, properly understood, 90 day run is all it has ever taken to blow out a biz……

    More time weekly because of ambition/kids etc…..go for it if that floats your boat but we’ve made more money for our partners by demonstating, over and over, you can make great money part time…..10-12 hours a week…..because, drum roll please…..it elimates excuses of the slackers and inspires BELIEF in people that want to work but don’t have the 12 hours a day peeps are grinding 🙂

  • Vicki

    So WONDERFUL to see you here……I KNOW you have done it the right way and been successful for years – PART TIME 🙂

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Great stuff Mark.

    The reason the “big leaders” don’t make calls with their new people is that they don’t have demonstrable skills. And the “skills” they are teaching in their workshops and seminars are not skills at all, but exhortations to believe and just get out there, with corny or manifestly untrue pickup lines.

    Those leaders don’t want people learning what you teach because they’re terrified it will ruin their non-existent “duplication”.

    Earlier this year I listened to a husband and wife couple who had taken 2 years (way back) to go from zero to $20,000 a month, working a combined 80 hours a week using a massive cold calling campaign that had less than 1% success.

    They told a room full of people that they too could do this if they set their mind to it.

    Using their own calculations, a person in that room, spending 10 hours a week, would take 16 years to get to $20,000 a month. However the real average is more like 2 hours a week, which would be an 80-year project to come out with $20,000 a month.

    These people have no clue what they’re saying and if you just dig into their offered statistics they are “hoist with their own petard”.

  • Loved the video while kayaking (kayaker myself). I’ve been used to working long hours in the past. You’re teaching me that by leveraging, working less can actually bring in bigger paychecks. Fantastic

  • Hi Mark
    Your ideas are revolutionary and go against what the industry teaches. But guess what. Your training works. We are seeing a major difference in what we do and the results we are experiencing. We have not mastered everything but we are well on the way.
    Thanks Mark.
    Keep on relaxing. It really works.
    Roy Slater

  • Love you program your training is fabulous!
    Thank you so much for sharing. We sure do
    Appreciate you and all the info ., you give!!!

  • Christine……BAM! You ‘get it” !!

    The Fabulous Davene loves to remind all of us [myself included] that not only is ‘common sense not so common’ – as Twain said……she continues that there is something about an MLM application that wipes out any common sense we MIGHT have 🙂

    Your post is soooooo insightful, it should be required reading….thanks for your great contribution

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Hi Mark,
    Right on the Money, the reality though is most so called leaders don’t have the balls to do what you do. Keep those Videos coming Thanks Keith

  • Learning to leverage our time is so key and your videos are very inspiring, thank you thank you………….

  • Christine,

    Well said indeed. The more we can grow our teams working part time, the more we will be able to offer the right business model to the profession.

    PG 🙂

  • The best example is a good example. Time is our most valuable asset, why waste it on showing the wrong things. It seems that it could be one of the roadblocks that keep people from moving forward with a business model that is not understood well. Most people know someone in the industry that works their tales off. That just does not seem appealing to most people. Lifestyle, is what we promote. You can’t have the lifestyle working all those hours.

  • I agree Bruce……technolgies come and go…..in the end, principles endure and talking to people, skillfully, is where the money lives…..the vein of big money is helping others leverage the technology, not rely on it, to build their skills and teams

  • Mark, you shouldn’t confuse people with such “common sense” ideas – some might just BELIEVE. And then they are liable to build big teams of PART-TIME BIG MONEY EARNERS! That might lead to more people being happier (realizing dreams, meeting goals, helping others), and more people making positive contributions to our world. Dangerous stuff. 🙂

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