Handling MLM Objections


Week after week for over twenty years new reps joined our teams and week after week those new reps were baffled about handling MLM objections.


In case no one ever told you, prospects lie.  You probably believe you are honest, that you have integrity and you probably do.   But you’ve told a lie or two to salespeople in your life, right?

Not sure?  Need to debate that?

Ever said to a salesperson, “Now what are your hours again?”  LMAO   You are implying that you will be back but the truth is you’re trying to cut off the salesperson BEFORE they even ask for the sale.  It’s a lie; you’re not coming back.

“Lie” strong for you?  OK, fibbed.  And the difference between a lie and a fib is?

Said any of these things?

  • “I need to check with my wife/husband”
  • “I’ve got a couple other things to pick up first.”
  • “Do you get paid on commission?   See when I come back I want to make sure that you get credit for the sale.”

Endless list… we’ve all done it.

Prospects lie to us and that makes handling MLM objections difficult.  Here’s the kicker… they actually believe they are justified and being virtuous!   How so?  Well, they think you’re nuts, crazy, MLM is for the birds, whatever… so in their mind they are “fibbing” so they don’t hurt your feelings.

Handling MLM ObjectionsAnd you tune into conference calls, go to seminars, conventions and maybe even buy crap about overcoming objections.   All jacked up, sure sounds good and now you’ve got those pithy rebuttals and you are going to kick some butt and crush the objections.   The speaker, instructor… whatever, sounded SO GREAT. Really LMAO now, big time chuckle.

And it never works.  Tell you a secret, it doesn’t work for them either.

What does work?

Well, you need to know there is only one person who can solve this…


It’s been a great year, it really has.   You, our readers, keep our blog ranked in the top 20 worldwide for MLM.  How do we know?   We don’t spend bucks advertising.   We have great readers who have shared this with their teams, friends and even competitors.  So we wanted to do something to thank you.

Handling MLM Objections Webcast

Like we stated, there is nothing for sale… so hop on the webcast and we’ll also share with you and your team how to answer that “dreaded” question.

These two simple skills got more people looking, and teammates handling MLM objections with zero effort.  Zero effort?   Yup.   You see if the prospect shares their real objection and you learn one simple question, the prospect will overcome their own authentic objection and join.

What would be easier for you?   Continue to use all those cute, “in your face” rebuttals that haven’t worked for fifty years or let the prospect reveal their real concern, solve it and enroll?   Join us, click here; should be fun


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