growing an MLM organization

Growth Starts With Thought

Growing an MLM organization is contingent on your mind, not your leads, plan, product or company.

We all want our hopes we had when we enrolled in MLM to come true but everybody knows, once we reclaim our common sense, that hope is not a strategy.

Emerson said, “The ancestor of every action is a thought.”  This has been the core of this 4 part series we’re doing. Without action, nothing is going to happen but the actions we’d like to take and the ones we actually take often differ dramatically.


In the first part of this series, we covered why massive action hurts more dreams than it helps.  If you haven’t viewed it, it’s still available here.  The 3Ms will make or break you.

Mind – It’s got to be reconfigured

Mechanism – That’s your company you leverage to earn

MethodThe skills

Growing an MLM Organization
Successful Actions Begin With Thought

If the mind is not configured to succeed, to take different actions, then we repeat ourselves.   Most people believe “history repeats itself” and that is false.   History does not repeat itself, people do.

As it turns out, Napoleon Hill studied this one idea for a lifetime and the catharsis of “Think and Grow Rich” is about a very simple formula that works 100% of the time.   The title alone shares Emerson’s truth, our actions are determined by our thoughts.

All actions, as in 100% of our actions, are dictated by the subconscious mind.  So for actively growing an MLM organization we must first think and understand this: Since the subconscious makes the decisions, all of them, we’ve got to learn “how to” influence the subconscious so it will make decisions that will drive our purpose not repeat our past.

Growing an MLM organization without a change in thought would be like growing corn without seed.  Here’s how we went from bankrupt to beachfront.

  1. Develop a definite major purpose
  2. Place your faith in that purpose

Steps 3 and 4 in this success system that never fails?


Growing an MLM Organization

Thought charged with feeling becomes a belief and the seat of mental habits.  No enthusiasm, no effect.   Most people struggle with enthusiasm and Hill discovered where it comes from.   Imagination, he proved, is the only bridge to enthusiasm.

The only bridge.  Think about that.

If you lack enthusiasm it means, being blunt here… it means you simply are not thinking about your desire first thing in the morning, the last thing at night and several times during the day.   Next week, in the 3rd part of this series we’ll give you a couple of ways to activate your imagination.

In the meantime, grab a copy of Think and Grow Rich and the companion workbook to get a jump start, working through one step a week.   You can’t rush this, it’s not a book.

Growing an MLM Organization
Facebook or 30 minutes a day on your mind?

Read a step, daily, then sit and think about it in silence for at least 15 minutes.   Read the same step for 7 days before moving to the next one.

I have seen it over and over for over 25 years and know Hill’s words are true, “no one makes it without a mastermind, that’s just the way it is.”   So you would like to work with us and work Think and Grow Rich as the exercise that it is, (it’s not a book folks), here’s the early notification list.

Here’s what I’d love you to do.

Drop an affirmation below in the comments that you believe will help you grow your MLM group, something that will influence your “subby” and we’ll help you make sure it is right.  Let’s leave out all the warm, fuzzy stuff.   “Subby” likes specific.    Use Do It Now… repeat it 25 times, or more, twice a day.

Keep giving to keep growing


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Growing an MLM Organization
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