It’s about gratitude, not dog-eat-dog.

The cynical dog-eats-dog thing never really sticks with anyone as a long-term internal strategy or mindset to build their network marketing business or any business for that matter.   Check that, it does stick with a few people who’ve become cynical to the point of no return and see prospects as money pumps.

Everybody knows, on some level, success, enduring success is based on service.   The “us-against-them” nonsense sure sounds good at a meeting but in those moments alone, we know, really, it’s not the pathway to sustained success that feels solid and strong.   So it gets down to trust, plain and simple trust.

In 1994 I was hearing all the same stuff at meetings and eventually on conference calls about how prospects who don’t agree with us “are stupid” and anyone who joins and does not succeed was a loser who “did not want it bad enough.”

Emerson and Gratitude

I knew that I was hearing garbage about how to live a life and build a business.  I must admit hearing the vast majority cheer for that stuff made it challenging to break rank.   Then I came across a 28-page document, written in 1841, Emerson’s “Law of Compensation”  that reinforced all those lessons I heard growing up from my Mom and two wonderful uncles that had stepped into the “dad” role for me.

I made a decision after the 5th read in 24 hours.   The decision? To trust Emerson’s Law of Compensation, which, of course, dovetailed with the sound spiritual principles Uncle Mo, Uncle Dan and Mom had taught me.   What is that law, in a nutshell, and exactly how does one put it in play?



It is a matter of trust, nothing complex.   You either believe that Emerson, (and all the “illuminated ones” ~ Jesus, Buddha, Fox, et al) are right or you do not.

The “give more, get more” essence of Emerson’s priceless essay is that it works both ways.  Give more hate, get more hate… give more love, get more love… give more help, get more help.

The “duh” part?

We simply cannot give, no matter how badly we would like to, what we do not have.   How do we “get things” to give?   Start with gratitude.   Gratitude is a cause, not an effect.   It will educe more and more things to be grateful for, and that gives you more and more to give.

Here’s the trick… give without expectation of reciprocity.   You see, giving with expectation is not giving at all.   Trust this universal law… or don’t.   There’s no middle of the road on this one.


I’m grateful you’re reading this and I can promise, without a shadow of a doubt that as more things cascade into your life once you become the cause you’ll have more and more to give.   And the more you give these things away, the more they return and the greater your service becomes.   And once your team or co-workers catch on?   Game over.

Within you is both a cynic and a kindred spirit.   If you really believe it is naive to give without expectation of reciprocity then keep hammering away with the same “us against them” … “every man for himself” … “people who don’t succeed are losers” … “it’s a numbers game”… “only losers quit” stuff … but know that is what you are giving and will explain the character of your team.

So who wins?   The cynic or the kindred spirit?

The one you feed… for whatever you feed.  In other words, give, that will be what you get.

Let me know three things you are grateful for and I’d love to know if you’ll accept this gift and write out 3 gratitudes a day for 90 days with no repeats.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
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