Got challenged by a reader of this blog.

Karen seemed to feel I was beating up a little bit on gurus, tool sites etc.

The knee jerk reaction would be, if I were younger, to defend my position.  There are a few nice things about being a little older.

The great John Wooden taught. “it’s what I learn after I know it all that makes a difference.”   Wooden has 54 Rules to live by, worth a million bucks and they are free, go figure.

Anyway, we exchange numbers and talk. The girl, not Wooden. 🙂

I decide going in that I am not going to defend myself or pound on hustlers. Karen’s email made me feel like she was a little hot.

Made a great decision to just listen and stuck to it, 2 different things entirely, as we all know.

She was delightful and said she had spent a lot of dough online with nothing to show for it in the print out. Felt she learned a lot but her business was not growing.

Temptation to hammer people who took her dough is HUGE. I stay the course and keep my mouth shut.

Then it happens. The payoff for sticking with my decision.

Karen says, “I am not sure I agree with your harsh approach, it’s like everyday you are on them but I don’t know as much as you, don’t have your experience.”

I am feeling pretty good about not saying, ‘So how’s buying secrets and systems working out for you?’ Wanted to, did not.

The she drops the challenge. “You keep writing an opinion about what you don’t like and that all we have to do to make money is learn what to say, that there aren’t any secrets but where can I learn what to say for free? Are you just a critic?”

“Og Mandino taught it takes no time, money or talent to set up a fault finding shop,” I tell her. “Is that what you mean?” I know it is what she means but I want to Karen to know I hear her and agree.

“Why yes!” she says.

“So you are issuing a challenge?”

She’s thinking. I help her out. “It’s OK if you are Karen, I get what your about on this point.”

“I never thought of it that way but I guess I am. And………..” her voice trails off a little bit.

“How often have you been to the blog?”

She says 3 times but read about 6-8 of them.

I want to know why she picked right now to deal with this.

“Because I saw the Friday Riddle and I clicked on the 3-Deep Pattern thing.  I was expecting to be sold something.”

I keep my mouth shut.

“You know people tell you that but when you to where they want you to go ……”  I realize, finally, she is not the type of person who would critisize anyone.

She’s a gift.

“How about I do 3 live webcasts explaining what to do, what to say and how to create prospects on demand?”

Evidently she did not know we had them planned anyway.

I tell her I will meet her challenge of being part of the solution and schedule 3 live webcasts.  I ask if that would meet her criteria.

She loves the idea.

I confess we already had them scheduled.

I wonder how she’ll respond.

She breaks into wonderful laughter.

I should have known.   Classy lady.

1. What Goes thru The Prospect’s Head

2. What to Say so you are a ‘yes’ 94% of the time

3. Creating Prospects on Demand

If you’re like Karen and did not know about the next 3 Monday nights, you can get all 3 registration links here ===> register


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