MLM Local Leads

Getting local MLM leads is really the key to success because local lasts longer.  What makes a massive difference is if those leads that you develop trust you.

In the end, we need to remember that people don’t join companies, products, or pay-plans.  They join people they like and trust.

Getting local MLM leads

I’ve been reading these tips on social media and Facebook for developing prospects.  And, really, it is deceptive.  Pretending to be interested in the things the people you are stalking, pretending to be interested in hiking or scuba diving or tennis…etc… to start a conversation so you can eventually bring your business up is deceptive.

How do you explain to the person you recruited how you recruited them?  Do you tell them stalked a hobby, pretended to be interested in an identical interest… then, after pretending, [misrepresented your intentions], to care about them, bring up your business.   How would you feel if you were sponsored by one of these mini-con jobs?   How will your new person respond?  Think they’ll trust you?

Honesty and Helping Others

Getting local MLM leads that like and trust you is the fast way to six figures.  Here’s all you have to do.

  1. Find network marketers within 30 miles of where you live
  2. Contact them for “going for it” and ask them what they like best about their MLM
  3. Let them know you’re building a network of local people who’d like to share what is working, what isn’t working

The key is to ask for a 4-minute conversation so you can understand the compensation and other benefits of their company.   Once you’re on the phone, do NOT, under any circumstances, compare companies.

local MLM leads
Help your competition and they will make you great

Here’s the key to the vault; make a friend and help them with their business.   My dialogs would go something like this.

“I hear company X [their company] is outstanding.  What do you like best about it?”

They do a commercial… “wow, that’s a lot of great stuff”… “how long have you been with them?”

They talk.

“How does your upline build with you?  Do they make the initial calls with you [trust me, no one does, HUGE MISTAKE] ”

yes-n0 … they reply

“I want to tell you I came across a couple of skills, easy to learn and do that have really helped me.  I’ll shoot them over to you.  You’ll get more ‘yeses’ and they won’t lead you to some kind of funnel or sales page.”

I like sending them Instant Rapport

About a week later, I’ll send them What Goes Through the Prospects Head

As the call ends, here’s what to do.  “Jack, great talking to you.  Congrats again on picking MLM as a career and you’re with a great company.  Let’s check in every couple weeks and I’ll share what’s working for me and I know I can learn from you. Instead of recruiting one another, let’s become fans of each other.  Make sense?”


Local MLM leads are great but nothing is a powerful as a local lead where the person knows, likes, and more importantly, trusts you.  By authentically helping your competition, you open the door for them to come to you when they fail.  And, if they answered “no” to their upline making the initial call with them, they are absolutely going to fail better than 97% of the time.

See, if you tried to recruit them and compared… when they fail, they CAN NOT come to you.  You may have won the battle in the conversation but you will lose the war 100% of the time.

On the other hand, if you were nice, helped them professionally and gave them things to help them succeed, who do you think they’ll call when they go sideways?

Affluence comes from the word ‘afflure’ meaning “to flow to” … and helping others without expectation, being an ambassador for networking instead of deceiving people puts you in their mind when they are looking. And they will be.

Speed it up?  Want to speed it up?  When you call the folks about for the 10-day check-in, let them know you are making calls and if they’d like to hear how your team does it, they are welcome to be a stealth listener.  And that does it.

See, once people believe you will be there and there is a history of you being helpful without an agenda, it’s game over. Local MLM leads will “flow to you”…


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  • It’s a sensible and untapped approach. Most sales training is geared towards prospecting new people instead of finding and servicing buyers whose sellers may be taking them for granted.

  • As always, great, honest material present in open and honest fashion. I believe that, if I follow you long enougn, my thick head will soon open up to the possibilities

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