Blog   Get New Reps Rolling in 1st 90 Days or They Die ~ 3 Point Strategy is A Must


We feel great when we sponsor a new person into our business…..and that creates a trap.  Most people never see the trap, fall in and then, when they quit, we rationalize their leaving by saying, “They didn’t really wan it” ….or…”They were not coachable.”

BANG::::>The trap gets us.


Wait, it get’s worse.

We sponsor someone else and when the same thing happens we pull out our trusty rationalization again, “They were not right for the business.”

And again…..and again…..leaving our success to luck.

See, what happens is we don’t realize that the work begins after we get them in.  Sponsoring people is easy once you know what to say….it’s easy and fun….that is not the work.  That is the starting point, not the finish line and that is the trap.

We send them to the company site, training sites, CDs, conference calls….all massive mistakes.  Next thing that happens is they start looking around online, gurus, different teams sites….they are reading instead of building.  Ut-oh.

Look, stuff about the plan, product and company is all good stuff but it is not work….it doesn’t produce anything and this is exactly what leads to the death of a new rep in our business.  Reading stuff, watching videos and listening in on conference calls, most of which are just commercials…..simply will not produce results.  And that is the business we are in.

Sponsoring people is like getting men on base in baseball…..what difference does it make how many times you load the bases if no one drives in any runs?

If winning isn’t important, why do they keep score.  This is the reality we ignore and makes us easy prey for the trap; thinking our job is done when they enroll.  It is a results business, just like baseball.

The first 30 days is most important and if we build a good or great 90 day story with them we probably have a long-term partner…..and a much higher income.


For years I did it backwards and reached levels of frustration that led me to another big mistake…..sponsor more people.  This is why all those stupid gurus can continue to lie and get away with it…..sponsoring huge numbers of people keeps us in the trap and we end up with a revolving door…..

The team we are so proud of is what we sell them first…..and while crucial…..selling them ‘team’ first is a common mistake.

Teams and the value of a team is based on results, nothing more and nothing less.

Teams that win…get along great, everyone loves each other, they are family….blah, blah, blah….take that same team the next year and give them a losing record and all the love and family stuff is replaced with backbiting, arguments and whining.


The excitement with a rep is never higher than the first few days.  And you’ve got to get some wins for them right away to maintain that excitement or they wither and die.

It’s really simple.  Within 24 hours of enrolling build a list with them.  Yeah, yeah….I know what the gurus and new school thinking is…..but they are lying.  Warm list to warm list is money.  Get on the phone with them, show them how to invite people to your meetings, webcasts etc.


Get on the phone!

Call their list with them.

A new rep and his/her list is like coming up with the bases loaded …it’s up to you to drive in a few runs for them.

Trust me…they’ll forget you did all the work…..and that is good!  They are learning what to do and what to say by listening to you.

Once they learn what is going through the head of a prospect and you execute the training they reviewed, they relax, add to the list and you are driving in runs….making money for them and for yourself and for your upline……3 very cool things.


You can brag and boast all you want about the team…the upline and company support …..but the truth is they will not feel part of it when you do the team thing first.  If your agenda is winning for them and you execute properly…..runs are scoring and they feel a part of the team…..not like the team is something separate from them.

The steps I take are simple and with purpose.  As soon as I enroll a new rep for myself of someone else I tell them a few things while the ink is still drying on the application, so to speak….set an appointment for their first coaching session with 24 hours and send them a training that explains what we’ll be doing together in the future.  At that ‘coaching’ session I build a list WITH them and schedule 3-4 sessions of 3-way calls.

The list puts me in a bases loaded situation ……and I am sure you’ve noticed what I do not do…..overwhelm them with pay plans, talk of the furture….company sites, etc.

This simple 3 point strategy has allowed us to sponsor fewer people and make more money is far less time.

You want duplication?

Drive in some runs for rookies in the first few days…..and stop doing ‘fake’ work by forwarding information.

You simply cannot eat a recipe……they don’t know what to do, you do.


Win first….and everything else will take care of itself.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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