OK, I get it.

Wednesday I posted a blog on what not to do with a new rep, why we ‘wreck’ their chances before they begin by forcing a ‘big why’ down their throat.

The feedback was great and so was the constructive feedback.  Noted and appreciated.

Enough people let me know, in so many words, “OK, I get what not to do but what do I do with a new rep?”

This is important:  The 1990s are over.  We don’t have 6 months with a new person anymore.  Too many false promises online have ‘amped’ up the ‘microwave’ mentality.  And while these promises are so full of the stuff that makes plants grow, none the less, it is the reality we have to deal with.

Get them started fast.

During the Sign-Up

If we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills.  And those network marketing skills need to be both effective and have a purpose.

Not Planning is Planning to Fail

This means we better have a plan and do everything with purpose, everything must support that plan.

My plan?

Simple.  Get ‘Sally,’ my new rep into goal advancing, income producing situations within 24 hours.

At the sign-up your new rep is going to be excited but scared, wondering if they made the right decision.

In real life, your new rep, despite your advice, (tell them not to talk to anyone until they’ve been trained), will ‘test the idea’ out.  They are looking for validation that they did not make a mistake.  It’s normal.

We all do it when we make a purchase.  Why?  No one wants to be embarrassed or criticized.   No one wants to think they got ‘hustled.’

Because Sally, the new rep, doesn’t know how to bring it up or explain it, she’s going to say the wrong things and get criticized by the people she was counting on to support her, maybe even join her.  Ut-Oh.

So at the sign-up I use 5 very short stories before the ink is even dry on the application.  It addresses 5 key points, sort of insulates Sally from the naysayers.  It’s called ‘The Ink is Still Drying Skill‘ and you can have it open, volume down, when you are signing up a new rep.

Ink is Still Drying Skill

Go over it a couple of times to learn it, then just use it as your outline.  Fabulous.  It’s free but priceless for you and your new rep.

What You Set in Motion Stays in Motion

Set the right things in motion, they are going to carry in motion.

Set the next appointment.  It will make your new rep confident, knowing what is going to happen next, having it scheduled and knowing you’re going to be there to help her.

Sally, we never get off the phone without setting the next activity up.”  Tell her it’s a rule on the team.

Set up her first ‘coaching’ session within 24 hours.

Why plan phone tag and leave a new rep wondering what to do?  Good grief.

Let ’em Know What To Expect & Schedule It!

Restate that rule on every call, make it the last thing you do on every call, along with setting up the next appointment.

I believe people want to know what is going to happen next.  I send her ‘What Goes Through The Prospects Head Skill,” having told her that I would at the sign-up.  I tell her to review it.

It tells her step-by-step exactly what we do together to build her business.  Explains what she’ll be doing on the 3-way calls and what I’ll be doing for her.

On the Coaching Call

This is a real network marketer’s leadership tip, not the ‘warm, fuzzy’ stuff.

Give me 120 seconds and I’ll show you exactly what I do so Sally and I are knee-deep in income-producing situations for her within 48 hours of the sign-up.

Remember, we sent Sally ‘what goes through the prospect’s head skill’ to review prior to this appointment. So she knows what to expect and what her role is. Keep growing, The list building free skill and other leadership tips are right here

Oh, yeah, by the way…if this makes sense, spread the word if you like.

Let Me Know What You’d Like, Help Me Get Better

In either case, let me know how we’re doing here.  Most people, and I’m like most people, want feedback so they can improve.



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  • Hey there Mark,
    Nice to see you have posted on the other side of the coin in contrast to your last post. I appreciate these network marketing skills in this post for improving people’s success in MLM.

  • Dear Mark,

    I have learned So much from you in the last few days! I find your skills posts to be easy to listen to, take notes to, and learn from. Thank you very much.


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