A Rebus Riddle uses words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.

What phrase is represented with this rebus?

2. Blame
3. Blame
4. Blame
5. Blame

There is not a doubt in my mind that frustration is part of building a large organization.

In the beginning we are not making checks, talking to people we know who want to know if we have made any money.

We’re talking vision, they are talking numbers.  If we’ve had good coaching and a good upline who really understands how the business works….that is they know the skill “What Goes Through the Prospects Head” we can neutralize a lot of the frustration……but…..

But we all have ‘really good people’ who are waiting to see ‘how you do’ before they will commit.

We soon find out this is baloney……and…..very few of us, especially in our first pass at networking, have great uplines who ‘get it’…who understand working in teams is going faster……

I know, I had some pretty weak uplines…..and I blamed them because I was doing everything they asked.   Ever said that before?  I sure have.

The problem is we, often, are sponsored by ‘blind squirrels’ and there is an old saying, “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.


Then, if we don’t quit, learn a couple of skills and grow, the frustration shifts to the group.  Our volume is stuck and we scream to our upline, spouse…really anyone who will listen that ‘They won’t follow the system!  If they would just follow the system I could quit my job and go full-time!  Grrrrr”

Blame.  We blame the second tier leaders.

Distractions are another source of the frustration-blame game.

“The guy is building a farm or something on Facebook instead of making calls.”

“She had 700 tweets yesterday instead of making calls.”

Oh, there is more.

The money thing.

“I bought this system and this lead generator and spent $2000 for a mentor and I just don’t have the money to go to convention”

“I had to get off ADP because I bought these courses on how to make money on face book.”


The company and/or pay plan……

“They changed the pay plan….my team is leaving”

“The customer service department cost me my best rep…this company sucks.’

“Joe left the company and he is calling everyone in my downline about another deal.”

Blame, blame, blame.

I have found that every problem, if written down on an index card would fit into one of three boxes.

  1. Culture-Training
  2. Attitude
  3. Sponsoring new reps

Oh, how we hate to sponsor new reps…..the whole dance, listening to the lies of prospects, the rejection…….

A great networker told me about the 3 boxes.  He told me every time I felt frustration to write it down and see what box it belongs in.

Over the years I discovered that I could pretty much fugttabout boxes 1 and 2.  Simply by sponsoring 2-3 new people a month there was no need to work on my attitude……new people in your group, found by you, is like dumping every decent Health and Nutrition product into your organization.

The message you send to your group takes care of box 1, culture training…new people want to learn….and the excitement of new people boosts attitude.

The truth is and always will be …..if I do my job, everything works out great.

We train people to manage or we train them to recruit and sponsor…..we cannot do both.

Coach Wooden taught, “the best way to improve the team is to improve oneself.’

When I got off the pity pot long enough to write it down, the frustration and put it in the appropriate box…..I found the home in this industry I had been looking for from day 1

Who would have thought it was within me and within my control?

But…..when we are frustrated and slip into blame mode…..a terrible thing happens.

In the blame mode we cannot see what we could do differently…..making a course correction impossible.

By recruiting and sponsoring we are training others by example and bolstering attitudes with evidence and bigger checks.


A Rebus Riddle uses words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.

What phrase is represented with this rebus?

2. Blame
3. Blame
4. Blame
5. Blame

SOLUTION: No one to blame.

I found the blame game the single biggest challenge to overcome……and facing the fact that no one, in any business, can succeed until they remove blame and replace it by embracing 100% of the responsibility for their business.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • There you go again! Implying that WE are responsible for our own success!

    Thanks for always telling us what we NEED to hear Mark.


  • If one were to reduce the “blame” factor to its LCD (Lowest Common Denominator), I believe the equation would look like this:

    Blame = all “excuses”+self/all “excuses”

    Blame = (take a look in the mirror)


    The trick is to “own” this postulate…work it…and let it prove true over time.

    OK….I feel better now!

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