Can you figure out the rule used to develop the list?

mount, right, left, roll, mote, lick,
lass, over, rate, aunt, rill, arch,
oral, ever, pine, rice, tip, each,
team, rash, sage, ouch, edge, ray,
earn, any


Why is the following sentence crucial for new workers?

Once you know the rule to the first riddle  you can have fun creating your own list!

It has been an interesting week here in Kauai.

My life has changed.  Dramatically.  The thrill of waking up in the dream increases everyday.

A few days ago I crafted, [wow, that is kind of egotistical 🙂 ] ….ok, wrote a blog about what the word impossible actually means.  I was surprised at the number of people who picked up the phone, present, past organization relationships and brand new ones.  That was nice, it was all good.

What was interesting and I guess a little flattering was the conversation led most of them into commenting about the some of the other posts.

A lot of hope and a lot of frustration.

My long time friend Hernan Lawless told me about his dream.  Hernan’s made over $25,000 in a month.  Lives in California.  Dreams of being on a lake in Georgia.

Hernan and I have had lots of conversations about a document we use of a 26 week course we run every year.  [Don’t worry, I’m not selling….class is full again.  We scholarship about 15 people in just before we start….we’ll keep you posted]…..

We chat about one of my favorite concepts that comes from this document.

Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.”

I see so many people wait….that is want to wait ….until things are perfect before they ‘go for it.’

Oddly, I learned by participating in this course and it’s exercises that we are conditioning our minds to never go.

How many times have you said…..and how deep is your belief that “nothing’s perfect“….or ..”no one is perfect“?

Do you see what we do without realizing it?

If ‘nothing is perfect’ and we wait for things to be perfect before we live the dream……then, Ut-Oh…..our subconscious undermines our efforts without us realizing it as soon as we get close to ‘perfect……

Wait….it get’s a little worse…..

We actually condition our subconscious mind that we can’t live in Kauai [where ever that is for you]…..until things are perfect and develop the habit, subconsciously….to….believe we can never go….and now for the bad news……our recruiting efforts……are based on ‘igniting a dream’ of ‘better’ for the our prospects….but at our core we since we do not believe we can go till things are perfect and we KNOW and BELIEVE that nothing is perfect….our recruiting slows down…..and the dream gets further away.

We feel like fakes…..and start explaining to people who are not even in the business why we are not further along…..OH, NOOOO!

We, me and Hernan*, talked about the ‘impossible’ thing…..told him to do it now….he’ll find the method to make it work once he is there…..

[*Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be Hernan and I…..but….it just sounds better this way …this one is for you John Milton Fogg :)]

That is when he echoed what everyone I spoke to on this level this past week said.

More and more people on his team are spending more and more time AND money on

  • ‘magic systems’
  • Secrets never revealed before about MLM
  • Branding
  • Reverse funnels ….whatever the hell that is 🙂
  • Social Networking
  • Guru
  • Personal coaches

Basically, most everyone was spending time on everything except the one thing that would put each of them and by extension Hernan in their own personal Kauai.

How does this happen?

How do people in an organization that boasts $25,000, $50,000 and 100,000 a month earners get so far off track that they believe self promoting nitwits have more interest in them and knowledge than their own successful upline.  Some of these parisites actually have the testicles to tell folks their uplines don’t know what they are doing, don’t have time for them and want them to fail.

Want your uplines attention?  Get prospects in front of them daily.  They know what to do.  2 prospects a day….2 upliners start showing up…..3 or ore a day…..they show up in droves.


One could make a case he was the greatest coach of all time….surely he deserves consideration in any discussion.

Vince won 5 titles in 6 years in the NFL, only one to ever win 3 in a row.

Yet each year, at the first meeting he would walk into the locker room…..players would quiet down……moment of silence would turn into a sort of pregnant pause…..

Total silence now.

Vince would hold a football above his head…..

“Gentleman, this is a football.”

Is that cool or what?

Can you see it?  A room full of world champions….some of the 2.3 time winners…..and there’s Vince saying…”this is a football?”

Lombardi’s Packers won, dominated actually, because the mastered the basics.

Blocking and tackling is where the game is won and lost.

Nothing fancy about those teams.  They’d come up to the line of scrimmage sometimes and tell the other team exactly what they were going to do ….and do it.

John Wooden, the legendary UCLA coach did the same thing.  First thing he taught them?

How to put their socks and sneakers on properly.

Networking is not where near as difficult as Pro football or NCAA hoops.


These men both taught in the private sector.  Principles of success.  Didn’t need no Brian Tracy or Les Brown to motivate these teams.

Taught them how successful people become successful.  Find out what successful people do and do it over and over and over again.

All these guys and gals pitching systems are taking groups away from basics.

OK…..I am Coach Lombardi…humor me…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a telephone

All we have to do to make a lot of money is learn what to say to get a yes most of the time and do it over and over and over again.

Pro football is won or lost in the ‘trenches’….if you don’t know football, let me make it easy.  The trenches is where the blocking and tackling take place.

Learn what to say….master it and do it over and over again….and teach it to your serious people and do it with them over and over and over again…..

The guys do not show up in January and say ‘where’s my Super Bowl Ring?’…..they learn the skills, practice …every week.



Can you figure out the rule used to develop the list?

mount, right, left, roll, mote, lick,
lass, over, rate, aunt, rill, arch,
oral, ever, pine, rice, tip, each,
team, rash, sage, ouch, edge, ray,
earn, any


Why is the following sentence crucial for new workers?

Once you know the rule to the first list you can have fun creating your own list!

First Riddle Answer

Each 3 to 5 letter word, when preceded by sequential letters of the alphabet, will form new words:

amount, bright, cleft, droll, emote, flick,
glass, hover, irate, jaunt, krill, larch,
moral, never, opine, price, q-tip, reach,
steam, trash, usage, vouch, wedge, x-ray,
yearn, zany

Once you know what to do, its easy…..once you know what to say……94% say ‘yes’ to getting information …..and the ‘code’ is not a secret or something you have to pay for.

Think about it.  Would you need ‘attraction marketing’ or any other nonsense if you knew how to get 9 out of 10 to look at your deal and trust you?   Would you need an endless supply of ‘hot prospects?

Second Riddle answer?  Duplication.

Once you learned the answer to the first riddle…..you could DUPLICATE IT….

We are in the business of duplication.  So once you know how….to get a yes……you can have FUN teaching others to get a yes and build a duplicating machine that hears a symphony of yes-yes-yes all day long.

Getting yes all day it fun…..and once you know how…..you can teach it and duplicate it……best part?  It’s fun!  Spending money for magic spots…more money for fun!  People talking to people is fun….people listening to gurus upsell them ….is costly and not fun….well, I guess it is for the guys collecting the money from your downline.  🙂

The point of the riddles is once you know the formula you can do it….and teach it….easily….once you know how to get a yes.…you can do it and teach it easily… duplication.

Ladies and Gents, this is a phone

Keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • You know what Mark? Knowing what to say evens the “ball field” for everyone.

    One simple sentence that took about 10 seconds to learn has changed my life forever.

    “Mr. Prospect, [would it be ok if] I gave you some information?”

    “Would it be ok if” is the million dollar sequence of words in life, not just network marketing.

    When you say “would it be ok if” instead of “can I” or “would you be interested”, your rate of “yesses” will go up to over 90% overnight.

    In 3 or 4 months, most networkers can be trained to say “would it be ok if” 😉


  • “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a telephone“ ~ Love it Mark, keep a coconut ready for me with a straw in it.

    “Ladies and gentleman, this is a coconut.”

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