What row of numbers comes next in this series?


I guess this is just a good a time to tell my story.

I’m sitting oceanfron on the lanai [porch] in Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii…..living the dream right now.  But it was not that way for me when I started network marketing.

The best way to tell it is to turn the clock back to the 1980s and I failed in MLM 5 times.

It gets worse.

I am not going to tell you they were ‘bad’ companies.  Nope, it was me.  I failed with Herbal-Life and NuSkin and 3 other good ones.

It gets worse.

I was with NuSkin & Herbal-Life at the perfect time.  About a year each.  Between the 2 I saw over 1 million people come in……I was with both at the perfect time for ANYONE to make it.

It gets worse.

1990s ….I take a $50,000 cut in pay and something really good/bad happened.  Details not important…I was raising 2 kids by myself, worried about rent and food.

Call a friend who I had blown off about a MLM he found in January of ’93.   Placed the call in September.  He’s making 1800 a week.  I join.

It gets worse.

I am working 70-80 hours a week, got the 2 kids and failing again.  Chance meeting turns everything around, I learn it is a skill based business.

I learn a couple of skills, start making $3000 a month within 60 days ….you can get the story of what I learned here free.

Don’t worry, not going to give you a self promoting piece here…..I want to talk about my failures.

So let’s turn the clock back to the ’80’s again.

I made great presentations, found nuances in the marketing plan that would impress CPAs and mathematicians alike.

No one came in.  I learned about the products, the ingredients, pages of testimonials.

Things got worse.

I made beautiful notebooks, brought mini-white boards to coffee shops…….while I was presenting beads of perspiration, arms waving and butt gyrating…..impressive.  People told me so……and…….nothing.

Since 1998 I have done one marketing plan.  Because I was asked to in a hotel meeting.

12 years, one marketing plan.  And, we’ve done pretty good …..for a typesetter wife with a high school education and a guy delivering shrimp.

What I realized one day

….OK,OK….I read a quote and BANG….went from nice money in MLM to the kind we all dream about……

The quote was “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” So while the skills were critical, the sequence and the subconscious mind of the prospect are CRUCIAL.

There are two things of tremendous value here.

  1. Sequence is everything.
  2. Liars figure and figures lie. Huh?

When we start drawing or showing ‘the plan’ we show numbers [until you learn to do it without numbers, fuggettabout showing it at all]…..the entire collective experience in a prospect’s life pertaining to numbers runs through their head…..instantly, subconsciously…..like numbers presented by sales people in their life…UT-OH……….and the decision is made to say ‘NO’ ……that’s just the way it is.

You love your marketing plan and think it’s the best on the planet?  Great.  Telling that to a prospect, especially once you pass a certain dollar amount will get a no.


We’ve all been ‘fibbed’ to by sales people …….about numbers……and …..the ones who are not good at math shut down even faster.


3 traveling sales people in the 1960s check into a hotel they go to when in this particular town.

New clerk at desk says he knows nothing about the 16.66% discount they usually get and says he’s got to charge them 10 bucks but he’ll ask the manager when she gets back.

The bellman takes their stuff and them to the rooms, 3 people, 3 rooms.

Manager gets back. “Oh, my, yes….they get a 16.66% discount.”  She pulls 5 bucks out of the till and summons the bellman.

“Bring this up to the folks you just helped to the rooms and give them their change.”

Bellman thinks, they stiffed me and how can I divide 5 bucks?

He gives each guy a buck, keeps 2 bucks.

Each guy paid 10 bucks, got 1 back.

3 x 9 = 27

Bellman has 2.

27 + 2 = 29, where is the other dollar?

While you ponder that……let me get back to sequence and the subconscious.


Adults do not want to be criticized or embarrassed so if they don’t understand it, they won’t move forward.

What makes them move forward?

The same thing that makes you move forward.

Do you try lots of things you are UN-familiar with or do you do lots of things you are familiar with?

Did you know you where 20% of your clothes 80% of the time?  or that you eat the same foods 80% of the time?

Math is hard.  You’re stumped twice in this with easy math riddles ……well, a lot easier than a marketing plan.

Think about what you’re feeling right now…..

Did you scroll down to see the answer to the riddle?

…..trying to figure out where the extra dollar is?

….thinking ‘its a trick?’

Good!  You are making my point. 🙂

Yeah….it is a trick ….this blog post…..to help you see what I did wrong.  Marketing plan math is not only why people do not join……it is what keeps reps from achieving.

Once I learned the prospects INITIAL experience is going to create a template in their mind that in turn becomes their REALITY of what they would have to do……we went from debt and desperation to peace and prosperity.

Math not only raises the sales filter’s…… it out of sequence…….you’ll find the perfect sequence free here.

We gotta know what is going through the prospects head……and speak to that.  Math raises sales filters, marketing plans get a no……when you move into the 100,000 a year and ‘guys and gals making 100,000 a month’ you’ve put the kiss of death on them and yourself.

I know…..I did it over and over and over in the 1980s.  And, I was failing in 1993 until I woke up.

So if each guy has 9 bucks and the bellman had 2 buck…..29 total, where is the other dollar?

This is EXACTLY the line of reasoning all the bottom feeders who sell ‘systems’ to create HOT prospects use.

It’s called ‘The Statue of Liberty’ con.

The ‘mark’ ….that’s your unsuspecting downline…..starts looking for something to help them on line grow faster……and they run the same little ‘game’ I just ran on you….getting people to look at what they want you to look at ……and playing with the numbers, shifting it so it makes sense BUT…..the sequence is WRONG.  The promise of 100s of HOT prospects is the Statue of Liberty play all over again.

Here is how it works….

I told you the truth, gave you facts…….but mixed the sequence…..so you followed my math, not the real math.

Each person does have 9 bucks….you agree

Bellman does have 2 bucks…..you agree

27+2 = 29…..you have to agree…..it is a fact…….now they close you on thinking, more like panting…..if you had 100s of prospects a week, SOMEONE would join?

The truth is if our friends and relatives did not like we had to say, why in the WORLD WE THINK STRANGERS WILL LIKE IT?

But….like the bellman story….your unspecting downline is off point……and on their point….which is false.  Next thing you know they are spending more time promoting this stupid ‘NEW’ …NEVER BEEN REVEALED BEFORE……blah, blah, blah……ever notice when these bottom-feeders infect your group the production goes down?

Anyway…..here is the bellman thing…..

Hotel has 25, bellman 2, sales team 3…..25+2+3= 30…..

The sequence is crucial with a prospect…..make their first experience easy, stay away from jargon and marketing plans and get a lot more people to look at what you have to offer.


What row of numbers comes next in this series?


After the first line, each line describes the previous line:

One One
Two Ones
One Two, One One
One One, One Two, Two Ones


The point is don’t over look the obvious…..the sequence of steps you take with a prospect, once you know what goes through the prospects head and the absence of math will put anyone on the beaches of the world because those two ideas …are…..infact…..the keys to the vault……where the dreams of your teams are locked.

And we all know, if we get our team’s dreams to become a reality, we have a life second to none.

I use these words in sequence every time…..and 94% says ‘yes’ to looking…..and, if I may add, you’ll notice there never any math.

One more math equation.  I am sharing 2 wrods in the link in the previous sentence that will get 94% to look, effortlessly….yes less than 5% will study and use it.

And that is no Statue of Liberty math.

About 5% will learn and master it, 95% won’t…..

What would be easier for you?

To learn, study and apply the skill or to surf the net and hope a big hitter shows up?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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