What demands an answer but asks no questions?

Sitting around with several million dollar plus earners this week in Kauai.

All leaders, all currently producing wonderful checks, very nice event.

What us really cool is observing the different types of personalities addressing the same issues.

There are about 4 basic types of people, this is not news.  Each type makes a good leader.  The great ones become great by realizing they need to adapt to other types when communicating.

They tend to build teams and facilitate the assets of the different types…….covering the weaknesses of one type with the strength of another type.

The better we get at this, forgetting self and adapting to different types so we communicate better is where that ‘Next Level’ resides. Technology and systems will not bring anyone to the next level, communication is the little hinge that turns the big door into the ‘Next Level.’

I keep putting ‘Next Level’ in quotes because I am so sick of that phrase …..almost as sick of it as I am of the pitchmen who over use it….geez, talk about a hackneyed cliché 🙂

[We’ll be doing a webcast in late July about the 4 types, stay tuned in here …..or at http://markjtrains.com ]

Sitting around without organizations present changes the dynamic, the discussion turns to Mastering Minding about a growing new challenge and brainstorming around an age old challenge.


What kind of room has no windows or doors?

The blend of MLM vets and younger, brilliant minds stuns me when the new challenge comes up we are all facing.

The challenge is the distraction the internet has become.

The gang that is a little longer in the tooth seems to feel it will pass……”we’ve all seen these fad type things before.”

The younger bucks are a lot more concerned.

Vet’s seem to think people are going to do what they are going to do and when they are ready to make money, they’ll get on the phone……in the meantime…..encourage all efforts.

The young bucks hit the roof.  This is a pleasant surprise for me.  I figure younger generation is more internet savvy and will be more supportive…..I am wrong.

Conversation at breakfast table has the kids imploring vets to not be so laid back.

Readers of this blog know the biggest lie in networking is ‘You just have to find the right people‘…..and these smart young bulls get that…..what they are trying to get the vets to understand is the rape of the new, inexperienced reps they are enrolling who get sucked into spending money and time on  ‘Magic Systems’……where ‘Secrets’ are revealed.

I sit mesmerized by their insight.  They get the biggest lie is slyly being coupled with the second biggest lie in networking to not only distract their people from the one thing that will build their business but running up debt on their credit cards.  They are pissed and want the vets to join them in taking this fleecing of folks with good intentions and make them aware.

The second biggest lie in networking is:


This lie is told a number of ways.


Either way, it’s bullshit.

Not sure?

If systems duplicate then show me a Ford Assembly line that made another Ford Assembly line…..or an Apple production line that made another Apple production line,

The only thing that duplicates are systems based on skills, vitalized by people who teach those skills hands on.

By combining the first lie….you just have to find the right people with people don’t duplicate, systems do….in a contrived fashion, everything else makes perfect sense…..and BANG…..there goes the inexperienced folks credit cards and their time. And there goes your new reps…..down the drain.

A strategy based on a lie is doomed to fail.  It’s not the number of prospects, it is what we say to the people we talk to.

The right people are everywhere.

Everyone wants more time, more money and less taxes.  The reason they say ‘no’ is what needs to be learned along with how people make decisions.  Knowing what is in the prospects mind and what to say to get a yes is a simple skill.

The number of prospects, systems etc is irrelevant to your business if 90% want more time and money and 90% are saying ‘no.’

Let me put it another way…..if your friends and relatives did not like what you had to say, why in the world would we think strangers will like it any better?  DUH?

BUT ….. the online magic systems create ’empathy’ …. they ‘understand’….and don’t want to ‘bother your friends’……and aren’t you ‘tired of chasing and bothering friends?’…..more s#%@t being throw around than in an outhouse.

Why wouldn’t I want my brother Joe to know he can pay 5000 a year less in taxes?  Is that bothering him?  Huh?

What these systems do ….rather what the pitch they make does…..is keep you in the dark and cover you with S&$%T …..about how they used this to become a top earner…..tell you all the things they failed at and did not like ……get you to ‘feel’ the same way…..and tell you they know the secret of getting you AND your organization RICH….[what that really means…..is …..we want you to sell this to your people and if you will STOP working your primary program and get people on this system we’ll pay you and you’ll get rich…..talk about bullshit.]


What kind of room has no windows or doors?

A mushroom.

Know how to grow mushrooms?

Keep them in the dark and cover them with S$^#zT……

Know how to get distributors to buy secrets?

Keep them in the dark and cover them with S$^#zT……

What these systems promise, some implied, some directly ….is that you don’t have to talk to people.

Networking is talking to people.

We gotta get on the phone.

If we use a little common sense we quickly learn we need to learn some skills.  Look, networking is so great and your company is good and the product works…..then their is a reason they are saying no and it is NOT because they are not the right people.

If you were a painter and wanted to be a computer programmer, you’d know you would need to learn some new skills.  For some reason people don’t understand that when they join an MLM.

Once we learn some simple skills about how people make decisions and how to phrases things properly, your pipeline is bursting ……and …..this becomes your system…..it’s huge because you have now tapped into something that will authentically profitably duplicate…..a system, based on skills, vitalized by people who teach those skills hands on.

You become the teacher and ……when you learn how to get 90%+ to say yes to looking…..you are vitalizing your FREE system.

Once people know they will get a yes 90% of the time, they get on what The Fabulous Davene calls the ATM

…..you probably know it as the phone.

Teach them how to get a yes and they are happy to get on the phone.


What demands an answer but asks no questions?

The Phone


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • You are sure right . People are every where. Most distributers are too busy sorting out their list of whow not to call. Believe in what you do , show confidence. Is ths a real business or hobby for you. When we worked a 9 to 5 job , did tasks all the time that were uncomfortable for a wage. Give yourself a wage in the business. allocated the necessary time and effort to hit the goal.
    Bottom line just make the calls , set the time in your day planner or fire yourself for missing work.
    Mark you a great mentor and trainer. in the pastmonths your skills training has brought me to the next level in my business, and brought my family closer.
    Thank you
    Henry Vigeant

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