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We’ve posted these Skills in an order that makes sense to us - set up in sequence from beginner to more advanced builder training.  They’re formatted so you can quickly understand what that particular Skill is designed to do for you.

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#1 What Goes Through the  Prospects Head?

This video reveals the 3 things your prospect is thinking and how to talk to them so you can avoid rejection or silly objections based on their ignorance of network marketing. 

 #2 Government Funding
Dollars and Common Sense

In this module you'll learn how to leverage the tax advantage of your home based business. You'll discover the best way to create positive cash flow for yourself and others.

#3 The 3 Deep Pattern

Nothing will have as profound effect on your network marketing success as understanding the 3 Deep Pattern. By making the system the star of your organization you automatically forego the usual ego based team problems.

#4 The 5 Accelerators

You'll find these 5 keys are the proven steps to accelerating your business and team building success to warp speed. Learn and teach your team how to master duplication and stress free recruiting.

 #5 The Ink is Still Drying

Guess what?  You're not here because you're looking for another business opportunity.  You're here because you want to know how to earn some money. Right?  Some people parlay this training into a small fortune.

#6 Be a Great Story Teller

When you master the skill of being a great story teller - you'll be able to shift from debt and desperation to peace and prosperity.  Discover why people make the decisions they do and how you can use this to move forward fast.

#7 List Building

Time to settle the ongoing argument about old school versus new school and learn how to build your business on enduring principles instead of trends.

The step-by-step skills training in these videos will make THE DIFFERENCE in the growth and success of your business.  BUT only if you and your team learn, practice and apply them consistently.   Invest some time - your return will be huge!

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