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The obsession with MLM leads, and paying for them is at such an absurd fever pitch that it boggles the mind.  Really?  Pay for MLM leads?

The Big Lie

Sites and the pitchmen promise “prospects” with Funnel and Social Media “hacks” are lying to you.  MLM leads, no matter how they are generated are just that… not prospects.

Try burning these definitions onto your brain and, more importantly, onto the brains of your greatest assets –  your teammates.

A suspect is a name and a number

A possibility is someone you talked to and agreed to look at your stuff.

A prospect is a possibility who has volunteered THEIR reason for looking.

So anyone telling you (selling you) that you can develop prospects through their social media hacks and funnels is lying.  Period.

See, a person, properly “prospected” is coming to your presentation ready to buy and ready to join.  MLM leads.

How do you get prospects?  Well, now you’ve conjured up the greatest of all questions to ask yourself so that common sense returns.


MLM leads
Fearful and inexperienced peeps are easy targets for clever lead hustlers

There exists, on planet earth, out of 7 billion people, ZERO prospects.

None.  Nada. Zilch.

No one is a prospect until we talk to them.  That is the money shot, folks.  Learning the skills to convert suspects into possibilities into prospects.

So why would you pay ten cents for a lead… which, now you know is a “suspect” at best.   The last 7 plus years of building in MLM, wifey and myself had a 94% conversion rate… meaning 94% of the people we showed our business to for ourselves and/or teammates, joined.  They were MLM leads we converted into prospects… who, you may recall, are ready to buy and ready to join BEFORE you show them what you have.

MLM Leads

All this bullshit out there (here is the hook the bottom feeders use) about “and you won’t have to bother your friends and relatives” sounds great to people who feel like they burned through their list and don’t know what to do next.


And next week we’ll release a free 4 part series to show you exactly what to say and do to turn these free local MLM leads into prospects that are ready to buy and ready to join.

Here’s the link for the webcast and workbook.  Imagine a handful of your teammates, let’s say 10… who all quickly turn over 5000+ leads AND have 25 people who own businesses in those areas, expecting a call.  Think that might help?

Let me know how you feel and what else we can do for training.  After all, it’s you readers who made us 8th in the world… and the only blog that spends zero on advertising.


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MLM leads
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