Blog   Four Cores Values That Define Personal Trust, Got ’em?


As trust goes up cost goes down and production goes up….. the converse is also true.

Example: If you are trying to build a team of reps and they don’t trust you ………or what you are teaching ……….or you are trying to acquire customers and they don’t believe you …Ut-Oh….your cost goes up because you have to go find new people and cultivate new relationships.  This costs time and money.

Traditional thinking :::>Strategy X Execution = Results

Covey’s brilliant shift

Strategy x Execution x Trust = Results

There are 13 behaviors that will accelerate the speed trust but they’re build on 4 common sense core values so let’s discuss those right now.

These four cores are really about foundational self trust……do you trust you?


Covey points out an experience we’ve all had.  Folks who have great talent have good intentions but they don’t always take the right road, sort of the “end justify’s the means” type of person.  Here’s 6 steps to help us begin to trust ourselves, some Covey and  some me 🙂

1. Don’t make commitments you don’t plan to keep.

2. Keep all the commitments you make, no matter what.

3. Add 20% to the time you think it will take you to complete something.

4. Stand for something, whether it’s easy or hard.

5. Be open-minded.

6. Ask for feedback often.

I got in the habit of asking people  I was working with to identify a coach or a couple of teachers that were very effective in their life.  I asked them to think about what those instructors who helped them had in common and worked to emulate the style.  That’s good but what made it better, what build trust, was asking them on a weekly basis what I could do style-wise to be more effective.  When they made a suggestion I took it to heart and followed points 1 and 2 on the list above.



This is why we are doing something.  This is really the core of our intent and to inspire trust in others, that is the greatest trust, the accelerator of trust is to make sure your motive shows authentic care for others.  It’s fine to want to make a lot of money but if you have already set in motion a way that your success can affect society as a whole it has an enormous impact on trust.

Example: Don’t tell people what you are going to do with the profit to benefit others.  Start now taking a percentage to help others.


The agenda is really the plan to manifest your objective.  When your agenda benefits others to an equal or greater degree that it benefits you trust goes up.  Simple.  Make money for your partners.  the more concerned your are about their bottom line the more your bottom line grows and the lower your costs become.


Your behavior has to match your motive and agenda to accelerate trust.  Our behavior is what seperates the children from the adults.  Telling people you care or that your going to contribute to society, when matched in your behavior has an obvious effect on trust.


I love Covey’s use of an acronym here TASKS (Talents, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge, Style)  While all of these are important the one thing that I saw accelerate trust more than anything else was improving my own skills.  As they improved those working with me noticed and followed the example.  But that wasn’t the BIG payoff.  The payoff was people knew they were not working with someone who was a “do as I say not as I do” personality but someone who tried to improve the team by improving himself.

I’m a big promoter of practice, always on the bully pulpit about it.  One night about 3 in the morning some reps heard me in my hotel room practicing a speech I was going to give the next day.  Their trust soared and so did production.


If you are telling other people how to recruit or build lists or get affiliates that’s great. And the information you’re sharing with them may be profound but nothing will elevate trust like you producing results with the concepts that you are teaching.

So these are the 4 Cores of personal trust……meaning:are you going to be perceived as trustworthy…….

Turstworthy is an interesting word….. Am I worthy of trust?

Look at the 4 cores…..where can we improve?   Be brutally honest….that is part of being trustworthy, agree?

Tomorrow we will move onto the 13 behaviors and building relationship trust.

Who knows, by then you may have decided to head over to Amazon and pick up a copy.

If you’re in a hurry and like to listen to stuff while driving or walking……you can download my spin on this book for folks working at home here……no upsells, squeeze pages or informtion required.


Mark Januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

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