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It happens every year…

We’re lucky, got a lot of friends in MLM…and a lot of really cool peeps who visit our blog, comment and keep the conversation going.  Much gratitude.

Of great interest is how they tend to breakdown into 2 groups.   Those who take stock and know they need to make some changes, responsible types… and the other group tends to want to believe that being in ‘the right deal at the right time’ or the ‘pay plan’ will make them rich.

People are getting smarter; that’s excellent.

We’ve seen an immense uptick in people already looking to do better next year.

So how do you ‘get better’ and ‘do better’?

Not with hype.  And by now, if you’ve stopped by here before, you know that ‘hope’ is not a strategy.

Here is exactly what to do… for the mind and the mechanisms.

Easy and Effective Steps for MLM Winners

Step 1 – Meet with your people and let them know 2014 is ‘our year’ and you want to focus on their goals by improving the mindset and the skills team-wide.

Step 2 – Explain why December is a great month.  Provide social proof from their own experience!   If we are offering time and money and people are in pain over time and money, we’ve got a match.

Step 3 – Agree to meet once a week to improve the mindset – yours and theirs.   Share this ‘discovery’ of ‘how to get better.’

Step 4 – Have them grab this free copy of Think and Grow Rich at this site (here)  and the workbook that matches that version of Think and Grow Rich.

Work through 1 Step of the 13 Steps to riches a week.   Simple.


Think and Grow Rich Creates A Success Consciousness
Think and Grow Rich Creates A Success Consciousness

You all read the first step to riches, Desire and fill in the workbook (5 minutes), then discuss at the meeting in your home, conference call, etc.

Simply discuss, share and discover.   Teach them R2A2 (recognize, relate, assimilate, apply)


Meet with your team at 6:00 PM or 6:30.


One hour discussion… then, BAM, we all get on the phone.

What is CAPS?

Have them do ‘CAPS’ so you can MMAC

C – Contacts

A – Appointments

P – Presentations

S – Sales

What is MMAC?

M – Monitor – have them track ‘CAPS’ on an index card.

M – Measure – measure their numbers against team average so you can identify where each person needs support and where they need improvement.

A – Adjust – now you know what the challenge for each rep is, simply show them the skill they need in the area they need help and do it hands on.

C – This allows you to control the growth of your businesses… yours and theirs.

We cannot teach what we do not know
We cannot teach what we do not know


People love seeing their mindset and skill level improve and if you start now, by the time December rolls around you’ll have been through 6 or 7 steps in Think and Grow Rich, building confidence in the mind with the ONLY proven formula.  And they will have improved …getting better results – BAM – while other teams quit around mid-November.   You’ve got improving vets and new, excited people, roaring into December…

Come January 15th, while others struggle to get their peeps back to work, you’ll have momentum.

The game changer, of course, in addition to the mindset, is the skills.

We simply cannot teach what we do not know.  There is no way around that.

The free 3 part skill based video training will be up on the 18th.  We want our readers to get early access.  You can do that right here

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing




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  • It is not the MLM that become easier… This is you who become better (by improving skills).
    Thank you Mark and Davene for your mentoring.


  • Great advice as always Mark. Thank you for sharing a wonderful source and methods that truly work. With so much noise out there this us so refreshing!

  • Mark,
    That was an incredible video now I know why you are an unbelievable teacher. I can’t wait for the other videos.

  • As always Mark, good stuff. Hey, that other group, are they the same ones that only wants to sit around, watch TV, drink some beers, maybe smoke a little pot rather than do something for themselves and their families?

  • This very morning I woke up and decided I needed to get more organizational skills for developing my team. Then I open this email. WOW! Just what I needed! Thank you.

  • Tanks so much for the energy you’re giving me. I was travelling in Japan when I received this video, returning next week to France. I am thirsty for the skills so to plan a big success for my team for 2014 !
    All the best for you and “fabulous” Davene. Dominique

  • The program is awesome, the skills are awesome, and finally but certainly not least your awesome with the “fabulous Davene” (lol quoting fingers) and your incredible team.

  • Thank you so much Mark. I can hardly wait until the 18th to pick up the first piece of training! I LOVE your push for hard work in December and pre-summer – when others probably are not working. Thanks for all you do for the field!

  • 12 years in the business and every time I listen to you I learn
    something. You’re amazing.

  • Mark, WOW!! Woke me up. You see, you and I worked for W.Clemente Stone at the same time. I knew Mr. Stone and had gone on trips with him. I can tell everyone that he was one of the greatest men that ever walked this earth.I understood everything you said about R2A2 And managing our business. That’s exactly how we use to do that with Combined. I was with Mr Stone for sixteen years and never thought I would see the likes of him again. You keep doing what you’re doing and You and your Wife will have as much or more effect on more people than Mr. Stone did. I love your giving the people the CHOICE to WIN and change their life around.
    I love where you live. Actually, went to Kauai with Mr Stone on a Combined trip. Have been back three times since. Bless you for all you do!
    Bob Hrynezuk

  • Mark,
    Thanks so much for this video! it is already lighting a fire under my backside for a Dyn-o-mite 4th quarter & Fantastic 2014!

    I’ll be watching for the next videos!

    Bill Chase
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • We appreciate that Carl…..we really do.

    You are right…..SO MUCH NOISE …..but, we all can pass it with common sense 🙂

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Bob

    Everything we do [in go90grow, our lives, etc…] is all based on Mr. Stone’s “magic”

    I had 2 great stints with Combined….unfortuantely, I was too young to realize what an amazing gift was laid before me……I learned soooooooo much but, gosh, do I envy your experience….

    Started 2 direct sales companies, both were amazing successes….and, really, carbon copies of Success System that NEVER Fails….

    Our blessings in MLM? Same exact pattern for our teams…..BAM!

    Really appreciate your sharing Bob…….and, by the way ….many people in the area have this and i BELIEVE it will interest you also ……LOL

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mark,
    This is excellent and outstanding.
    The longer I work through all the training the more I realise that I was blessed to meet with you and Davene.
    Working for money makes you a slave to money, but working for a mission makes you free.
    Looking forward to meet you in 2014, hope in South Africa if not then in Hawaii.

  • Thank you Mark, as always I pick up the tiny and big information I have missed in the past. 2014 IS OUR YEAR

  • Mark, this is amazing…You and Davene and the team are really the bests…really appreciate for teaching us all of this…See you in Portugal 😉

  • Mark, Brilliant … laying it all out in simple, doable and teachable steps so I can do it myself first and then show others. You a lighthouse. I can get out of the fog, bypass the rocks, find a great crew and sail my MLM yacht to great places … and most importantly have FUN.

    Thanks a mill, Kevin

  • Hi Mark, Great information! I am looking forward to applying this info. Thanks again

  • Thanks Mark…..I am always looking to improve and I can always count on getting great information that you share….
    looking forward to a fabulous 2014

  • I am always excited to see what you have to say. I have been on a non-productive jag for too long. Thanks for the re-BOOT!

  • Fantastic! All of your videos, even though I went thru Go-90-Grow, (Go-90-Grow is Mark J.’s course that teaches MLM growth prinicples) are worth listening to again and again.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • I had that Aha moment yesterday. I can have success with any product or service I want to sell IF I:
    – skill build and use the 5 P’s
    – replace limiting beliefs
    – Develop strong leadership skills

    no instant gratification – work to become the very best you can be daily!

  • Hey Mark, what an amazing concept for the 90 day run pre and post Holiday. I love it.

    My group is going to start this on Tuesday the 15th of October.

    Love it and thank you!

  • Thanks Mark for the fantastic training. Please keep all your great trainings coming. I learn so much from you. And thanks for the Think and Grow Rich workbook. I have the paperback, but did not have the workbook. I look forward to many more trainings from you to come. Thanks again.

  • I love it Mark, You are teaching people going from “The blind leading the blind” to the “enlightened leading the enlightened”
    Keep up the good work I really appreciate you. Thank You so much.

  • This is absolutely awesome! I have been doing something myself to handle December, but this is far superior! I get more resistance from people claiming they have no one to talk to or they do not know how to approach someone…. This system allows leaders to track and diagnose where the skills break down! Thank you, thank you!

  • Thanks for all you give and teach. I love MK and all that is happening there, but I need all the instruction I can gather. do not want to miss one lesson from go90grow or anything you are associated with. I want my 2014 to begin today and never stop.

  • Hi Mark,

    I am blessed to be introduced to you by my mentor. I am glad that you share this beautiful success formula with us. I will for sure share with my team. I have just started my own 90-day blitz and needed to adjust it to be more realistic.

    Loving your R2A2 and MMAC teaching!!

    THANK YOU, Mark!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  • Mark, you and Davene have come up with the perfect training at this time. This is exactly what I was looking for to set up in the 3rd quarter and our company has made 2014 a huge goal year for us. thank you , Dave

  • Mark,
    Thank you for your teachings. I have been enjoying them and do what I can to take action with them. I look forward in using and sharing your videos and teachings. I am truly thankful I came across your videos and blog.
    Franklin McQuaid
    The Unemployed Genius

  • WOW!! Woke me up.Great info. Thank you Mark. I am glad that you share this beautiful success formula with us.Mark,This very morning I woke up and decided I needed to get more organizational skills for developing my team. Then I open this email. WOW! Just what I needed! Thank you thank you!!!…again, Mark.I really need your teach…


  • I love the sharing you do, such a generous, generous heart.

    I do have a question… I am getting started again with my business. I do not yet have team. How should I use this great strategy?

  • Thanks for the practical advice!!!! 2014 is OUR year! Can’t wait to get my team on board!

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