finding people to talk to

Struggling with finding people to talk to?

Wifey, The Fabulous Davene, and I did a lot of Saturday seminars.

We were in the top 50 earners because we had figured out one of the biggest challenges and solved it.  Finding people to talk to.   Interestingly, we were not in the top 25 earners but did far more seminars than all other speakers.   Why?  Why were we in such demand, booked almost two years out?


For some reason, people want to make MLM complicated, unique, different.   I don’t know why and I stopped caring why people feel that way a long time ago.   Why invest time in things that are not income producing or goal advancing?

When you break it all down, in its purest form, we really do 4 tiny things to make

The Key To The Vault
The Key To The Vault

a lot of money and have fun doing it.

ONE: Ask people to look at our “stuff”

TWO: Show’em our “stuff”

THREE: Collect a decision after we show’em our stuff

FOUR: The ones who say “yes” we simply show them how to do the first 3 things over and over until they can do it.

So why don’t a lot more people make a lot more money?

To make those 4 things work seamlessly, you need two things.


So we need two things, really.   Names and skills.

We get names, learn the skills then just execute those four things.

Simple.   If you have names and know where to get more and more and more.  Big word, IF…

Here is the link to the webcast and we set it up to be easier for you.   Once you register for the webbie, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can grab the 17-page worksheet.

I’m teaching a set of skills normally only taught to Go90Grow© members… Yes we go fast. Yes, it is all meat and yes, I’ll show you exactly what to do and you can do it instantly.   And, no, there is nothing for sale before, during or after.   And, yes, we’ll show you the skills too.


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