Finding an MLM Whale Is Easy


Naw, don’t worry.  I’m not going to turn the clock back to tell you how it was “back in the day.”

Something very cool happened on New Year’s Eve day here in Kauai and it triggered a memory.

A whale.

In the 1990s we lived and died, everyone, looking for that “MLM whale.”

Don’t hear that phrase much anymore.   In the early 2000’s it was “hitter”.

No games, just different terms and hope-peddler,  but it was the same crock of baloney.

A way to peddle “hope” to us newbies and want-to-be types.

Really, no harm meant, at least by most people who were making some money… like $5000 or $10,000 a month.   See, their hard work had them buying into what the bigger earners were spouting off about.

Hey, can’t blame them.   They were on the rise and wanted to be like the bigger, grizzled vets.

Ah, those grizzled vets and their hope peddling… right in there with TV Evangelists.   (Most of them actually better than TV preachers.)

Finding an MLM Whale Is Easy

Now as binaries grabbed a little traction, it became louder.  Only the pitch-of-hope had morphed from “whale” to “hitter “to a “player.”

And between that hope of finding a “player” …being in a “power leg” …and, “we’re going to build below you”…well, golly, how could we quit?

Here is the truth about all that bullshit.

Really? I can find a whale if I just don't quit? Good grief
Really? I can find a whale if I just don’t quit? Good grief

Any real player is going to get a special deal from the company… not from a never was.  Know a guy from FL… what a “pip.”  Working both companies and reps for sweetheart deals based on what HE brings to the table.   It ain’t much but he’s mastered that game.  Hilarious, really.   He seeks companies on the uptick… then engages a couple different lines… secretly, for a while anyway and gets them bidding against each other with the hope the company will get involved and toss him some dough.    Never produces and …well, let’s get back on point here.

The point is most “players” had one decent run and they are going to decide who sponsors them.

Or, they have a couple fair charges up the hill, one good one, and they know better, they handpick their sponsor… I sure would.

In either case, all us glassy-eyed peeps in the Convention centers and big Super Saturdays hear about hanging in there …that one person can turn your business around, don’t give up hope!

“If you just hang in there… a whale [player/big hitter] may show up and …in our comp plan you don’t even have to find them”

It’s a lie.

Has it happened?




Show me 3 people you know who “accidentally” found a “whale” by hanging in there.

Oddly enough, the well-intentioned peddlers of hope and the not so well-intentioned peddlers of hope (one group believes the lie, the second one is just lying)… they all are right.   They just don’t know where to look for that one distributor who will change the destiny of a group.   Our great discovery?

We found them not because we were smart, lucky or great.   Nope.

Not only did we find two… we sponsored them, easily, within minutes of finding them.

Better yet, we never had to peddle that crap about finding a whale or it’s equally damaging “the company’s going to go VERTICAL!”

Nope… only had to teach people, one at a time where to find “a whale”.

Here you go…



Here is the chapter on the first step in sponsoring your whale…as promised.

Desire is not enough, so keep reading.

But the real question here is one of heart.   No, this is not motivational drivel.   aAe you, in your heart all in?

How can I tell?

Well, it’s simple.

1.  DMP

2. DMP of others you read every day.  Success in this biz is about helping others get what they want.

3. Do you know exactly how many hours you work weekly?   Any biz with no inventory is out of biz.   Our inventory is what we do with our time.

4. 80% of your time spent reaching out to suspects… not calling the same tired list.

5. Average of 15 dials per hour.

6. Know that duplication is caught, not taught…

Pretty simple.   There it is, and there is not a damn thing on that list that everyone cannot do.   We call all do that like putting on a pair of socks.

Now… once you are “all in” …guess what?

Others on your team move “all in” and …it’s game over.

The one possible exception to you growing into a “whale” …believing the lies about “duplication (see point 6 on the above list)

So here you go ...2 skills, free of course, that do not appear on this site.  They are a gift… the gift of finally learning that duplication cannot be taught, it’s got to be caught.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
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  • Well Mark, what can I say! You’ve provided yet another truth to the arsenal of my marketing mindset! I really appreciate your posts and videos, I share them with my team and I look forward to the day that I can participate in your go90grow program and sit in the banquet room, listening to you in person and knowing that I am truly moving toward my ultimate desire!

  • I really like the new intro/exit parts to the videos! I wish I could agree more than 1000%, more than totally… Want a whale, be one. I was looking for a ‘Bubba’, the person who knows everyone and everyone follows…. then I noticed I needed to be one first.

    My first ever sales training in the late 70’s provided by the USN for my tour as a recruiter, did not talk about commitment. The word was conviction then. Until you are convinced, [convicted] about every aspect of what you are offering, you will find the excuses for not being every area you are not convinced yourself. It is like we have a neon sign over our heads flashing the one, two or three reasons we agree don’t make it the deal we say it is.

    I complained for along time that the ‘players’ I knew told a different story than the one I knew about. Many of them had a huge ‘suspect list’ before they began and, yes, they continued to build it but they seldom mentioned their initial list was HUGE and ready to go. Most folks stop actively building their circles of influence the day they graduate from high school.

    Bubba, has a growing list naturally. I discovered Bubba in the mirror recently. He’s having a lot fun and you have made it easier to pass on. You either build your list, before or after you join, ongoingly or you grow stagnant.

  • This is massive! I HAVE THE KEYS OF MY DESTINY IN MY OWN HANDS, useless to look outside, and better to believe in Father Christmas than to follow this hype of the big hitter arising from nowhere in my organization!
    Another thing hit me too: to read daily the DMP of two or more partners – I knew it was key but forgot to do it! So, thank you Mark, for keeping our awareness up. Gratitude.

  • Mark has hit the nail on the head …. ONCE AGAIN !
    I’ve identified my problems….NOW I’ve got to get busy
    and do my followups like I should. I’ve always been my own
    worst enemy.

    Thank You Mark !


  • Thanks Mark for this insight. So many people are looking for their Whale. I now know where to find them and to be able to teach others who think that way. It is so true that the “Whales” never sign-up with you and they are not usually able to do it again. Thanks Again

  • Hi Mark,

    The more I listen and watch your videos just makes perfect sense to me. I like that sponsor “YOU” First!

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