An MLM Software that puts you in a position to excel and operate at peak performance.

Need REAL prospects?  Check.  Knowledge?  Check.  Skills?  Check.  Time Management?  Check. Affordable?  Check, [if free now and forever is affordable by your standards.]

MLM Software

I got this software in 1993.  There have been upgrades over the years so both ends operate great in this rapidly changing world.

Both ends?

Yes… you and your business, that’s one end.  Interacting with the world, [prospecting, leads, showing the business, social media, etc.], that’s the other end.

In September of 1992, I was failing for the 6th time in MLM.  This time it was different than the other 5 times.


There had been a law change in the seafood business and guys and gals like me were losing about 50% of our income as a result.

The previous failures I’d experienced was while I was making a 6-figure income.  Now, raising 2 kids on my own, I really needed it to happen.  Badly.

My income had fallen below the monthly expenses and they were about to go up as my son was just a couple years from college.

So I took a huge risk and bought a desktop computer… my son got me on this weird thing called the interwebbie or something like that.

A gifted child [really, he’s been tested], he took the time to explain hardware, software, and a few other things.

I started looking at the interwebbie thing for one of these softwares, an MLM Software,  to help me manage my MLM, time, get me leads, teach me how to get people enrolled and keep my attitude strong.

A Little Scared

See, raising 2 kids, working more hours in the seafood business just to make half of what I was making, trying to do MLM as a way to make up the lost revenue… well, I was a little scared.


Look, your circumstances that trigger your fears, doubts, or insecurities might be different but as soon as we have one of the BIG THREE [fears, doubts or insecurities] we might as well put a sign on ourselves that says, “Sucker”.

And man, do the self-promoting tool peddling gurus love to exploit that… with promises of breaking ranks with magic systems, softwares, social media hacks, lead generators, mastermind summits [filled with even more tool peddling con artists] … and it’s all turning for you or against you based on the one thing I am going to share with you next.

MLM software
Dawn Anderson Found and used the software to change her life

That MLM software you hope exists really does exist.

It is right between your ears.

Perfect But…

There exists a space…  about 6 inches between your ears that has a power within to far beyond what is need to succeed in MLM it is mind-blowing.  Really.

Worth millions.

The software between your ears… will get leads, strike interest, show the business, close and teach others to do those 5 things.

I found it in 1993 after reading and DOING Think and Grow Rich.   That led me to the Master Key System.  The Master Key System is  24 short lessons that the entire book Think and Grow Rich is based on.  I found it, studied and applied it as the Master Key System is laid out.  I made one startling discovery after another.

Let me share this one first. “The mechanism is perfect but unfortunately, the operator is often poor or inexperienced with what this mechanism can do.”

With work, hard mental labor, I have found the power within this brain and all others to be so powerful, so brilliant, so magnificent that nothing is impossible.  I’ve witnessed this over and over and over.

You see, the real story behind our success, living the dream, building one winner after another… is we taught this to our teams, we let them know 2 things.

  1. What lies before them and what lies behind them pales in comparison to with lies within them
  2. The software, the champion, the hero… were all within… and they already knew how to win.

To prove it, we’d have them view this video… and then spend all our time helping them find that remarkable set of gifts [way, way, way past what is need to succeed in MLM; they were already the quintessential MLM Software!

In September we’ll be teaching the Master Key System over a six month period… lesson a week for 6 months.  Now before you think some pitch is coming at you, relax!  You cannot buy that course at any price.   It’s all done with actual scholarships because previous members decided they wanted to “pay-it-forward”… people like Dawn Anderson paid the tuition for others, for you.

MLM Software
Dawn learned to locate, access and apply the Master Key within

Dawn, one of my hero’s,  was a failing MLMer… a single mother of 8 [not a typo] … 8!!  She too, found the software and put herself in the top 1/10th of 1% of the earners in the MLM world.

So to do you have this power, this remarkable MLM software.  To find it, learn to use it and master it will take some work and we’ll give you a certified guide [free, it’s all free], to help you for 6 months.  Because of the 1:1 support, our staff of 60 can only handle so many people… so get on the early notification list right here.

Bottom line?  There is greatness in you… let’s go get it.  And you already know the gurus and hypesters don’t have squat to offer… but you have it all within.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker




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