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Yeah, yeah, I keep saying it.  There are no secrets in MLM.

Keep carrying that message, will ya?   If you’re experienced you must be just as sick and tired of seeing people ripped off with the ‘endless flow of leads’ bullshit …everybody knows, except inexperienced and fearful people, that leads don’t build leaders.

They sell them leads.

Then ‘boot camps’ …to convert the leads.

“Boot Camp”  …good grief… what are we joining here, the Marines?

And while I’m at it, have you had enough of the ‘MLM” doesn’t work nonsense?   More bottom feeders…

There are no Secrets to Sponsoring More in MLM

If we teach people what to do with their time (that takes about 5 minutes) and teach them, hands-on, how to talk to people so they get a ‘yes’ 80% of the time or more to looking, your business will thrive.

MLMer’s have wanted it both ways for decades.

Leaders tell us, “It’s a business.  Treat it like a business and it will pay you like a biz; treat it like a hobby and it will pay you like a hobby,” while at the same time telling themselves and others that it’s different than other businesses.

The truth we found in 1996 is that a lot of well intentioned people were training like MLM was different.

It’s not.

If you do this one thing and couple it with a simple network marketing skill, not only will you sponsor more but the most important thing you need to happen will happen… you will have more people sponsoring without you.  That’s the objective, yes?

The one thing?  (Please excuse the wind and water hitting the kayak, slight noise)

Take Inventory Now

How many hours, exactly did you put in last week?

Don’t know?   Exactly?   Great.  You just learned you CAN’T take inventory.

Make that correction.

How should it look if you do know?

Take the hours and multiply times .8 (80%)

Multiply that times 15 reach outs (or contacts) per hour, a pretty average pace.

AT&T and my own charting to verify AT&T’s numbers tells us we will reach the person we are trying to reach 16% of the time.

Here is an example.

10 hours x .8 = 8 hours

Is 80% on the Main Thing Your Plan?
Is 80% on the Main Thing Your Plan?

8 hours x 15 dials = 90 dials

90 dials x .16 = 14-15 contacts

That networking skill will produce a ‘yes’ 80%+ of the time or 11 people looking at your biz.

That’s 44 decisions a month.

BAM!  Game over as others you teach this simple 80-10-10 formula to.

80% on the Main Thing

10% Communicating

10% Promoting the next event.

We improve what we measure, so measure and improve.

From there?  Simple.  Learn how to get duplication with this very easy skill.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
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  • Mark, you are 100% correct. I learned 30+ years ago in building my business. That when you control your time, correct actions and consistency of efforts. The desired results will come. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

  • I love it when Mark shows you what a waste of time lead generating systems are and how full of bull most of those who are out there selling them are. The ones who are trying to selling you a system that will do the work for you. Who do they think they are kidding – they are preying on those who just don’t have the skills they need or they’re confused by to many systems and leaders telling them different way to build. Do my 7 steps, use my getting started guide, use MY system for $19.95 a month, buy my book. etc. etc. etc. Anyone, anyone can build a 2nd income in 12 hours a week – ANYONE!!! Hello there are 6 Billion people on the planet, are you telling me you can find 5-10 good ones in 2 years! Please if you can’t get sell your stuff and go home. How about you pay your mortgage & car payment every month by working for a couple of years for 12 hours a week? Is it worth it to build 3-5K a month for that or more??? Mark isn’t really lazy, he’s just smarter than most.

  • Thanks Mark for the reminder. It is so true and a must to take inventory every day and also read “Woman in the glass”. I am working on this. Keeping the MT and talking to people.that don’t know about our business. Blessings.

  • Hey Mark what ya doing…LOL…? Calm water Kayaking in MY thing ! Btw- gentle kayak rowing is great physical therapy for rotator cuff rehab. Hmm…could be a 100 word blog there for me. The MT is to keep the MT the MT…AND…relax have FUN; it’s NETWORK’in…LOL…

  • Hi Mark and Davene!
    I’m studying those great and free skills you posted on this blog (THANK YOU FOR THAT) and a question come to me.
    The masterline in those skills is aim to the human nature instead on the compensation plan and that it’s really smart, but how organize a plan to action. I’m preparing myself to begin next 2nd September cause my company is facing an important issue and it’s locked now. I would like to make a plan for 60 days or even 90 days and at the end of those 60 or 90 days make an event, starting from scratch. So the point is how to embrace human nature (your skills) and a game plan for 60 or 90 days with an event as outcome? How to organize my tasks doing the real (MAIN) thing without put pressure on my prospects in order them sell themselves but also achieving important goals.
    Unfortunately i didn’t attend to the event go90grow this year. I will next year and it would be awesome if you can offer us a live stream of that amazing event.
    I’m really wonder about this mix of skills and plan of action, maybe is very stupid question but it’s necessary for me understand it to take action, in smart and hard way, to make it happen.

    Pd: My english is so so 🙂

  • Your english is just fine….and your thinking is spot on….

    Let’s get you hooked up in the community and work out the details for you Gaston


  • Kayaka’n is the Main Thing on family day Captain!

    Get your butt over here to Kauai in May, and, show us the way Captain Chris!

    mark j

  • Mark, thank you for what you do! I’ve been around for a long time. Mark Hughes was my 1st sponsor and that was before Herbalife. I may be wrong , but I think your example of 8 hours@ 15 calls per hour should be 120. Am I missing something? Again, I really appreciate you.
    Bob Hrynezuk
    P.S. I have never had any real success with networking, but I do believe I can following your teachings.

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