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The more decisions we collect, the more money we make for our team…..and for ourselves.

Making money for the teammates in your group is the very best advertisement for your business.  No one disputes this.

Most people in network marketing can’t tell you, in one sentence, what a distributors job is…….obviously the average rep is going to argue with that…….but test it out.

Ask your teammates to describe the job to you in one sentence.

Don’t be too surprised.  American Corporations, every year for the past 30 years have spend more money on education than the United States spends on education.  Public AND private…..from Kindergarten through Post Grad work.  Wow!

Want to know where they spend 95% of it?

  1. What the job is
  2. How to do the job
  3. How to prevent people, places and things from interfering with doing the job.

It’s simple: Our job is to collect decisions from prospects as to whether they want to be a customer, distributor, both or neither.

More decisions collected?  More money for you.  More decisions collected on your team?  More money for everybody.

Go Ahead, Ask Your Reps Then Make The Correction

It’s not rocket science…..yet most reps really don’t know it’s that simple.  My very best leadership tip is to teach people what the job is and how to do it.


I found a really easy way, with one sentence, to double the number of decisions and dramatically increase group volume, profit, attitudes and authenticate the business model……

Learn and share this with your team……have them view yesteday’s post first….then shoot them this one…….and you’ll develop a team of reps doing far more than the minimum.

Everybody knows you can’t do the minimums and make the maximum……learn and teach the free network marketing skills that will turn you into a leader who gives great tips and creates massive volume.

Here’s the one sentence and video I promised, a really easy skill to learn and teach in less than 2 minutes.


While teaching the skill, you’ll also be teaching them what to do and how to do it.

The skill is called Fusion and it does 2 great things instantly.  [1] It helps your team collect twice as many decisions and [2] dramatically increases your group volume, up to 9x higher for the coachable workers. View it and share this with your team



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