Does Social Media Work for Network Marketing?

Social Media a Hot Button? 14th Most FAQ by Networkers

I’m going to make it hotter.

The prevailing attitude about social media is ‘gotta have it to survive’ and I’m not going to debate that one way or the other.

Everybody seems to want to jump on this bandwagon.

People who want real network marketing help will love what they read next.  People who want excuses to not do the real work will hate what they read next.

Social media is a nice arrow to have in your quiver, but…for most people who want to build a big business and for people who have built big businesses, it’s a distraction and built-in excuse maker.

We Lie To Ourselves

Social Networking is a way to bullshit ourselves into believing we are building a business.

Sorry folks, that’s just the way it is.  We all do it, BS ourselves until we don’t and put first things first.

Is social media important?


Will it build your business?


It’s NetWORK Marketing!

People who build organizations, like Success Coach Kathy Zimmer, understand it is net-WORK-marketing…it is not:

  • Net-point’n’click Marketing
  • Net-FB Marketing
  • Net-email Marketing
Is Conversation a Lost Art?

If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.

Lots of them.

There are 3 critical areas that drive checks – getting people to look at what you have, getting them to show up for the follow-up and helping the ones who enroll to do better.  New people are looking at you for leadership tips, so they can cash checks.

This requires skill, network marketing skill…so we can learn how to talk to more people effectively.

The ‘safe haven’ created by the hours and hours people pour into it social networking isn’t network marketing.

Network Marketing?  It’s work, which is why I say, again, a Social Media primary focus…for most networkers…is a haven for excuses and kidding ourselves so we can ‘pretend’ we are working but not doing ANY of the work that will drive organizations or paychecks.

Talking to people, on the phone or face to face is the work part.  Generating 2000 friends on FB is not work.  Only excuse-makers and slackers will object to this.

It Gets Worse

Ever Hope They Won’t Answer?

People are afraid of rejection.

They don’t like it, no one does, so FB and Twitter lets us pretend we are building a list of prospects.

So what?

You still gotta talk to them…but it does get worse.


There are tons and tons of people who will try to make us feel like we are missing the boat, and people are making $1000s of bucks in their MLM deal with social media.

So for those of us who have phone-fear, this stuff sounds pretty good.

They make money by leveraging our fear or inexperience so we don’t have to face it!

My destiny changed when someone asked me, “How long are you going to let your fear prevent you from doing what needs to be done to succeed?”

Do Both

I am not opposed at all to social media…I do both.

Simply schedule your success.

  1. Keep 1st things 1st – talk to people
  2. Learn the network marketing skills that will make you effective
  3. Decide how many live contacts you’ll make daily
  4. Do it first
  5. Do social media stuff after 9 PM
  6. Limit FB & Twitter to 20 minutes
  • Yes, I do mine in 12 minutes a day, some very cool free tools out there.

Bottom Line: Does Social Media Work for Network Marketing?

It’s all about personal responsibility and common sense.

COMMON SENSE: if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.  Do that first, get good at it, because even if/when you find people with social media as I do, you still gotta talk to them to create transactions.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Is your social media stuff really producing results you can take to the bank today…or is it helping you avoid the one thing we must do to make money in networking?

This is the tough question we all have to ask ourselves.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark this is very informative as usual and good for all business leaders. Thank you

  • Thanks a million for your brilliance and advise!
    This article will help me communicate the common sense about Social Media….and I will pass it on!
    Love your tips …your training and
    I appreciate the fact that you continue to “share”
    what you have learned because you “walk the talk”!
    Blessings on your day,

  • Jackie…….so great to hear from you!!

    It is nuts how people believe they can sit, point and click on social sites and build a business……I sure wish we could get everyone to ‘get’ your great ‘Beep-Beep’ training……I still remember it…..every Beep-Beep…..for each section was ‘action’ … it’s core… to David and the tribe, and congrats on your continued success……always a thrill to have and industry icon stop by……

    mark j

  • Once again Mark, you tell it like it needs to be told. These 2 lines say it all, “a Social Media primary focus ….for most networkers… a haven for excuses and kidding ourselves…….so we can ‘pretend’ we are working” and “My destiny changed when someone asked me, “How long are you going to let your fear prevent you from doing what needs to be done to succeed?”

    Thanks for pointing out what should be obvious based on bottom-line results, i.e. cashing checks. I hope networkers who truly want to succeed will take to heart what you wrote and not let fear or excuses keep them from keeping the main thing the main thing.


  • Hi Mark,

    I gotta tell you, everything you said hit home like a ton of bricks. Having been in this business for a while now, and achieving some success both in Networking and Conventional Business, I recognize every single point you made in your course and you are right on the money.

    I am going to tell our whole organization about this, and you know what? Some people will watch it, but some won’t because they’re too busy watching TV or doing something else that won’t help them take care of their families. May I suggest that they watch your presentation, right now!


  • Wow Mark, You really made your point with this article, What a slap in the face I just got, but you know what it’s all good.

    Thank You for sharing this Million Dollar information with me Mark I really needed to hear the naked truth.

    You’re The Best Mark !

    Keep It Coming My Friend,

    Be Blessed,

    Your Paison,

    Steve Squillace

  • Right again Mark,

    I have always called facebook, WasteBook since you could wast half a day BS-ing with people! Or if you are a congressman or senator you can destroy your political future in 5 or less posts of your buff body!

    Sure it’s fun for getting back in touch with old high school and college friends and if you start a group or post to theirs you can pick up the odd client or partner here and there, but, I wouldn’t make that my only lead source if I were you!

    Bruce Nelkin

  • Once again, Mark, saying the things that need to be said. I can’t tell you the number of people who send me canned email, facebook, or twitter solicitations to join their business. They don’t know me. I don’t know them. There’s no trust. There’s no relationship. Good luck to them. It’s not going to get them anywhere.

  • Maybe these people will STOP with the PM’ing on Facebook, which is often intrusive, unwanted and just plain rude. Really? You saw me on some mutual Facebook page and just assumed I want to lose weight without ever talking to me before? Wow.

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