#1 FAQ by Prospects

This question is the most commonly asked question by people looking for network marketing help.  Over 1000 people a day google this question in one form or another. Does MLM work for average people?

Can you blame them?

Between all the ‘high ticket’ programs ripping MLM, the ‘new school’ bashing for MLM and the promises riches for doing little, it’s not hard to figure out why this ended up in the #1 spot.

When we add to it the general humility most people have, many people think they have a skill or two, (a nice part of their personality) but most people consider themselves average.

Makes perfect sense folks would want to know if ‘average’ people can make it.

There’s good news and bad news

If you’re like most people, and I am like most people, you want the bad news first.


Relax. It’s not as bad as you think.

No, the average person cannot make it in network marketing.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch…there is good news too.

Why average people can’t make it

Hey, don’t get mad at me.  Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, made the same point after studying success for 25 years.

As disappointing as it is, I know, after 20 years of success in MLM, Hill is right about the average person.

The reason average doesn’t work for average people is that they behave like average people, refuse to change their routine.  Same reason 95% of Americans are dead (5), flat broke (62)or still working (28), at age 65.

It was not about lack of opportunity for the 90 out of 100 still working or flat broke at age 65, it’s about willingness.

The average person is simply not willing to do the things they need to do.  Not willing to alter their behavior, challenge themselves, learn, practice, learn from failures.

They sign up and are excited, but…

Successful or average?

“The Red Sox are on TV tonight, I’ll start tomorrow.”

“I haven’t had a chance to view the training.”

“I don’t need to practice.”

Get up-go to work-come home…then the same nightly routine.

With challenge comes change, two things, (Hill’s book and my 20+ years experience prove), the average person simply is not willing to do…mostly because it ‘interrupts’ his/her average routine.



A few beers with friends.

Going to the Mall.

Laying on the couch after a day of work.

Study?  No.

Learn new skills?  No

Practice? fuggetabouttit

Write out goal statement and read it several times a day instead of fantasy baseball or sports center or shopping at the mall?  Never.

The Good News

95% of the substantial check cashers in network marketing are average people.  Just like me.

They simply made a decision to no longer behave like the average person does when they get home from work.

Different behavior? Different Result

The very good news is that network marketing is so simple….that any old average person can learn a couple of new skills, apply them and make money.

Lot’s if it.

They may not be Think and Grow Rich educated but somehow, with or without that great document, they realized that great achievement was already within them.

The very cool thing about MLM is that the requirements in terms of talent or resources…is nothing.  Every average person already has more than they need to make $100,000 plus a year.  Easily.  MLM does not require talent, money, lots of time or massive resources.

The significant difference is they decided to not behave like the average person a couple of hours a day for about a year.

Somewhere within they decided the old saying, “If you’re not willing to pay the price for success now, you must pay the price of failure later,” and they decided to pay the price now.

Great News for Average People

The mechanism to move ourselves from ‘average’ to above average is available and free.



mark januszewski

world’s laziest netoworker

About the Author

  • Great series, fantastic information, and the tips on where to learn the skills is valuable for those that decide to take action.

    Thanks for the awesome info!

    Doug K

  • Great post Mark,

    It’s also nice to see you taking advantage of the software you mentioned before to find the top questions searched for, make a headline out of each one and write a blog post about it, should do wonders for your organic SEO!

    As you said, people must get out of their routine and comfort zone or; “If your not willing to pay the price for success now, you must pay the price of failure later”! Truer words have not been written.

    I am doing so myself and learning what I need to elevate myself to the success level I want for myself. No judgement against anyone else, just go for the life YOU want to live.

    Bruce Nelkin LMT

  • Mark,

    Thanks so much for this series – it has been an eye-opener for me, and has sparked an interest in me to take on NM again, after several failures.

    I’ll be ordering a copy of “Working Smarter NOT Harder”.

    A question for you: How do YOU go about evaluating a company/product to represent?

  • Bruce……love your ‘go for the life you want to live’…..because people are living the life they choose….

    I know that’s a consistent message with you…..keep carrying it ……fantastic!!

    mark j

  • Hi Don

    The ‘elevation’ question is a great one…..

    In the end it is not the plan, product or company that brings up our game…..they are important….they are the core of our integrity so we feel good about what we are representing…..BUT…..they will not raise our game…..we do that…..

    Making sure you are representing what you think a company is telling you is a simple process….

    get 3rd party verfication …..NEVER take someone else’s word for ‘due dilligence’…..do your own and forget ‘google’ as the final word….start? yes. final word? no way

    1. BBB
    2. DSA
    3. 3 direct upline from person trying to sponsor you and ask if this is the ONLY company they are with, why did they come here and what past successes have they had.
    4. Verfy their previous success….are they committed. So much of your success will depend on accesibility to them in the beginning..
    5. Get a 15 hour a month commitment from EACH of them for the first 2 months…..if you can’t get it or sense they are just ‘yessing’ you…..walk away

    A committed upline will tell you a lot about the company….if they don’t have all their eggs in the basket and are willing to bet on you …..why should you bet on them? The committment level of xperienced people above you is a great indication of how they feel about the company….and really, who really knows better…..BUT…..you’ve got to go BBB & DSA …..and get a firm commitment of time from upline monthly, weekly and daily…..their willingness to commit speaks volumes

    As far as product goes…….buy it and try it.

    mark j

  • Mark these are great posts I have learned a lot from them to read them over and over. How did I miss number 6? I have not been able to find it. I like your comment on the evaluation of a company.

  • Mark, another challenging post. It gives those of us who read you food for thought as to where we are at the moment. We are all at different stages in our own personal development. Then at a point on the journey we realise it is not about the destination but the journey.
    Let the Journey Forever be Unfolding.

  • Mark

    Don’t know much about MLM, but your article has made me want to get up off my big butt and educate myself. Thanks!

  • Hey Mark!

    Thank you for speaking truth about MLM! You are exactly right. When you behave like an average person, you get what the average person gets. There are few people willing to go and above to reap rewards in life. It’s amazing that in MLM, it requires some effort which the “average” person is not willing to do!

    Wishing you continued success!

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